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A Face Like a Modigliani Painting...Yeah! Episode #110

Buckle up, Neighbors! We've got a lot of biz to take care. Margo shares stories of hallway creepery; Erin relates a night well spent at Joe's Pub; we also breakdown our beloved Real Housewives, Below Deck, 90 Day Fiancee; and welcome Lock After Lockup to our TV garbage fire. We also have a fun book rec, as well as 2 podcast recs, and Erin talks the first 2 eps of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Why are we in Paris?!) and the problem she has with "Mommy & Daddy" people; & Margo tells why you don't...


Tons of Triggers & That Lean-In Sh*t - Episode #109

Welcome back, Neighbors! We got lots to cram in this week, so let's start off by 'going high': Margo went to Michelle Obama's book event in Bklyn; but lest we appear to high-brow, we also discuss our usual garbage fires, 90 Day Fiancee, Below Deck, RHOC & RHOD, never fear! We've also watched HOMECOMING, LITTLE DRUMMER GIRL, THE CHRISTMAS CONTRACT (w/ Cheryl Ladd!) and lots more. Feast your ears!


Mail That Sh*t to Yourself! Episode #108

We Gathered together and we're still here! Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? Ready to dig in to another episode of BNP? I'll stop asking questions & let you know that this week, we talk of our usual suspects 90 Fiancee, Real Housewives of OC, Atlanta and Dallas, (can't do Jersey-sorry, not sorry); Margo curates a bunch of fun holiday movies, & both neighbors have some great podcast recs, and lots more. Shake that Turkey Coma with your fave Neighbors!


Rock Those Wacky Headbands - Episode # 107

Want something to be thankful for, Neighbors? This week, we gather together to talk RHOC/RHOA/RHOD--so many Housewives! All the drama that is 90 DAY FIANCE, and some BELOW DECK action. Our Rec Center segment runneth over, with some listener recs this week--as well as a few of our own. (Margo got her eyes early on DIRTY JOHN!). Pass the mashed potatoes and rejoice!


Ya Down with C.P.P.? Episode # 106

Hallooo, Neighbors! Well, that was some mid-term election, huh? No matter what party you support, at least we can agree on the stupendous turnout at the polls. Erin & Margo talk about some of the exciting firsts in this historic election. & if that seems too cerebral, fear not, we've got healthy doses of our usual Real Housewives & 90 Day Fiancee nonsense to break down; and whether or not we see enough of Chris Pine's peen in OUTLAW KING. In our new segment, Rec Center, we've got...


My Husband, the Slot Machine! - Episode #105

Here's to another week, Neighbors! We made it! Today, we discuss our new national obsession--no, not voting (but seriously, VOTE!), we mean 90 DAY FIANCE and why we're Team Fernanda; also a little Housewives--three words--Kameron & apple slicer; one streaming and one podcast rec; Margo also recounts the latest, harrowing My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (don't mess with them--and don't waste cake! It's a sin!) and we talk a walk down reality TV Memory Lane with BBC'S Ladette to Lady; and why we...


A Big Ole Halloween Blanket Party -Episode # 104

Sorry to be late out of the gate, Neighbors, but here it is! A special Halloween episode of Best Neighbors! We're drinking margaritas and talking trash about Real Housewives; 90 Day Fiancee, our new love; Below Deck, with a healthy sprinkling of podcast recommendations just for you. Erin can't shut up about Bohemian Rhapsody and Rami Malek (Seriously, go see it!); Also, Margo bids a 'fond farewell' to Whitey Bulger, and a 'how-do-you-do' to his killer. Happy Halloween!


The Spooky Validator - Episode #103

Hi ya, Neighbors! Welcome to our latest episodes where we discuss all matter of things autumnal, including our beloved Real Housewives; Margo turns a corner with The Haunting of Hill House; Erin breaks down Horseman's Hollow; we debut a new segment, and offer up a few social media recommendations. (To be sung in a jock-rock manner)---Are you ready to get validated?


We are the Dumb Americans - Episode #102

Hey there, Neighbors! Welcome to a particularly silly episode of BNP where we discuss our usual Real Housewives related-nonsense; 90 Day Fiancee craziness; a healthy dose of viewing & streaming recs; some pre-Halloween viewing, a book rec, and loads more! Take it from us, we're non-hideous Americans!


