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Commitment & Toxic Relationships

Hey podcast family! Your 2 Cool Cohosts are back with another episode of our 2CoolParents Podcast! Check out this week’s episode of our podcast as we tackle two tough relationship topics from our audience question box on Commitment & Toxic Relationships! Like, subscribe and rate us so we can move up to iTunes top 100 featured podcasts! Follow Us: @2CoolParentsPodcast on IG @2CoolParents on Twitter @2CoolParents on FB www.2coolparents.com Support William: @wmalexanderclothiers on...


Yell at 'Em!

Your favorite 2 Cool Cohosts are back with a fun filled episode of the 2 Cool Parents Podcast! This week we are diving into the ups and downs of being an #entrepreneur and a #blackownedbusiness. Will shares his thoughts about working with international suppliers and how he’s benefited from his business now two years in. We also tackle when getting your point across goes extremely wrong the #kanyewest edition! And of course we have to talk about #millennialparenting at it’s finest!! LIKE....


It's Our Anniversary

Hey 2 Cool Family! We are celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary and wanted to give our listeners an update on our life, love and journey as 2 Cool Parents! We are dropping all kinds of #relationshipgoals through this week’s episode as we share our struggles, successes, the 5 stages of love via MenAlive.com and future plans being #millennialparents. Check us out online at www.2coolparents.com for more info and to join our mailing list! Be sure to support our entrepreneurial ventures...


Love, Sex, Marriage & Guy Code

Welcome to another episode of the @2CoolParentsPodcast, a podcast for the cool but corny in all of us! This week we are so excited to have husband and wife NOIGgreg & @jadeoliviawrites as our guests on our show. We are chatting about #love #relationshipgoals, #sex and the importance of keeping #communication consistent with your partner. You don’t wanna miss this episode as we peel back the layers and give you an honest conversation about #blacklove and understanding #guycode! Tune in....



Episode 21: Twenty-One/ Ninety Your favorite 2 Cool Hosts are back with a new episode. We are updating all of our amazing listeners on our life since unemployment, our love, revamped business passions, Diner En Blanc and what’s new with Will & Shea! You don’t wanna miss out on this episode! We are excited and thriving in our 21/90 rule, 21 days to make something a habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle! We want to give a special thank you to this week’s sponsor G+Co.Apparel, a monthly...


Are you Living your Best Life?

The 2 Cool Parents - Will and Shea are back with another episode featuring a special guest Major Mobley (his second feature) on being the best parents we can be. We chat on parental roles and things mom do that dads would never do! We are getting down to the nitty gritty about the successes and failures of parenting and how raising our children has helped inspire us as parents. Of course, we wouldn’t be the 2 Cool Parents without a bit of fun, so we lighten things up with cuffing season...


Mercury in Retrograde... Again?

Mercury in Retrograde has us in our feelings again! Check out today’s episode on Entrepreneurship R. Kelly & No Means No. The 2 Cool Parents are back with another episode of talking about our truths! A lot of changes are happening personally in our lives we want to share. Will has rebranded Kingsmen Clothiers and is now Wm Alexander Clothier. He’s got a new distributor, new samples and new ways to customize your suits! I’ve merged my event planning company with WithJoyEvents to offer event...


2+2 Cool Parents

2 Cool Parents are back this time w/ another 2 Cool episode for the “Cool but Corny in all of us,” featuring our special guests Toni and JB Burrell @the_blackcool talking about everything from black love, relationships, HBCU love, being an introvert, submitting to your husband, parenting and sex when married!! The littles make a special guest appearance both Christian and Kelsey are a part of our background noise. We hope you love this episode, we are raw and uncut! Keep the conversation...


The Truth Shall Set You Free

Your two cool favs are back with another truth filled episode, as we are ready to chat with you all and accept the reality that we are living everyday... unemployed. That’s right, your fav 2 Cool Parents are jobless, but our faith is strong with each other and in ourselves! In Part I of this episode is our personal journey that we have been on these past few days after losing our jobs. This has been a true introspective journey into who we are and our family. London even makes an appearance...


Going Ghost

Your favorite 2 Cool Parents are back with your favorite podcast, jumping right into the mental health convo that’s been of recent talk. The stigma of mental health issues like depression and anxiety hold us back from reaching out and checking on family & friends. We also take an audience question in our newly created What Would You Do?? How we encourage our kids to be a part of their decision making process when it comes to age appropriate behavior and actions. Finally we close on why is...


