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10 - Evil Genius - a very special episode

On this week’s episode, we tone down the goofs and japes and crack open the can of worms that is the craziest, most tragic bank heist of the early aughts.


9 - Sad and Serious - Toward Tokyo Adrift

On this episode, we ask ourselves questions like did Nicholas Sparks write this movie? Can two boring, white people find love in a tropical paradise? How about on a treacherous sea? We wrap it up by playing everyone’s favorite game “Which Skarsgård brother is best?” And yes, there is a correct answer.


8 - The Ritual - when bastard sons of Loki stop being polite and start getting real.

On this week’s episode, we learn why you don’t invite grief on your friend adventure in the wilds of Sweden. We also learn to never go into random woods, random abandoned cabins or go out of sight of the local IKEA. We watched the Netflix original The Ritual and found what it really means to be friends and victims of a bastard son of Loki, the trickster god.


7 - Looper Duper

In honor of Memorial Day we watched the movie that, inexplicably, got Rian Johnson the job directing “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” On this episode, we talk “Looper,” future and double future time travel science, the implications of time paradox sexuality and what happens when you use a child’s toy as a bootycall bat signal.


6 - Hano Matopoeia: a Star Wars story

On this episode, we talk Wookiees, Calrissians, Darths-both Vader and Maul and how all the Skywalkers are trash. That’s right, we watched “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” and that means spoilers, hurt feelings, arguments and Joseph’s new persona Opulent Savage.


5 - Dead Pool 2 Make Crocs Great Again

On today’s episode, The ancient trickster god Jose tries to derail the episode from the jump. We also talk about a foul mouthed, croc wearing, pop culture referencing Canadian with a heart of gold and samurai swords of rage. Enjoy.


4 - Joey's Game

When it comes to kinky sex, there are three rules: 1) Always have a safe word, 2) Never follow your secret BDSM enthusiast lover/husband to a second location, 3) never, EVER give a stray dog Kobe beef worth $200 a portion. We watched the Netflix original Stephen King adaptation Gerald’s Game, and we explore our own hidden, sexual desires. Finally, we ask the question, “Is Carla Gugino single, and is she into dumpy sad sacks with no prospects?”


3 - Avengers - Infinity War Could Have Used More Thor

What does a glove wearing, purple faced, gilled chin space Hitler want with a bunch of gem stones that look like the graduation gift of a velvet bag filled with those gift shop rocks your cheap aunt got you? It’s more than ridding the universe of Avengers, humans, aliens and run-on sentences. Tune in to find out.


2 - A Quiet Place, A Reasonable Space, A Handsome Face

Remember that episode of The Office where Jim and Pam hid in the woods from noise cancelling monster demons? No? Then you must have watched A Quiet Place like we did. On this episode, we ask the burning questions, “What about noisy poops?” and “At what point do you leave it all behind and live next to a waterfall?”


1 - Frankenstein Chronicles, Old Men and Their Monocles S1E1

This week, we watch the first episode of Frankenstein Chronicles. If you ever asked yourself the questions “What would a bunch of dead kids look like all stitched together?” or “How quietly can Sean Bean speak?” this podcast is the one for you.