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Why, Hello! Welcome to our Home! Episode #86

Why, hello! I didn't see you there. Welcome to our podcast. This week here are just of few of the topics we'll unpack this week: Real Housewives of NYC; the great Roxane Gay; Why Hedy Lamarr's a genius; Brenda Dickson-related craziness; Chris Hardwick; and a butt-ton of podcast and social media recommendations. A veritable feast for your ears and eyes. Wipe your feet!


Our First BNP Mini! Episode #85

Hello there, Neighbors! Welcome to our first lil mini-episode. Recent travels plans have limited our time but we didn't want to limit our time with you, so here's a little mini-dose of your favorite Neighbors to tide you over. In this episode, our non-Julliard-trained neighbors do dramatic readings of some fave celeb offerings from Suzanne Somers poetry, and a recent bio of H'wood legend, Ava Gardner. Until next time, have a good week, everybody!


Robert Evans-Not that One- Episode #84

Hey there, Neighbors! Get ready for a rec-heavy episodes, with recs for TV, podcasts, old & new, books, reality TV, social media, comedy, you name it. Margo recommends a podcast entitled "Behind the Bastards," -guess what that's about? And Erin goes old-school, with two vintage This American Life episodes, as well as a new book-related show. Real Housewives of NYC still delivers like Domino's (Fave moment this week, when Luann said, "Lay low, DICK!" talking about her tom-cattin' Ex-, Tom.)...


Reno Stories & Live Readings - Episode #83

Halloooo there, Neighbors! It's been a while since we talked at you. We're making up for lost stories with deep-dive discussions about Ali Wong's Hard Knock Wife on Netflix; Solo: a Star Wars Story; Letters Live at Town Hall with Benedict Cumberbatch and David Harbour, among others; Erin's trip to Fire Island; and our obligatory Perv Perp Walk with Harvey W. & Morgan Freeman, with a brief rest-stop at the Arrested Development dustup; we read two of our faves from MORE LETTERS FROM A NUT, and...


Skiffle Talk - Episode #82

Hey there, Neighbors! It's another episode of BNP, where the neighbors break down a brutal episode of Real Housewives of NYC (oh, Dorinda!); Margo catches up on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee; Erin reviews Breaking In and the Tony-nominated musical, Once on This Island. They also dispel the myth of Ted L. Nancy; Netflix's Evil Genius; Amazon's Lord Lucan, and the new Showtime limited series, Patrick Melrose with Benedict Cumberbatch. In case you need a good talking-to...


Street Smarts! A Dark & Stormi Tale - Episode # 81

Welcome dear Neighbors to this week's episode featuring Erin & Margo breaking down the latest with Real Housewives of Bev Hills; Kanye's latest rant; Stormi Daniels on SNL; Junot Diaz; Seth Rogen's Vulture interview, and a bright spot, the John Mulaney Netflix special, Kid Gorgeous. We have our usual dose of TV/podcast recs and a few shout-outs sprinkled throughout. Pass the Claritan, Spring is here!


Cos You're Guilty! Episode #80

Hey, hey, hey, he's guil--ty! This week, the Neighbors cups runneth over with news, especially in the true-crime sector. First, Cosby found guilty on 3 counts and could serve 10-30 years in jail; then the capture of the Golden State Killer. We also breakdown the first two eps of Season 2 of the Handmaid's Tale, and our usual helping of Real Housewives talk, including Kim's rant on race--a real WTF moment. And to add some positivity, Margo talks about the Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn...


Carrie Underwood's Face - Episode #77

Well, well, well, what have we here, Neighbors, a new episode where Erin & Margo breakdown The Real Housewives of Bev Hills, NYC, and even Potomac! Also discussed is the Lost in Space reboot on Netflix; Margo reflects on the Outsiders TV show, the Maylses' doc Gimme Shelter, and Carrie Underwood's new face (spoiler alert: it's exactly like her old one). Erin recommends a book and two IG accounts worth checking out. Spring has finally sprung!


Dead Blondes & Sex Pests - Episode 76

Spring is in the air--can ya feel it, neighbors? This week, Erin & Margo break down their recent trips (to London & Reno, respectively); Tony Robbins's #notmetoo moment; Facts of Life's sexual politics; Molly Ringwald on John Hughes through a modern lens; Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events; and British theatre fire codes. You in?


TGRHONHYIB or Thank God Real Housewives of NYC is Back! -Ep. #75

This winter keeps creepin' along and we are SO ready for Spring. How about you, Neighbors? At least we have our shows to keep us warm. Speaking of, the Bravo gods have blessed us with season 10 of Real Housewives of NYC! Thank the lord these crazy bitches are back! (#cartengacruiseorbust); Margo has good news about the Ball-Sweater and gets mansplained to--again! Erin reviews Yerma at the Amory and Trust on F/X. We're cultured AF. Have a terrific week, Neighbors!


