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The Language of New Orleans - Episode #72

In today's episode, we explore the language of New Orleans. A dictionary and pronunciation guide for visitors to the Crescent City. You'll get a flavor of the city, learn a little about the history, and know what you’re getting into when you come to visit!


Fall Festivals in New Orleans, Part I - Episode #71

Fall Festivals in New Orleans Today’s show is all about things to do in New Orleans in the fall. We did a Summer episode (#63) that was very popular so we decided to follow up with a guide for the later months. There are so many fall festivals in New Orleans, we had to break it into two parts. Today's episode covers September and October. In a follow-up episode, we'll cover November, December, and New Years. We’re going to talk mostly about festivals and things to do, as well as our tips...


National WWII Museum in New Orleans - Episode #70

National WWII Museum in New Orleans Did you know the National WWII Museum is in New Orleans? What's the connection to WWII and New Orleans? Come along as we explore the museum and learn the answers to these questions and more! Today's guest is Dr. Robert Citino, Senior Historian at the National WWII Museum. Dr. Citino is an award-winning military historian and scholar. He published ten books and numerous articles about WWII and 20 century military history. Dr. Citino also taught at West...


17 Questions About New Orleans with Julie Couret - Episode #69

In this episode we answer more of your questions about New Orleans. We received so many questions for episode 67 that we decided to do another Q&A show. This time I am joined by Julie Couret, whose roots run to the earliest days of New Orleans. She is a New Orleanian, a mom, a co-parent, the owner of a small business, and a blogger over at NOLA Mom's Blog (phew!). The questions cover everything from what are the biggest mistakes tourists make, to where New Orleanians like to go on vacation....


How Bourbon Street Happened - Episode #68

Today's episode is about the most infamous street in New Orleans. I originally planned this show as an April Fools' edition, since the podcast is called Beyond Bourbon Street. As I started my research, however, I quickly came to the realization there wasn't much written about the actual street. I was about to shelve the idea when I realized local author, historian, and geographer Richard Campanella found the same lack of information and was inspired to write a book called Bourbon Street: A...


11 Questions About New Orleans - episode #67

11 Questions about New Orleans In this episode we answer your questions about New Orleans! My wife, Marie, as well as our friends Jennifer and Chris Marshall join me on the podcast. Longtime listeners know that Jenn is the person who came up with the name of the podcast, Beyond Bourbon St. They also happen to be new New Orleanians. The questions cover everything from where to eat and drink, to what life in New Orleans is like post-Katrina. We also talk about Huey and Earl Long, potholes,...


Fire at the Upstairs Lounge - Episode #66

NOTE: Today’s discussion involves some gruesome descriptions of what happened on the night of Sunday, June 24, 1973. You may wish to listen to this one when your little ones are not around. On June 24, 1973 an arsonist set fire to a gay bar in New Orleans called the Up Stairs Lounge. Within moments fire engulfed the bar, and ultimately claimed the lives of 32 people. It was the largest massacre of LGBTQ individuals in the United States until the Pulse Nightclub shooting in 2016. My guests...


History of the New Orleans Poor Boy - Episode #65

In today's episode, we explore the history of the New Orleans poor boy. We trace the birth of the poor boy from the streetcar motormen strike of 1929 through today. You’ll be introduced to Benny & Clovis Martin, former motormen themselves who created the first poor boy. You’ll also learn how the name poor boy came into being, and why the term po-boy is not quite correct! Along the way, we’ll explore the restaurants and people that helped the poor boy become the New Orleans icon it is...


300 Years of New Orleans Architecture - Episode #64

In today’s episode, we explore New Orleans through the lens of architecture and time. Leading our expedition is Katrina Horning, founder of New Orleans Architecture Tours ( We'll explore Faubourg Marigny and the French Quarter, then head uptown to the Garden District and beyond. At the same time, we'll hop in the wayback machine and travel from the earliest days of New Orleans, through the French and Spanish periods. We'll see the impact of the new Americans after the...


Summer Festivals in New Orleans - Episode #63

Summer Festivals in New Orleans In today’s episode, we jump into the warm weather and help prepare you for Summer festivals in New Orleans! I am joined for the first time by my wife Marie Bologna. Together, we'll walk you through nearly two dozen Summer festivals and events in New Orleans. You'll learn about Bayou Boogaloo, the Creole Tomato Festival, Essence Fest, and many more. We give you all the details you need, including dates, locations, things that make the event special, and our...


The Ultimate Guide to New Orleans Snowballs - Episode #62

In today’s episode, we visit with author and snowball aficionado Megan Braden-Perry. Her book, Crescent City Snow, the Ultimate Guide to New Orleans Snowball Stands is our roadmap as we explore snowball stands across New Orleans. Learn about what to expect and what to order - from unique flavors to the snowball combo meal, and more! By the end of this episode, you'll want to hop in the car and wander from place to place. Below, you'll see a list of places we discussed, but if you want to be...