Girl Talk - Part I

Episode 15 of the 2 Cool Parents Podcast, Shea sits down with a conversation with her friend Ashley @ashcandoitall sharing an honest conversation about life, love and the pursuit of happiness! This girl chat is so much fun, you will want to laugh, cry, and yes even sing along with our unpopular opinions! #bonusmom #mentalhealth #relationships #wife #blackmom #blackandmarried #unpopularopinions This weeks music is provided by Lakey Inspired @lakeyinspired https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired


Dad Talk - Part 1

This weeks episode, Will's closet friend Duanté is visiting from Washington, DC. The two dads have a conversation about raising boys, economic empowerment, how sports can change your outlook in life. (Clearly, Shea did not write this one... LOL!) Please listen and enjoy! Duanté on IG: @blkhky #nhlbound Shoutout to Lakey Inspired for this weeks music


Conversations over Jesus Wine

The 2 Cool Parents are back with another great episode (sorry for the length but it was great content) on everything from the 5 love languages, interracial dating, friendships, personal growth, trusting your significant other’s BFF! The 2 Cool Parents get extremely personal as Shea talks about her insecurities with one of Will’s best friends who happens to be a woman. This is the most open and honest episode yet! Featured guests this week are Lyric (@lyric_a on IG) & Jochabel (@jossy.rosado...


Communicating Your Truth

On this week’s episode of the 2 Cool Parents Podcast, we have a a family member of the pod stop by. Your favorite 2 Cool hosts speak about What Makes them the Coolest Parents, Kanye’s TMZ Outburst and the importance of communication! Let’s all commit to being better communicators in 2018 our society depends on it. Join the conversation online on Twitter at @2CoolParents, Instagram @2CoolParentsPodcast Shoutout to DJ Quads for this weeks music! Follow @djquads on IG.


Scoopty-di-Whoop & Avengers

On today’s episode of the 2 Cool Parents, we finally get a date night to check out Avengers Infinity Wars Part I. In true Cool Parents style we give our review and conspiracy theories on how Part 2 will play out. Will is still stanning for Kanye. Like, Subscribe, and Rate us! We need your feedback so we keep making amazing content! Check us out on Social Media. @2CoolParentsPodcast on IG and 2CoolParents on FB and Twitter! Keep the conversation going! Shoutout to Chuki Beats for this weeks...


The Court of Public Opinion

We are back! After a 2 week break, your favorite 2 Cool Hosts are back sharing the top newsworthy stories of the past couple of weeks. This week The 2 Cool Parents TRY Kanye & Nas in the Court of Public Opinion and get real introspective on depression, bullying, suicide and domestic violence. The conversation continues on social media follow us @2CoolParentsPodcast on IG @2CoolParents on Twitter and the Book of Faces! Website info coming soon! If you know anyone suffering with thoughts of...


Cardi, Atlanta, Wakanda & Paris

Episode 9 features your favorite 2 Cool Parents Will and Shea! This week we are chatting about evolving as hosts, perfecting our passions and using our platform as an avenue to success! We also hit you with some current events, chatting it up about Cardi B, the TV show ATLANTA on FX, Drake, Wakanda and Diner En Blanc in Paris! Shoutout to Chuki Beats for the music! Please Listen, Subscribe, Rate & Review! Follow us on social media:


Miseducation of Higher Education

Your 2 Cool Parents hosts catch up on current events and spend some time talking about the Miseducation of Higher Education’s funds! You don’t want to miss this podcast as we get into the nitty and gritty about HBCUs and why they continue to make the news for misappropriation of financial resources. We end the show getting personal with our personal & spiritual gifts. Music by Chuki Beatz: Listen, Subsrcibe, Rate & Review Follow us on the Social Media:


Dreams & Music

Check out our 7th Episode as your favorite "Cool But Corny" Co-Hosts Will and Shea chat about what's trending now (current events) and supporting your significant other's dreams by encouraging each other, being committed to their vision and getting involved. Then, we switch gears and talk about musical cultural appropriation vs appreciation as we tackle this week's trending topic about Bruno Mars! Give us a listen today! Music by Chuki Beatz Follow us on Social Media Join the conversation...


Mercury in Retrograde

Join us for Episode 6 of our 2 Cool Parents podcasting journey. You favorite 2 Cool Parents Will and Shea (AKA the coolest dad in the cul-de-sac and the coolest mom at the PTA) get personal and have a real conversation about growing up and parenting their 2 Cool Kids - while Mercury is in Retrograde and Wakanda has officially passed the $1 billion mark. Shoutout to Chuki Beats for this weeks music! @chukibeatz on Instagram. https://chuki.beatstars.com/ Follow us on Social...