Who Bit Bey? Episode # 74

Halloooo, Neighbors! It almost feels like spring..sort of. This week, the neighbors convene to discuss the Roseanne reboot; Judd Apatow's The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling on HBO; Jamie Lee Curtis's new activism; new Dr. Katz episodes on Audible; and the Best Worst Thing We Saw This Week. And of course, the mystery to end all mysteries---Who Bit Beyonce?! So many things for your eyes and ear-holes! Happy Passover & Happy Easter!


Not-So-Sexy Cults - Episode #73

Fight the Power, Neighbors! This week, Erin & Margo break down a busy week filled with monumental events like the March for Our Lives around the country; a BitchSesh live show; the Netflix doc-series Wild,Wild Country (NOT Kingdom!); why the discussion about 'are women funny' just takes from me. Look out for that mercury in retrograde and have a great week!


Grinding Nemo - Episode #72

Well, hey there, Neighbors! You picked a good week to drop by. Erin takes advantage of some downtime to catch up on some good (and bad) movies & TV; Margo keeps us abreast of any and all douche-bags with her D-Bag alert (Billy Bush, she's looking' at you!), finally sees The "Smell" of Water and some a new podcast rec; and Erin's review of the updated Murder on the Orient Express. Looking forward to some spring, how 'bout you?


Prestige Coco Baskets - Episode #71

Better late than even later! Hey there, Neighbors! Welcome to this episode of BNP, where we discuss Coco, The Prestige--the book AND the movie; Baskets on F/X; Marg's mom's fave Stephen King movie adaptations; and the OJ Interview (just for you, Kim!). We round it out with a few podcast & Instagram recs. Here's to a great week, everybody!


It's a Thing to Watch! Episode #70

Hey there, Neighbors! Sorry for the delays in episodes---work travel and deadlines kept us from your earholes last week but we plan to make up for it with this new episode jam-packed with new TV/Movie/podcasts recs just for you. We also have our Neighbors' Oscar Picks; and discuss Heather Locklear and Tori Spellings' recent issues; Kevin Smith's heart attack at 47; Black Panther; Brendan Fraser, and revisiting an 1980s classic comedy. Enjoy the bounty!


The C*ntender - Episode #69

Hey there, Neighbors! We have info & recs for your holiday weekend--you're gonna love it! We continue our Olympics coverage, as well as talking about new shows like the revamped Queer Eye for the Straight Guy; High Maintenance, and a fun new podcast for you rom-com lovers. Also, Erin talks John Mulaney's new stand-up show at Radio City and Margo explains why Jodie Foster's Nell is an under-rated comic masterpiece & can't seem to pronounce the title of a certain Joan Allen movie. Enjoy!


When We Were Queens - Episode #68

Hey there, Neighbors! Y'all have Olympic Fever? We do! Erin & Margo talk about their fave Olympic events; Leslie Jones's ribald commentary; Quincy Jones, podcast recs; and the neighbors break down their personality tests results. If you want to learn which neighbor is an Enthusiast and which is a Helper; or which dead celeb would f**k a mailbox, listen up!


Welcome Back, Mother! Episode #67

Hey there, Neighbors! Sorry for the slight delay--we were waiting to get more bandwidth (That's a thing, right?), Anyway, we're back and ready to get down to business! We discuss Phantom Thread, and if Erin feel asleep during it; Why Margo is done with Quentin Tarantino; Scott Baio; Alec Baldwin vs. Dylan Farrow; Mudbound; & Murder on the Cape. And we ask the important questions like "Are Aussie mangoes really the best?" & Should Bravo retire the Real Housewives of NJ for a bit? In the...


Cute is Powerful, Man! Episode #66

Hey, hey, Neighbors! This week the neighbors breakdown the Oscar noms and discuss Versace; boring serial killers; Real Housewives of Bev Hills; The Alienist; & celebs who demand porridge. Trust us, it'll all make sense.


Gettin' the Bitch Edit-Episode #65

Hey-oooo, Neighbors! We're taping at night this week, so we're extra giddy! Lots to chat about--Kelly vs. Fonda; Aziz, oh please! We talk about Real Housewives of Bev Hills & Dorit; Margo schools a Spin bully, and Erin talks about the NYC Women's March. We also break down the Versace series, and new segment alert: The Best Worst Thing We Saw This Week! Feast about our ramblings!