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Your weekly "Pop Culture Concierge" featuring your new best neighbors Erin & Margo. Live from Brooklyn we discuss the latest in pop culture, music, movies, TV, celebrity gossip and more. Life is short--listen to your neighbor.

Your weekly "Pop Culture Concierge" featuring your new best neighbors Erin & Margo. Live from Brooklyn we discuss the latest in pop culture, music, movies, TV, celebrity gossip and more. Life is short--listen to your neighbor.


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Your weekly "Pop Culture Concierge" featuring your new best neighbors Erin & Margo. Live from Brooklyn we discuss the latest in pop culture, music, movies, TV, celebrity gossip and more. Life is short--listen to your neighbor.






$20 for CATS-A Reminder to Us All - Episode #177

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 177 "$20 for CATS-A Reminder to Us All" Helpful tip, Neighbors---don't take CBDB gummies then shop on Amazon--you'll see why. How's your quarantine going? We are gratefully taking our content from all sorts of place these days---A Big Mouth live episode reading on Youtube; an Instagram Live w/ Bitch Sesh; Rufus Wainwright in his bathrobe serenading us daily; the Cowboy museum & its faithful guard--everything is content these days. We have our weekly dose of...


Where's Her Egg At? Episode #176

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 176 "Where's Her Egg At?" Hey there, Neighbors! Welcome to week 2 of quarantine. How are you all keeping? We have loads of Real Housewives talk for you (the RHOBH trailer/RHOA (Marlo is 43? B*tch, please!)/& Part 3 of RHONJ reunion); as well as multiple Netflix recs, including Tiger King & Lost Girls.


Comfort And/Or Joy - Episode # 175

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 175 "Comfort And/Or Joy" Getting a little bored of social distancing? Well, we've got the episode for you! Welcome, Neighbors--come on in! We've got suggestions to beat quarantine/staying in woes. Of course, we have the usual Real Housewives recaps (RHOA & RHONJ reunion, pt. 11); we have Netflix & podcast suggestions, even deep dives to really keep you involved. Erin finally gives in to Love Is Blind; Margo has a Netflix & a podcast rec; need a soothing...


Benadryl & Mocha Don't Mix - Episode #174

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 174 "Benadryl & Mocha Don't Mix" Hey Neighbors! Is everyone staying healthy? This week, we've got a double-dose of Housewives, with RHOA & RHONJ reunion, Pt. 1. We also talk about a couple of docs (one on Zodiac, one on Hillary Clinton); a podcast rec; Oprah's latest book club; the Kids in the Hall reforming; & a few book events. All this while trying to avoid Covid-19. Wash yer hands, guys!


Nobody Likes Patient Zero - Episode #173

The Best Neighbors Podcast Ep 173 "Nobody Like Patient Zero" Hey Neighbors, how ya feelin'? Hopefully, your week is off to a good start. Let us help you with that. We talk all things RHONJ finale where we Teresa Guidice's undoing --of her on the show AND her marriage; Margo talks Taylor S., Jessica S., & Love In Blind finale. Harvey is GUILTY; the Miracle on Ice goes up in flames, & John Mulaney sings of the dangers of airport sushi. Stay healthy, neighbors!!


A Dry-Shampooed Godzilla - Episode #172

Hey Neighbors! Warm your hands by our garbage fire. This week, we talk our usual Real Housewives nonsense (both Jersey & Atlanta); Below Deck Reunion; the 90 Day FIance-Couples Tell All; Erin continues w/ Netflix's The Stranger & saw Jojo Rabbit; Margo dives into Love Is Blind, & Hunters on Amazon. Give a listen so you know what we mean by the quote "What did youse do to him?!" Happy Listening, Neighbors!


Women are Having a Moment - Episode # 171

Well, hey there, Neighbors! Welcome to our post-Oscar week. This week, we talk LA, all things Oscars, some (weak) star sightings; Netflix's The Stranger; Below Deck Reunion; RHONJ's trip to the Jersey shore; & the trailer for RHONY, which looks nuts! Also, the wonderful season 2 of Shrill & our fave eps therein. Lastly, we have some terrific podcast ep recs for you. Enjoy this week, everyone!


Ready for the Weeknd - Episode # 170

Hey there, Neighbors, y'all ready? Let's go! We only have one city of Real Housewives to deal with this week. RHONJ has Margaret's party & Joe gives sage advice to Jennifer's husband; Below Deck's bad boys don't learn their lesson; Vanderpump Rules are still in Miami celebrating and Tom Schwartz is making sense! We have a bunch of Netflix recs, including The Pharmacist & The Stranger; we do our Oscar picks & Margo is loving the Weeknd's Blinding Lights. Happy Weekend, Neighbors!


Joe G. Reads the Classics to You - Episode #169

Welcome to February, Neighbors! With this new month, we bring new reports on our fave shows, like RHONJ; Below Deck, 90 Day Fiance, The Outsider, as well as recs for a Netflix doc, Season 2 of Shrill. We also talk a live show, a moving visit to the 9-11 Memorial in lower Manhattan & lots more. Here's to an early spring!