Hansen's Sno-Bliz and the Story of the New Orleans Snowball - Episode #61

Hansen's Sno-Bliz and the Story of the New Orleans Snowball In today’s episode, we head over to Hansen's Sno-Bliz on Tchoupitoulas Street, in uptown New Orleans. We visit with Ashley Hansen, granddaughter of Ernest and Mary Hansen, and the current owner of Hansen's Sno-Bliz. Hansen's is the oldest snowball stand in the United States, and is currently open for its 79th season in 2018. In the 1930s, Ernest Hansen created the first machine to shave ice into the snowy powder essential for a...


New Orleans, the Founding Era - Episode #60

In today’s episode, we head over to the Historic New Orleans Collection in the French Quarter, and explore their newest exhibit, titled, New Orleans, the Founding Era. The exhibit is part of the tricentennial of New Orleans celebration and is a great way to envision what the city was like at the very beginning. It brings together a vast array of rare artifacts from the Historic New Orleans Collections holdings, and from institutions across Europe and North America to tell the stories of the...


John Thomas Griffith, Rock n Roll Guitarist - Episode #59

John Thomas Griffith, Rock n Roll Guitarist Born in Texas, John Thomas Griffith lived in a handful of places before he landed in New Orleans. The son of an engineer, Griff fell in love with music at an early age. He was part of the 1980s punk band Red Rockers who had a hit with the single "China," before teaming up with Fred Leblanc, Paul Sanchez, and Paul Clement to form Cowboy Mouth. Today, John, Fred, Matt Jones, and Brian Broussard are Cowboy Mouth. As Fred likes to proclaim, "the name...


The Myrtles Plantation - Episode #58

The Myrtles Plantation In this episode, Mark talks with Morgan Moss and Miss Hester Eby about the Myrtles Plantation. The Myrtles Plantation is said to be one of the most haunted homes in America. It has been featured on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, the Travel Channel and many others. Listen in as Mark, Morgan, and Miss Eby talk about General Bradford and the Whiskey Rebellion. You'll also learn about Cloe, the slave girl whose spirit roams the grounds even today. Along...


The Cemeteries of New Orleans - Episode #57

Cemeteries & Traditions in New Orleans In this episode, Mark talks with Sally Asher, author of The St Louis Cemeteries of New Orleans. Sally's book is a fascinating exploration into the lives of the people buried in some of New Orleans' most historic cemeteries. Listen in as Mark and Sally talk about why New Orleanians bury their deceased above ground. The two discuss the history behind the St. Louis cemeteries and describe what a second line is really about, plus the history of All...


Who Invented Mardi Gras?

Who Invented Mardi Gras? In today's episode, we tackle a controversial subject - who invented Mardi Gras? Mobile or New Orleans? My guest is Ted Flotte, with the Historic Mobile Preservation Society and Joe Cain Marching Society. Ted and I explore the history of Carnival and Mardi Gras in both Mobile and New Orleans. On today’s show, you’ll learn... All this and more on today's episode of the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast! Resources Recommended Reading Ann Pond: Cowbellion; Masons...


Visit Louisiana Plantation Country - Episode #55

Louisiana Plantation Country - a Trip Along River Road In today's episode, we visit Louisiana plantation country. We'll travel along the stretch of river road from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. Along the way, we'll visit twelve plantations. On today's show, you'll get... Time Stamps 4:08 All the details of planning your visit to New Orleans Plantation Country 10:21 Should I bring children to visit the plantations? 12:38 Getting there 14:34 Where is New Orleans plantation country? 15:06...


Slavery in Louisiana - a Visit to Whitney Plantation - Episode 54

Slavery in Louisiana - a Visit to Whitney Plantation In today's episode, we learn about slavery in Louisiana. We visit Whitney Plantation, located in Wallace, LA 40 miles West of New Orleans. The Whitney is the only plantation whose primary focus is on the slaves who worked, lived, and died along this stretch of the Mississippi River. My guest today is Joy Banner, Director of Marketing at Whitney. Joy is also a native of the nearby community and is a descendant of the slaves at...


Bienville’s Dilemma and the Founding of New Orleans - Episode #53

Bienville's Dilemma and the Founding of New Orleans In the Spring of 1718, Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville presided over a small ceremony on the banks of the Mississippi River and officially founded what we know today as the City of New Orleans. How did Bienville come to choose this site for New Orleans? What were the other options and how do those decisions impact New Orleanians today? In today's episode we explore Bienville's Dilemma with noted author and geographer Richard...