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EP 06: Running for mayor and treating civic engagement like a healthy diet with Dustin Daniels

Revisiting her old college stomping grounds, Tiffany Lanier sits down with Dustin Daniels, Tallahassee mayoral candidate, to discuss what it means to represent a city that you love, treating civic engagement like a diet, and the importance of local government.


Ep 05: 10 Decades of Living & Leading with Betty Reid Soskin

What do you think you could learn after living for more than nine decades? In this episode of A Modern Visionary, host Tiffany Lanier sits down with Betty Reid Soskin—an activist, author, and the oldest park ranger ever—to discuss what change looks like in terms of history, the responsibility each generation has to uphold and redefine democracy, and what it means to remain you, even through years of reinvention.


Ep 04: Next-Level Leadership Required with Tiffany Lanier

On this quick episode of AMV, we’re talking activation. Host Tiffany Lanier breaks down what it means to be a Next-Level Leader in this day and age, and what that means in the grand scheme of things.


Ep 03: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: No one is going to give you permission, take it.

Passion; Purpose; Personal Power. These are the words that come to mind when we think of this week’s Visionary, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, candidate for US Congress NY-14. In this episode of the #AMVPod, Tiffany and Alexandria talk about what it means to define your own style of leadership, and how women (of color) need to be a bit rude to be heard. Plus, Alex pulls out receipts to embarrass never-suave Ted Cruz on Twitter in a tweet that goes viral.


Ep 02: Becoming a Courageous Leader with Rachel Rosen

Courage; intention; vision. For Rachel Rosen, these are some of the core attributes make up a great leader. When the cause of a movement can stem from the humble beginning of a simple gut feeling, it becomes the duty of a great leader to actively, consciously, and courageously choose to work for the change they hope for. In this episode of AMV, Tiffany and Rachel discuss how leaders can find their voice and work their vision. Plus, Rachel talks about how she took her vision of sparking the...


Ep 01: What is A Modern Visionary? | Becoming Leaders who give a damn

Welcome to the first episode of the A Modern Visionary Podcast, conversations with leaders that give a damn. In today’s episode, you’ll meet the Host and founder, Tiffany Lanier along with her mission behind AMV and why it's important to have these deeper to progress humanity forward.