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Rites Of Passages To The Dreamtime And Underworld with Lani Yamasaki

Being raised in a multicultural family, Lani Yamasaki grew up embracing the cultures of her heritage. Lani’s dad is Japanese and English, her mom is Hawaiian and Chinese. Her family’s different multicultural celebrations shaped how she was able to look at the world with diverse eyes and appreciate diversity at an early age. Lani’s ancestors […]


Crazy Rich Asians: Movie Review From Asian Women Panel with Patrice Tanaka, Wendy Kim, Abby Cubey, and Larissa Lam

The movie Crazy Rich Asians ranks number one in America right now. The plot follows Rachel Chu, an Asian-American woman who accompanies her boyfriend to Singapore for his childhood best friend's wedding. Of course, when she agrees to go with him to meet his friends and family, she has no idea that in his home […]


Crazy Rich Asians: Movie Review From Asian Men Panel with Baldwin Chiu, Kirk Akahoshi, Dan Horner, and Long Le

Joining the Asian men’s panel for the review of the number one ranking movie Crazy Rich Asians are Baldwin Chiu, Kirk Akahoshi, Dan Horner, and Long Le. They talk about how the movie impacted Asian-Americans and how different the Asian-American view is compared to the Asians who still live in their own country. To recap, […]


Healing The Asian’s Shame: From Bankruptcy To Financial Abundance with Jenny Thao Ngo

Underneath a lot of Asians finding themselves in America want to have the American dream. Jenny Thao Ngo was one of those and she took the path of most people would do: make good grades in school, go to college, have a good job, then life would be right and happy. Jenny quickly realized that […]


Return To The Ancient Wisdom with Dr. Catherine Sy Luib

Some Asian people try too much to be like American. They focus more on the outside and on the brand. They focus on the materialistic and they don't care about the values or the culture. Dr. Catherine Sy Luib practices both chiropractic and acupuncture. Her mission at the Luib Health Center is to help as […]


The Theme of My Life: Adaptation with Kathy David

Life throws us in a lot of unpredictable situations. One day we live in the highest of highs and the next, we find ourselves in the low. CEO of IT TechPros Inc. Kathy David knows all the struggles and challenges that come with coping too well. Not a stranger to moving places, Kathy David inspires […]


8 Ways To Happiness with Dr. Marissa Pei

An important part of life is valuing yourself and knowing that you are exactly as you are. That is something that can either make or break you as a human being. Growing up, Dr. Marissa Pei was not proud of her Chinese roots. She was a Canadian-born Chinese in a predominantly German town in Kitchener, […]


Healing The Asian’s Shame: From Unwed Teen Mom To Award-Winning Author with Jacqui Letran

“I was a troublemaker from infancy. My motto was either I give the first punch or I get punched. I don’t want to get punched so I was the one that was giving out a lot of punches.” Those were the words from Jacqui Letran to express how it was to grow up fighting to […]


How To Achieve Uncompromised Performance with Angeline Yee

Everything is in our head. We don't realize that over the years, we have been telling ourselves negative messages or negative interpretations about the things that we want to achieve and the willingness to achieve what we want. When you want to achieve something, whether in your business or in your career, and you tell […]


How To Make Your Hobby Into A Full-Time Career with Lisa Hu

If you ever wondered how people start their business doing something even with no schooling or training, one of the answers might be they had a problem then someone showed them the way to solve it and now they want to share it with others. Another answer might be they were looking for this and […]


The Balance Between Two Cultures with Larissa Lam

You might think that Asian children who are born in America would have a better time adapting to the American culture, but this is not the case. Asian descendants still have some challenges growing up in America. Award-winning singer, songwriter, film maker, and TV and radio host Larissa Lam says initially she had a hard […]


Healing The Asian’s Shame: Sexual Freedom with Mai Vu

Born to a very famous mother and a non-existent father, bestselling author and life coach Mai Vu grew up in a myth created about her family and their escape from Vietnamese communism. For her, the escape, as difficult as it was, was a doorway into a whole new life. When she hit America, that was […]


Love Is The Secret Ingredient with Cathlyn Choi

When you put love into everything you do, you'll enjoy it more. Even with the food, Korean food ambassador Cathlyn Choi says love is the secret ingredient and it will taste better when you cook with love. Love and dedication are two of the most important things that helped shaped Cathlyn’s life. Having traveled around […]


A Different Life: Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts And Abusive Relationships With Joie Lilly Cheng

As a woman, how often have you compromised your own emotional needs in exchange of social security in the form of relationships? Have you ever thought of yourself as unworthy of special attention, as a second priority in life? There is a raw, painful side to womanhood – and oftentimes abusive relationships have a lot […]


Discovering Your Beauty From Within With Dr. Rina Shinn

It’s time to reveal your beauty from within. Dr. Rina Shinn of Adonis Cosmetic Surgery shares valuable tips on rejuvenating yourself using holistic methods – all gained from years of experience in general surgery, trauma surgery, vascular surgery, and now cosmetic surgery. But how exactly did Dr. Shinn manage to reach the top from early […]


Healing the Asian’s Shame: Virginity with Lilian Warman

To be a virgin is the most important things in a girl's life. This is how women have been taught in the Asian culture, and the Asian’s shame is when you lose that virginity before you get married. Yoga instructor and an intuitive coach Lilian Warman escaped from Vietnam at the age of twelve and […]


Attaining Inner Revolution Through Ayurveda Yoga With Mariko Hirakawa

It is time to acknowledge Ayurveda Yoga as something far beyond fitness – the ultimate technology for human consciousness evolution. Mariko Hirakawa talks about Yoga as a powerful Peak Performance and personal development tool to step into your highest expression as a leader. Mariko is the #1 International Bestselling author of Yoga of Personal Development: […]


Emotional Freedom Technique: Life In A Flow State with Shalini Yamdagni

For someone at the peak of her life to be diagnosed with an illness that would confine her to the bed for the remainder of her life would be devastating. However, instead of taking that advice from her doctors, Shalini Joshi Yamdagni she went on a profound journey – and healed herself completely. Shalini is […]


The Rite Of Passage To Adulthood with Natasha Che

After having achieved her goal of going to a great grad school in the US, Natasha Che, founder of Soundwise, finds herself asking the question, “What's the point of working so hard and getting where your parents or other people in your life expected you to get in life, the so-called success?” Natasha wanted to […]


The Gate To Human Emotions with Dee Gupta

We seldom ask ourselves, “Does this work make me feel fulfilled? Does it align with who I am, what I want to do, and how I want to express myself to the world?” As Asians, most of us focus on making money. We think that having money will solve all our problems. Dee Gupta was […]