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The Todd Huff Show is conservative, not bitter. But be advised: contents may cause you to lean to the right.

The Todd Huff Show is conservative, not bitter. But be advised: contents may cause you to lean to the right.


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The Todd Huff Show is conservative, not bitter. But be advised: contents may cause you to lean to the right.




Leftist Lunacy

MSNBC's Joy Reid is in the news for posting a tweet saying that Conservatives would spare all tax cuts to be able to openly say the n-word. This is ridiculous and insane.


Is It Really Covid Relief?

Republican Senator Ron Johnson wants the COVID Relief bill, all 600 pages, read from the senate floor prior to the vote. He claims it's to ensure that every member of the Senate hears what's in the bill, and also to show the areas that have nothing to do with COVID relief, but are liberal handouts. Democrats are saying this is to delay the vote. I thought liberals wanted transparency?


Democrats Not Off To A Stellar Start

President Biden has been making headlines regarding COVID vaccines and minorities knowing how to get access via the internet. Governor Abbott of Texas announced yesterday that as of March 10, Texas will be 100% open with no mask mandate. Liberals are weighing in on his decision.


Rules Are For Losers, Not Revolutionaries

The radical left prefers to govern through the use of the pen. They're in power now, so they want to circumvent Congress and the Constitution to further their agenda. Elections have consequences.


Trump Energizes Conservatives At CPAC

President Trump headlined CPAC on Sunday evening and even hinting at a 2024 run.


A Victory For The Rule Of Law

The Senate parliamentarian has ruled that Democrats cannot keep the $15 minimum wage hike in the Covid Relief Bill.


Trump And The GOP

With President Trump out of office & spending time at Mara Lago, who is the new leader stepping up to be the face of the Republican Party? Some say Trump and others are pushing to move on from the Trump era.


Merrick Garland's Hearing And Legislating Equality - Or Even Equity

Merrick Garland is the nominee for Attorney General. He's going through the confirmation process now. And, what a mess it is.


Democrats Turning Against Cuomo?

Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is now under fire from both Republicans and Democrats for his decision to place coronavirus positive patients in nursing homes leading to thousands of deaths. You know it's bad when fellow Democrats are no longer circling the wagons and are calling for his impeachment.


Trump Vs The Establishment GOP

President Trump will be speaking at CPAC on the 28th. The final day of the conference.


The Fight For Control Of The GOP

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is having to explain his trip to Cancun during the weather crisis in his state. Jay Height from Shepherd Community Center joins the program for the second part in our 10 part series! This episode Jay will introduce the 2nd asset to breaking the cycle of poverty: health.


Remembering Rush Limbaugh

Talk radio show host, Rush Limbaugh, passed away yesterday after his year long battle with lunch cancer. He influenced the conservative movement more than anyone else over the last 30 years. Our condolences to his wife and family. RIP Rush. You will be missed.


New President, New Narrative

President Biden held a town hall on CNN last evening. The purpose of the town hall was to push his Covid Relief agenda.


Now That Impeachment Is Over

Now that the impeachment trial, what's next. The Democrats goal was to not only convict former President Trump, but they also wanted to paint the picture that anyone who supports Trump is the same as those who participated in the Capitol Riots. They want to define who we are, what we believe and what people think about us.


Trump Acquitted Again

Former President Trump has been acquitted for the second time. The Senate needed a total of 67 votes, they only received 57. Seven Republican senators joined the Democrats to vote to convict.


More Liberal Lunacy

Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks makes a statement on why his team wasn't playing the National Anthem before home games. Matt joins the show to discuss the broad problem of antiracism and how it correlates with group identities. The Democrats are working towards inserting at $15 minimum wage bill into the new COVID relief package.



Day 3. At the impeachment trial yesterday, Democrats brought evidence against former President Trump. They showed never-before-seen video of the January 6 Capitol Riots.


The Wheels Are Already Coming Off The Radical Left's Utopian Promises

Since President Biden took office 3 weeks ago, he has signed 52 executive orders while killing the Keystone Pipeline along with thousands of jobs. Prior to taking office, Biden said executive orders were used by dictators. Of course, to the radical left using these orders is saving our democracy and reversing the catastrophic problems created by former President Trump. They live in an alternate universe. WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki tries to explain the Biden Administration's stance on...


Impeachment Trial, Take 2, Begins Today

Today, former President Trump's impeachment trial begins in the Senate. The Trump legal team has previewed some of their defense.


Second Impeachment Senate Trial To Begin This Week

Former President Trump has been impeached by the House. The trial in the Senate is set to begin this week. A majority of the Republican Senators say this process is unconstitutional.