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Just two college friends with a lot of opinions.

Just two college friends with a lot of opinions.
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Just two college friends with a lot of opinions.




We Kick Names and Take A**

SPOILER ALERT! FINAL WARNING! We delve into how much we loved Black Panther before breaking down how emotional we were over Avengers: Infinity War.


2018 Ship Bracket

We discuss this year's ship bracket and announce the winner!


Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: The Crimes of Fandom

​​We are delving into all the controversies surrounding the upcoming Fantastic Beasts sequel. Will we be seeing it when it is released in theaters? Tune into ALNM to find out!


May the Odds be Ever in Our Favor

We're discussing everything we know about the Winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang! While Christina is a little more well-versed on the actual Olympic Games, all Kelly cares about is The Bachelor Winter Games. Make sure you check it out!


This Year On ALNM

We're discussing everything coming up on A Little Nerd Music this year! Find out about what to expect weekly on the website, on the podcast, and what events to look forward to.


Born To Run

We're starting off 2018 with our first big movie of the year: Maze Runner: The Death Cure. We talk about everything we loved in the movie, the issues we had, and all the moments that made us weepy. The series ends on a high note, but we discuss if we still want more. And don't worry, we'll warn you before the spoilers start.


The Spark That Will Light The Fandom

This is all about Star Wars: The Last Jedi! And don't worry, we'll warn you before any spoilers pop up. Plus, stay tuned at the end for what to look forward too next year from ALNM.


Little Werewolf Oven

We're celebrating 50 episodes! We start with our predictions and hopes for the Teen Wolf series finale before it aired. After a little break, we share our favorite moments and discussions from episodes past. We started this podcast talking Teen Wolf, and it seems right to have a farewell episode. We share our favorite and least favorite moments, characters, episodes and ships and discuss the upcoming spin-off. We end with our Ultimate TW Ship Moments. We hope you'll stick around for the...


Broadway Here I Come

Sorry this took so long to edit, but here is our brand new updated Broadway themed episode. We talk about about the musicals that get us feeling emotional, rocking out in our cars, and make us laugh every time we turn on that Original Broadway Cast album. Get your jazz hands ready and join us for this musical extravaganza!


Music of the Heart

This is our brand new music themed episode. We talk about some of the favorite songs (new and old) along with some of our unpopular music opinions. We also talk about our go to songs when we're sad, happy, or just feel like rocking out. We're so excited to finally be back in the groove of podcasting. Pun completely intended.


Baby Got Back

She's back! This brand new episode marks Kelly's return to the podcast. We talk all about our girl's nerdcation to San Diego Comic Con and touch on some of the topics we'll be exploring in upcoming episodes.


Once Upon A Ship Bracket

Episode 46 begins with the big reveal of the champion of the 2017 ALNM Ship Bracket. We then proceed to break down all our favorite things about the hit ABC show Once Upon A Time. As always, we remind you of the outlets where you can follow us, tweet us, download our episodes, or contact us. Also, here is where you can donate to The Trevor Project: https://give.thetrevorproject.org/fundraise?fcid=625415


Disaster Movies

Episode 45 is the next of our hiatus episodes and our ode to Kelly's favorite movie genre: disaster movies. We talk all about our favorite disaster movies, disaster movie moments, action stars, and more! As always, we remind you of the outlets where you can follow us, tweet us, download our episodes, or contact us.


90's Throwback

For episode 44, we're flashing back to the 90's! We talk about it all: our favorite music, television shows, celebrities, movies, and ridiculous trends. Listen to us debate the greatest questions of the last decade of the 20th century. Who was the ultimate 90's boy band? The ultimate 90's ship? The ultimate 90's MVP? As always, we remind you of the outlets where you can follow us, tweet us, download our episodes, or contact us.


Episode Forty Something...Awesome...Wow

Now for episode 43! We discuss all things Hamilton. We try to figure what has made the musical such a cultural phenomenon, how important historical accuracy is, and what is the best song for carpool karaoke. We delve more into some of our favorite songs, characters, and actors. And we go on about our love for Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is now a two-time ALNM episode MVP! There are some administrative updates at the top of the episode you'll want to hear, and, as always, we remind you of the...


Comic Con Special

It's time for episode 42! We're delving into our first experience as Comic Con badge holders! We'll tell you all about what we did on the convention floor (the good, the bad, and the horrifying), how we became internet famous at the NerdHQ Teen Wolf panel, the amazing Omni, and our Star Trek: Beyond viewing experience. As always, we remind you of the outlets where you can follow us, tweet us, download our episodes, or contact us. Stay tuned for episode 43, which will be all about Hamilton.


Justin Limberlegs

It's our forty-first episode! This is our first of the special edition episodes you'll hear popping up every so often. This one is completely dedication to Justin Timberlake. We start off talking about what it is that we think has made Mr. Timberlake so successful. We then delve into our favorite songs, memories, and SNL moments from both the NSYNC and solo eras. Our Ship Moments focus on the many bromances Justin has had that have lead to such brilliant entertainment. As always, we remind...


You're On ALNM, Harry!

We’re celebrating 40 episodes of A Little Nerd Music! In this episode, Christina has finally allowed Kelly to have a Harry Potter themed episode and it is clear that one host is more excited than the other. As we do with all tenth episodes, we share some of our favorite episode titles, discussions, and moments from the past ten episodes and laugh as we reminisce about our ridiculousness. Of course, we’re already promising an epic 50th Episode even if we don’t have any idea what that will...


The Oscars, But With Diversity

It's our thirty-ninth episode! In this episode, we're returning to our love of the theatre and talking all about this weekend’s Tony Awards. First, we share our obsessions: while Kelly’s is trashy summer television, Christina’s is all about getting in superhero shape. In our main discussion, we get into the Tony Awards by first praising its host James Corden with his amazing opening numbers, his ability to entertain everybody, and of course, more karaoke than we ever expected. Of course,...


I Hate Your CW Hair

It's our second installment in our new format and our thirty-eighth episode overall! In this episode, we're talking everything Greg Berlanti. First, we share our mutual obsession: Bay Area teams the Golden State Warriors and San Jose Sharks both in the finals for their respective sports. We discuss our thoughts on the finales for The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow and what Supergirl's move to the CW means for the Berlantiverse. Speaking of Berlanti, the creative mind of Mr. Greg Berlanti is...