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Ep. 20: Beyond Rock n’ Roll and the Occult: The Doors - Beyond

This is the final installment of our three part series on Rock n Roll and the Occult. Check Part One in Episode 16 where we talk about the start of the counter culture movement and the Beatles, and Part Two in Episodes 18 where we talk about Aleister Crowley's manor home and Led Zeppelin. This week, we discuss shamanism and the legacy of frontman Jim Morrison as we go beyond The Doors.


Ep.19: Beyond Rock n’ Roll and the Occult Part 2: Led Zeppelin - Beyond

We return to our 3-part series on Rock n' Roll and the Occult to discuss the universal power of music and the mysterious manor house on the edge of Loch Ness that links infamous occultist Aleister Crowley to rock legend and Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.


Ep. 18: Beyond Houdini - Beyond

In this episode we are celebrating Harry Houdini’s birthday and Women’s History Month in one fell swoop. This week we talk about Houdini’s “ghost racket”-busting-private-eye Rose Mackenberg and the seances his wife Bess conducted for ten years after his death. We also shine a light on the lack of professional female magicians and pay special tribute to the life and work of Stephen Hawking.


Post Halloween Vampire CROSSOVER with See Also: Part 1 - Beyond

We're coming back with a fang...I mean bang (had to). On PART 1 of this special crossover SERIES we are joined by Leia Weathington and Kaila Thomson of See Also. We talk about all the vampire things including but not limited to: sex, blood, cheesy movies and bad boys of the Bible. Halloween may be over but we're keeping it spooky and salty.


Ep. 15: Beyond Highgate Cemetery - Beyond

Walking around a cemetery doesn’t appeal to most as a way to spend a sunny afternoon. However, once you get past the morbidness, you realize everyone person buried there has a life full of stories to tell. Cemeteries are full of art, history and admiration for our dead. It is undeniable, though, that many nefarious affairs have taken place on consecrated ground. On this episode we explore the beauty of Highgate Cemetery, one of London’s “Magnificent Seven,” a Victorian era garden cemetery...


Interview with Astrophysicist Hayden Goodfellow - Beyond

On this episode we are joined by astrophysicist Hayden Goodfellow who takes us back to science class, but don't worry, he's like the hip, young science teacher (with a Scottish accent) that everyone thinks is cool. Hayden explains where in the universe it's best to find aliens, when the heck we are getting to mars and how to shut down the conspiracists. Sharpen those pencils and listen up!


Ep. 14: Beyond the Voyager Mission - Beyond

The Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 satellites were launched only eight years after we put a man on the moon, and they are still exploring space today. In this special episode Nicole recounts her recent trip the National Air and Space Museum for NASA's 40th Anniversary of the Voyager Mission. Follow the path of the Voyager satellites from their launch in 1977 through 40 years of discovery to where they are today, interstellar space. Don't just take our word for it, learn the facts straight from...


Beyond The Golden Record: 40th Anniversary - Beyond

In honor of the 40th Anniversary of NASA's Voyager Satellites, we bring you this fresh cut of Episode 8: Beyond the Golden Record. The Voyager mission was one of the most ambitious in NASA's history. In 1977 twin satellites were launched into a "Grand Tour" of the outer planets of our solar system with no end destination. Forty years later, as the Voyagers continue to fly through interstellar space, they each carry a special message for anyone, or anything, that may find them.


Ep. 13: Beyond Edinburgh - Beyond

Follow us down to Edinburgh's Old Town, where residents once lived in tunnel-like apartments rising nearly 14 stories up! Choose your own adventure as you avoid the Black Death, a bacteria-filled loch, body snatchers - and a scary stumble back from the bar. Just don't look up!


Ep. 12: Beyond Stonehenge - Beyond

Druids, aliens and ghost hippies! Oh my! We have returned to the good ol’ U. S of A but refuse to accept that vacation is over. Still riding the positive vibes we soaked up from Stonehenge, we’re keeping our source material strictly British. Join us as we reminisce on our visit to one of the world’s most fascinating megalithic sites.



The Great American Eclipse is upon us – the first coast to coast solar eclipse in 85 years. Keeping with our British theme, we spoke with an astrophysicist from Scotland who works at the Kielder Observatory in Northumberland, England about what you can do to prepare – without getting your eyes burned out.


