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We are the Dumb Americans - Episode #102

Hey there, Neighbors! Welcome to a particularly silly episode of BNP where we discuss our usual Real Housewives related-nonsense; 90 Day Fiancee craziness; a healthy dose of viewing & streaming recs; some pre-Halloween viewing, a book rec, and loads more! Take it from us, we're non-hideous Americans!


A Star is Born--In Brooklyn! Episode # 101

Welcome, Neighbors! This week, the neighbors take to the streets--well, really, The Alamo Drafthouse--to see the new A STAR IS BORN & share their reviews. Also, breakdowns of 90 Day Fiancee; RHOC and RHOD, even Teen Mom:OG, and docs featuring Joan Jett and Gilda Radner, because we need a hammock for our weary brains & hearts given this politically disheartening week. Hang in there & celebrate the awesome peeps around you. :)


100th Episode---with a Guest! Episode #100

Welcome to our 100th episode, Neighbors! Hope we don't look a day over 99. This week, we welcome special guest, Margo P. from the Book Vs. Movie podcast, who joins us to talk Housewives, a little Shahs of Sunset, what the heck Diamond Water is, and lots more. We also have a few podcast recs and talk about how our week started off with a bang. Buckle up, friends! We're 100 & give zero Fs!


Slightly Wrong...but Oh So Right! Episode #99

Welcome to our 99th episode, Neighbors! We're psyched to chat with you and 90 Day Fiancee; RH of Dallas; so many 'Seriously, F-These Guys'; multiple podcast recs; a doc review, and Erin sings the praise of Washington Black. And if you're a fan of clever novelty t-shirts, has Marg got a rec for you! Settle in and let the chatter wash over you!


Oceans Ain't Enough - Episode #98

Is it Fall yet? Doesn't feel like it. Hello, neighbors! Let's get to it-RH of Dallas goes to the Rodeo; RHOC dress all in red and fight; we have a bunch of new movie/podcasts/social media recs for ya; and our "Seriously, F---This Guy" segment runneth over! A cornucopia for your ears!


It's Like Ordinary People, but with Decapitations! Episode #97

Hey there, Neighbors, we're back in your ears this week and we get right to RHONY reunion, part 3; RHOD and unseemly extensions; RIP, Burt Reynolds;the NY Times anonymous Op-Ed piece (It's coming from inside the White House!); a couple of podcast recs, a 90 Fiance Update; and Margo reviews the movie, Hereditary. Can you handle it?


Bushwick, Where the Arts Are - Episode #96

Hi Ya, Neighbors! How's your summer winding up? Over at the BNP, our Cameo Cup runneth over! We've got messages and well-wishes from TWO more Real Housewives! We play those for you, as well as discuss part deux of the RHONY Reunion; Also RHOD invasion of Beaver Creek; OC=Yawnsville; and Margo falls into a 90 Day Fiancee rabbit hole (watch out for that ankle!). We also talk the Sharp Objects finale; Sen, John McCain's funeral; more on the Mollie Tibbits' case; Louis C.K (so no O.K.!) Thor:...


Team No One - Episode #95

Welcome one & all to this week's episode of BNP! The Neighbors get right to work talking about RHONY reunion; RHOD & OC; on a more serious note, we talk about the Mollie Tibbits case and the Cohen/Manafort indictments. But to make things fun and happy again, Margo recommends a sweet new teen rom-com on Netflix, and Erin gets a birthday message from Countess Lu herself!


Charming as Sh*t & Festive AF - Episode #94

Hey Neighbors! Thanks for stopping by! This week has been challenging, to say the least. Margo tells us how NOT to let the food delivery guy in; a deep dive into the cabarlesque that is the RHONY finale; a double serving of Housewives, with RH of Dallas premiering; thoughts on HBO's Sharp Objects, and the charm-fest that is Cold Comfort Farm. Take care, Neighbors!


No Deuce! Episode #93

Hey there, Neighbors! How's your August going? We've convened once again in the living room to do a deep dive on RHONY,where we hear far too much about their colons; Castle Rock; the new Oscar category; Margo's new BFF, David Crosby; more on The Teacher's Pet; topped off with a dramatic reading from Faye Resnick's memoir. We're literary AF!


