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18: Our Top Five Characters In Need of Miniseries

With the eight-part Marceline miniseries behind us, hosts Mike Eagle and John Moe count down their lists of who they want to see the next miniseries be about. Obviously, Magic Man is on Mike's list, but where does he rank? Will John find a place for his beloved Snow Golem? And who lands at number one on their lists? Plus, Mike talks with Adventure Time head honcho Adam Muto about a wide range of topics, including the oft-discussed but little-explained Mushroom War.


17: Stakes, Eating, Patterns, and Eurydice

The Stakes miniseries on Adventure Time has concluded and it's up to Conversation Parade hosts John Moe and Open Mike Eagle to figure out what it all means. John's pretty sure there's a message hidden in Marceline's repeated inhalation of vampire souls. For Mike, there is great significance in the characters' life patterns and what happens as a result. Plus, veteran Adventure Time storyboard artist Ako Castuera tells Mike about death, Greek mythology, and making Marceline happen.


2: The Ice King’s Crown and Sympathy for Lemongrab

On this episode of Conversation Parade, John and Mike talk about the Ice King’s crown and why Lemongrab may secretly be one of the most sympathetic characters on Adventure Time. Plus, a conversation with Adam Muto, AT's co-executive producer. He talks about how an episode gets made and what worries about the show keep him up at night.


1: Finn, Jake, and the Necessity of Manuals

On this first episode of Conversation Parade, hosts John Moe (hosts APM’s Wits) and Open Mike Eagle (L.A.-based art rapper) explore the relationship between Finn the Human and Jake the Dog and wonder whether we really need manuals in life. Plus, John talks with actor John DiMaggio, the voice of Jake the Dog, about what it’s like to record the show with his fellow actors and why he loves Lumpy Space Princess so much.