Ep.11: Beyond the British Museum - Beyond

We lugged recording equipment around the hills, tubes, and trains of England to bring you this episode from across the pond! Join us this week as we dive into one of the world's largest museum collections to find the most magical artifacts. While we cover everything from mummy curses to magic mirrors, convincing British accents are few, but mispronunciations are plenty. This week, we are going beyond the British Museum.


Ep.10: Beyond Astrology – The Age of Aquarius and Mercury in Retrograde - Beyond

What's your sign? In this episode Dana and Nicole talk about the meaning behind those #basic tattoos (which one of us may have...) that identify you as a Libra, Cancer, Pisces, etc. and explain why you may be feeling a little confused come August. Come make sense of the stars and get #woke as we go beyond astrology to discuss the age of Aquarius and mercury retrograde.


Ep. 9: Beyond the Treasures of Forrest Fenn and Astronaut Gordon Cooper - Beyond

Calling all explorers and adventure seekers! Buried deep within the Rocky Mountains and sunk beneath the waters of the Caribbean, treasure awaits! In Episode 9 we talk about the riches of an eccentric amauteur archaeologist and the intriguing sites one of the first men in space saw while orbiting Earth. This week we go beyond the treasures of Forrest Fenn and astronaut Gordon Cooper.


Ep. 8: Beyond The Golden Record - Beyond

This week we go deep...deep into interstellar space. Over the sunny Earth Day weekend we took the pod outside to talk about an out of this world project headed by our fave astrophysicist Carl Sagan. In the 70’s, Sagan and his team curated a visual and musical summary of Earth’s history and flung it into space on a golden record with the hope that one day it will land among intelligent life. Come along with us on a journey through our past to the outskirts of the Milky Way, and find out how...


Ep. 7: Beyond the C2D1 Haunting - Beyond

FIRST INTERVIEW ALERT! Chris DiCesare (author of Surviving Evidence) brings us back to the terrifying events he experienced in his Geneseo dorm room in 1985 and gives us a first hand account of an extreme haunting. We were captivated with the details of his encounters with the ghost (and the evidence to back it up: witnesses, audio/visual recordings, a priest who blessed his room, and, unfortunately, scars). But most of all, we were struck by his wisdom and positivity. As Chris says best,...


Ep. 6: Beyond Bohemian Grove - Beyond

Spoiler alert: Rich dudes rule the world and Richard Simmons is still missing. For two weeks every July thousands of members of the exclusive Bohemian Club, leaders of the arts, business and politics, gather under the cover of California’s ancient redwood trees. Is this retreat simply a woodsy get away where straight laced suits get to literally let loose? Or are there darker and more occult going-ons? Join us this week as we go beyond the men’s only campgrounds of Bohemian Grove. *Bonus* We...


Ep. 5: Beyond the Boston Athenaeum & Houghton Library - Beyond

After an inspiring weekend in Boston we have a lot to talk about: Nerdcon, our new podcast BFFs, the Boston Marathon's first female runner, oh! and erotic books bound in human skin! Surprisingly we go a whole hour without attempting a New England accent. Come with us this week as we go beyond the stacks of the Boston Athenaeum and Harvard's Houghton Library. Plus, hear about Nicole’s intimate moment with Richard Simmons.


Ep. 4: Beyond Witch Trials of the Channel Islands and New England - Beyond

Accusations of witchcraft were rampant in Europe and America for centuries, and conviction was often a capital offense. Rendezvous with the devil, messing with the neighbor’s cows, or giving the side eye to the wrong person could result in a poor old widow getting burned at the stake. Travel with us to 17th century England and back across the atlantic to America as we go beyond the witch trials of the Channel Islands and Colonial America.


Ep. 3: Beyond Rockefeller State Park & Lake Ronkonkoma - Beyond

Ghosts given life through unrequited love soar between the trees of Rockefeller State Park and below the black waters of Lake Ronkonkoma. For this very romantic episode of Beyond, climb atop your favorite haunted rock, sip on some dubious 'Lake Juice', and discover why Long Island bros may be disappearing each year.