A Star is Born--In Brooklyn! Episode # 101

Welcome, Neighbors! This week, the neighbors take to the streets--well, really, The Alamo Drafthouse--to see the new A STAR IS BORN & share their reviews. Also, breakdowns of 90 Day Fiancee; RHOC and RHOD, even Teen Mom:OG, and docs featuring Joan Jett and Gilda Radner, because we need a hammock for our weary brains & hearts given this politically disheartening week. Hang in there & celebrate the awesome peeps around you. :)


100th Episode---with a Guest! Episode #100

Welcome to our 100th episode, Neighbors! Hope we don't look a day over 99. This week, we welcome special guest, Margo P. from the Book Vs. Movie podcast, who joins us to talk Housewives, a little Shahs of Sunset, what the heck Diamond Water is, and lots more. We also have a few podcast recs and talk about how our week started off with a bang. Buckle up, friends! We're 100 & give zero Fs!


Slightly Wrong...but Oh So Right! Episode #99

Welcome to our 99th episode, Neighbors! We're psyched to chat with you and 90 Day Fiancee; RH of Dallas; so many 'Seriously, F-These Guys'; multiple podcast recs; a doc review, and Erin sings the praise of Washington Black. And if you're a fan of clever novelty t-shirts, has Marg got a rec for you! Settle in and let the chatter wash over you!


Oceans Ain't Enough - Episode #98

Is it Fall yet? Doesn't feel like it. Hello, neighbors! Let's get to it-RH of Dallas goes to the Rodeo; RHOC dress all in red and fight; we have a bunch of new movie/podcasts/social media recs for ya; and our "Seriously, F---This Guy" segment runneth over! A cornucopia for your ears!


It's Like Ordinary People, but with Decapitations! Episode #97

Hey there, Neighbors, we're back in your ears this week and we get right to RHONY reunion, part 3; RHOD and unseemly extensions; RIP, Burt Reynolds;the NY Times anonymous Op-Ed piece (It's coming from inside the White House!); a couple of podcast recs, a 90 Fiance Update; and Margo reviews the movie, Hereditary. Can you handle it?


Bushwick, Where the Arts Are - Episode #96

Hi Ya, Neighbors! How's your summer winding up? Over at the BNP, our Cameo Cup runneth over! We've got messages and well-wishes from TWO more Real Housewives! We play those for you, as well as discuss part deux of the RHONY Reunion; Also RHOD invasion of Beaver Creek; OC=Yawnsville; and Margo falls into a 90 Day Fiancee rabbit hole (watch out for that ankle!). We also talk the Sharp Objects finale; Sen, John McCain's funeral; more on the Mollie Tibbits' case; Louis C.K (so no O.K.!) Thor:...


Team No One - Episode #95

Welcome one & all to this week's episode of BNP! The Neighbors get right to work talking about RHONY reunion; RHOD & OC; on a more serious note, we talk about the Mollie Tibbits case and the Cohen/Manafort indictments. But to make things fun and happy again, Margo recommends a sweet new teen rom-com on Netflix, and Erin gets a birthday message from Countess Lu herself!


Charming as Sh*t & Festive AF - Episode #94

Hey Neighbors! Thanks for stopping by! This week has been challenging, to say the least. Margo tells us how NOT to let the food delivery guy in; a deep dive into the cabarlesque that is the RHONY finale; a double serving of Housewives, with RH of Dallas premiering; thoughts on HBO's Sharp Objects, and the charm-fest that is Cold Comfort Farm. Take care, Neighbors!


No Deuce! Episode #93

Hey there, Neighbors! How's your August going? We've convened once again in the living room to do a deep dive on RHONY,where we hear far too much about their colons; Castle Rock; the new Oscar category; Margo's new BFF, David Crosby; more on The Teacher's Pet; topped off with a dramatic reading from Faye Resnick's memoir. We're literary AF!


The Friends Were D*cks! Episode #92

How's it going, Neighbors! Glad you stopped by--this week we are chock full of great recs, stories and opinions, so belly up to the pop culture buffet! We are talking RHONY; the riveting podcast, The Teacher's Pet; why you don't mess with Kathleen Turner; Margo has a bunch of great Netflix pix and Erin has a true-crime article and a book recommendation. Special shout-out to the Pink Shade with Erin Martin podcast for having Erin to rant even more about the Housewives! Stay cool, Neighbors!


Frottage....Rhymes with Cottage - Episode #91

Hey, hey, Neighbors, welcome to another episode of BNP, where right out the gate we get into RHONY, and dual fighting at one table in Cartagena! Margo talks Castle Rock and Erin is 9 eps in for the new season of Orange is the New Black. Also, we've got a stacked "Seriously, F*** that Guy" segment, and why, whenever Treat Williams talks, we should all listen. Happy Summer!!