The Nicest House in Sh*t-town-Episode #168

What a week, Neighbors! TWO Real Housewives are leaving! Finally! We've got a lot to cover, so let's go---2 departures; RHONJ in Westhampton-watch out for Tequila Jen! Erin finished CHEER on Netflix & has lots of thoughts; Margo has a comedy rec; some Below Deck talk; & Erin raves over HBO'S The Outsider. And the shock of the week, Teresa doesn't know who Charles Manson was???????


Money Talks, Wealth Whispers - Episode # 167

Cozy up with your fave podcasting duo & warm your hands by our garbage fire! This week, we talk the Netflix docs, KILLER INSIDE: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez & CHEER; along w/ our usual serving of Real Housewives-this week, RHOA & Snakegate; & RHONJ (What the hell is 'sniper school?') plus a spooky book rec; a new true-crime podcast, plus more Megitx! Tons of listening fun to warm up those ears!


A Real Kick in the T*ts - Episode #166

Hey there, Neighbors! How's 2020 going for you? Re-entry was hard after the long holiday but we hung in there and had a few laughs in spite of it all. We talk our usual round-up of Real Housewives of NJ & Dallas; got some scoop on upcoming RHOBH; we get our heads around "Megh-xit;" & have some great podcast & Netflix recs for you. Enjoy!


That Sweet, Sweet Rape Fame - Episode #165

Welcome to 2020, Neighbors! Hope you all had a very merry New Year so far. This week, we convene to discuss the usual Real Housewives mess, with the RHOD reunion & RHONJ, w/ the hair-pull heard 'round the turnpike. Erin gives a RHOA update & Margo talks Below Deck. We also have a couple of Hulu recs--a doc & a limited series; 2 podcast recs--1 reality, 1 true-crime; we also saw Little Women & the Hateful 8 & tell ya all about it. New Year, same neighbors!


Last Fave Fives of 2019 - Episode # 164

Welcome to our last episode of 2019 & it's a short but sweet one. We talk a little RHOC reunion, parts 2 & 3; Below Deck, & a few choice streaming picks. We also break down our last Fave Fives in music, movies, & happenings. Margo also has some exciting news for 2020. Hope you all had a great holiday. Here's to a fantastic new year, Neighbors!


Oh Hello, Jane Roe - Episode #163

You're killin' us Bravo! So many shows, so many Housewives! So much misogyny! Between the entitled men on Below Deck to Vicki G's superior attitude on RHOC, we don't know which end is up! We talk our usual RHONJ & RHOD finale, as well as the 1st part of the RHOC reunion, which was EXPLOSIVE. We also welcome Eddie Murphy back to SNL, as well as breakdown the first part of our yearly "Fave Five," with our book/podcast/TV shows for the year. Merry, merry, Neighbors!


Queens of Corona - Episode # 162

Welcome one & all to our ep. this week. Let's get right to it, shall we? Margo saw Knives Out, the Linda Ronstadt doc & the Lou Perlman doc & gives her reviews; both neighbors break down Bravo this week, incl. Below Deck & Real Housewives of OC, Atlanta, Dallas & NJ (have mercy, Andy Cohen!) & both tried The Marriage Story, but we respectfully decline. All this & a Fart Ninja to boot. The holiday season is upon us!


Just Like a Gallagher Show - Episode # 161

Hey there, Neighbors, welcome to December! We cram a ton of info into this overstuffed ep where we talk our usual Real Housewives (Atlanta/OC/Dallas/NJ)-this 4 city a week pace is killing us! Margo talks more Mandalorian; smug Simon Cowell; & Garth Brooks. Erin saw Joker & reviews the Mike Nichols oral bio, and both neighbors are loving season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel--Mazel!


A Cavalcade of Bad Decisions - Episode #160

Happy Post-Thanksgiving, Neighbors! Hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Did you watch The Irishman on Netflix? We did & we discuss at length, along with other Netflix-y things Margo attempted. We have a little Real Housewives chat as well, altho honestly, we can't really remember what happened on which shows we watched (we blame trypyophan!) We also talk more Mandalorian, 90 Day Fiance, & America's Got Racism. Get some leftovers & belly up to the table!


Am I the A**hole? Episode # 159

Hey Neighbors! As we gather together this week to give thanks with our families & friends, let us not forget these garbage-fires courtesy of the geniuses at Bravo! Again, we have a quadruple cornicopia (all thanksgivingy vibes!) of Real Housewives this week, with RHOA; RHOC; RHONJ & RHOD, all gracing us with the presences. We also talk season 3 of Netflix's The Crown (genius!); we offer up 'Prayers for Nick', and our 'Toldja!' to Prince Andrew. A bountiful harvest indeed--let's give thanks!


The Dumbest Smart Person We Know - Episode #158

Are you at Bravocon this weekend? Neither are we! But no mind, we're still gonna talk trash about Housewives & we don't need to pay a grand for that! We hit all cities this week--RHOA, RHOC, RHONJ & RHOD --geesh! Andy C., pls consider a break between cities! We discuss the big announcement for a new Real Housewives franchise; Margo waxes poetic about Mandolorian (& is she likes it, it HAS to be good--she's like Mikey that way). Erin watched AMC's doc on the Preppy Murderer; Margo breaks down...