The Friends Were D*cks! Episode #92

How's it going, Neighbors! Glad you stopped by--this week we are chock full of great recs, stories and opinions, so belly up to the pop culture buffet! We are talking RHONY; the riveting podcast, The Teacher's Pet; why you don't mess with Kathleen Turner; Margo has a bunch of great Netflix pix and Erin has a true-crime article and a book recommendation. Special shout-out to the Pink Shade with Erin Martin podcast for having Erin to rant even more about the Housewives! Stay cool, Neighbors!


Frottage....Rhymes with Cottage - Episode #91

Hey, hey, Neighbors, welcome to another episode of BNP, where right out the gate we get into RHONY, and dual fighting at one table in Cartagena! Margo talks Castle Rock and Erin is 9 eps in for the new season of Orange is the New Black. Also, we've got a stacked "Seriously, F*** that Guy" segment, and why, whenever Treat Williams talks, we should all listen. Happy Summer!!


Feeling Pretty Cartegena - Episode #90

Hi ya, Neighbors! Thx for stopping by. We've loads to discuss, including RH of NYC & just what those crazy broads are up to in Colombia; Margo takes I FEEL PRETTY to task; both neighbors talk the Robin Williams doc and Killing Eve. And Margo favors us with a dramatic reading from Motley Crue's THE DIRT. Can ya handle it?


#Time's Up, Ted & Don! Episode #89

Hey there & ho there, Neighbors! welcome, welcome to a new BNP! This week, Margo puts Don Felder, Ted Kennedy, and one rowdy one-year-old in her sights, while Erin talks about Arden Myrin's recent article about women in comedy. And what's an ep without some RONY talk---Ah, Sober Lu, we hardly knew ye! Margo also watched Chappaquiddick and A Quiet Place, while Erin saw the new HBO Robin Williams doc. A feast for your ears--belly up!


Seriously, F*** That Guy - Episode # 88

This week, we welcome Margo back from Reno, and we have loads to catch up on. We recount our favorite crazy ladies on Real Housewives of NY; loads of new podcast & social media recommendations; and institute a new segment, "Seriously, F*** That Guy!"; Margo talks the new indie doc, Three Identical Strangers, and Erin saw the new Mr. Rogers' doc, Won't You Be My Neighbor? and lots, lots more. Won't you join us and be our neighbor?


Let It Be Jerky Alcoholics - Episode # 87

Hi and hey there, Neighbors! Welcome to another episode where Margo gives it up about her top-secret hair straightening technique in Queens; LBJ and Hannah Gatsby; and Erin reads the 10 Stages of Genocide. That seems on par, right? But to save the day, it's a quick breakdown of Real Housewives of NYC & James Corden and Sir Paul McCartney's Carpool Karaoke.


Why, Hello! Welcome to our Home! Episode #86

Why, hello! I didn't see you there. Welcome to our podcast. This week here are just of few of the topics we'll unpack this week: Real Housewives of NYC; the great Roxane Gay; Why Hedy Lamarr's a genius; Brenda Dickson-related craziness; Chris Hardwick; and a butt-ton of podcast and social media recommendations. A veritable feast for your ears and eyes. Wipe your feet!


Our First BNP Mini! Episode #85

Hello there, Neighbors! Welcome to our first lil mini-episode. Recent travels plans have limited our time but we didn't want to limit our time with you, so here's a little mini-dose of your favorite Neighbors to tide you over. In this episode, our non-Julliard-trained neighbors do dramatic readings of some fave celeb offerings from Suzanne Somers poetry, and a recent bio of H'wood legend, Ava Gardner. Until next time, have a good week, everybody!


Robert Evans-Not that One- Episode #84

Hey there, Neighbors! Get ready for a rec-heavy episodes, with recs for TV, podcasts, old & new, books, reality TV, social media, comedy, you name it. Margo recommends a podcast entitled "Behind the Bastards," -guess what that's about? And Erin goes old-school, with two vintage This American Life episodes, as well as a new book-related show. Real Housewives of NYC still delivers like Domino's (Fave moment this week, when Luann said, "Lay low, DICK!" talking about her tom-cattin' Ex-, Tom.)...


Reno Stories & Live Readings - Episode #83

Halloooo there, Neighbors! It's been a while since we talked at you. We're making up for lost stories with deep-dive discussions about Ali Wong's Hard Knock Wife on Netflix; Solo: a Star Wars Story; Letters Live at Town Hall with Benedict Cumberbatch and David Harbour, among others; Erin's trip to Fire Island; and our obligatory Perv Perp Walk with Harvey W. & Morgan Freeman, with a brief rest-stop at the Arrested Development dustup; we read two of our faves from MORE LETTERS FROM A NUT, and...