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S2 Ep. 1: Catching up with the Conchas

How's it been ya'll? We're finally back for our second season and we have so much to catch up on. We've been on hiatus for awhile, hustling, grinding, securing that bag. But we couldn't stay away any longer. So check out our first episode since our break, detailing all the shenanigans we've gotten into over the past year including some dope readings, zine fest stories, and the WOC hosted events we were lucky enough to attend. So pull up a chair, pour a cup of cafecito con Henny and lets get...


Ep. 13: Pomona Zine Fest

In this episode we dish on all things Pomona Zine Fest! We had the best time sharing space with some amazing artists and creators and want to share some of that magic with you. We discuss what its like on both sides of the table, whats it like being newbies at vending, our creative processes and some of the inspiring artists we met. So grab your dose of pan dulce and settle in for another episode with us.


Ep.12: Songs of the Summer

An episode devoted to the bops we're listening to during the dog days of summer. Music: "Guatemala" by Swae Lee "Summertime Magic" by Childish Gambino "Bart Simpson" by Princess Nokia "Nuestro Planeta" by Kali Uchis "Where My Girls" by Dai Burger "Walk It Talk It" by Migos "La Diaspora" by Nitty Scott "Best Life" by Cardi B "Scooby Doo Pa Pa" by DJ Kass "I'm Not Ready" by Yeek As always you can like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram:...


Ep. 11: The Things that Tear Us Apart

In the past few weeks Immigration policy has been ravaging our communities and causing unnecessary trauma for thousands of refugees. In this episode Kelly and Janeane discuss the "Zero Tolerance Policy" and the effects on and assumptions made about those who cross the border against American federal law. From its beginnings in the Obama Administration to the demonization and degradation narrative helmed by the Trump Administration, we delve into the ways we need to refocus the narrative on...


Ep. 10: The Chill Hour

In this episode we take an hour to reflect, relax and really become attuned with the Chill. Let's face it, radical snake person feminists have a lot of stressors and don't often take time to chill. So this hour, we delve into the importance of chilling, Kelly names some of her fav relaxing video games, Janeane mentions some of her go-to mind numbing tv shows. And it wouldn't be a Chill Hour episode if we didn't talk Chillwave, so we're giving you our fave chillwave and lofi hip hop artists...


Ep.9: This Is How You Lose Us

Trigger Warnings: Sexual Assault and Sexual Harasment In this episode we tackle the tough topic of sexual assault and harrassment in the literary field. Looking at Junot Díaz's work and the stories of WoC writers who have stepped forward to address Díaz's problematic and misogynistic behavior, we discuss power dynamics in literary circles. These topics are tough and muddied and so we decided to delve into the ways 'hurt people hurt people', cultural and societal double standards, and how we...


Ep. 8: Latin America is Not Your Playground

The US has had its hands in Latin American politics for decades. On this episode we explore the possible ramifications of US interventionism in Central and South American countries. We look at the ways 'American' media portrays Latin American countries in the context of their political climates and how the US is sometimes culpable for these conditions. Through movies like "American Made" and shows like "Narcos" we dissect the narratives of white saviorism and latinx erasure. So warm up your...


Ep. 7: The Black Panther

On this episode we finally delve into all things Black Panther! The movie may have been out for a minute, but we were able to look at the in depth ways the themes of today's political and social climate impacted the film's release and earned it 1.6 billion dollars internationally. From our favorite characters and lines to the source material that give us even more action and back story, we discuss it all in nerdy detail. So grab a seat and sit back to enjoy the chisme with some piping hot...


Ep. 6: The Strange is Beautiful with Shannen Roberts

In this episode the Conchas sit down for our first ever interview with Shannen Roberts of the blog The Strange Is Beautiful to discuss mind obstacles, reframing the mental illness narrative, and how creativity and mental health intersect. From her work on zines to special events like Self Love Date Night and her music as Cusi Coyllur, Shannen gives us in depth insight into how creativity and healing can work together. So grab your conchas, a cozy seat and enjoy! Btw if you hear panting in...


Ep.5: International Women's Day

In this episode we dish on everything International Women's Day and Women's Month. We delve into the basics of feminism, our feminist roots, and discuss some of the writers who opened our eyes to what feminism should look like. From Audre Lorde to the Feminine Mystique we discuss what it means to be a 'modern women' in 2018 and exactly what that may look like. So sit down for your dose of conchas y chisme con a side of dismantled patriarchy. As always you can like us on Facebook:...


Ep. 4: Brown and Nerdy

In this week's episode we talk about some things near and dear to our hearts, video games and comic books. We jump into what it was like growing up as girls who had nerdy interest and the social archetypes and stigmas that come with it. From GateKeepers and Comic Book Guys to the Sexy Gamer Girl, we breakdown the many different ways to love, hate, and engage with nerd culture. From the Game Cube to the PS4, Kelly and I discuss the games that got us into gaming and the new horizon of female...


Ep. 3: Bibliophiles and Black History

As always please feel free to join the conversation at IG: conchasycontras FB page: Tumblr:


Ep. 2 - El Ciné Americana

In this episode, Kelly and I explore latinx representation in movies out in theaters right now. We breakdown The Shape of Water, Coco, and Star Wars: the Last Jedi and how all do good and bad jobs of depicting their latinx characters. We also gab about our love for cultural heritage, xicanx music, and seeing latinxs on the big screen. So take a seat, grab, some popcorn and enjoy. As always please feel free to join the conversation at IG: conchasycontras FB page:...


Ep. 1: Erasure

In this weeks episode Kelly and I talk about our Latinx background and the erasure of certain latinx communities. We also talk about our current immigration crisis, Temporary Protected Status, and DACA, similarities, differences, and what we can do about it. We also shout out some badass Sex Educators, Actors, Musicians, etc who are representing Latinx fringe culture. We may even talk a little shit on Arrested Development. So come grab un cafecito y una concha and enjoy. Follow us on IG:...