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The editors of discuss everything from pop culture to sex to fashion in a hilarious weekly roundtable. Hosted by Elisa Benson and featuring special celebrity guests.

The editors of discuss everything from pop culture to sex to fashion in a hilarious weekly roundtable. Hosted by Elisa Benson and featuring special celebrity guests.
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The editors of discuss everything from pop culture to sex to fashion in a hilarious weekly roundtable. Hosted by Elisa Benson and featuring special celebrity guests.




It's Our Final Happy Hour!

This is our 100th episode of’s “Happy Hour”! From fuckboys to STI's to dream jobs, host Elisa Benson has covered every topic you've ever talked about with your best friends. As our final episode, Senior Sex & Relationships Editor, Ali Drucker, joins Elisa in the studio to turn the tables and put Elisa in the hot seat - as we say goodbye, it's time to get some final answers about what it's been like hosting 100 episodes of Happy Hour from Elisa!


Stories of Encounters with the Paranormal

With the new horror flick Annabelle: Creation in theaters, host Elisa Benson chats with's Eliza Thompson about the time she met the real-life Annabelle doll. Additional interviews include Cosmo girl Nina Alexander who spent the night at the haunted Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, and founder of the world's first all-female paranormal investigation team as well as creator of the site "Week In Weird", Dana Matthews!


How Important Is Kylie Jenner Today?

Since Kylie Jenner's TV show "Life of Kylie" premiered, host Elisa Benson and's Patti Greco discuss the significance of Kylie Jenner to teens and young women in our world today with a critical eye. Interviews include Kylie Jenner fan and Cosmo girl Angel, and creator of "Keeping Up With The Kontinuity Errors" as seen in The Cut, Mariah Smith!


What It's Really Like To Be A Young Married Couple

More conducted a survey to young married couples about their sex lives, romance, even divorce. Joining Elisa Benson in studio to discuss the results is's Features Editor, Emma Barker. Guests include Millennial Marriage Expert Samantha Burns, and Cosmo girl Diana and her husband Danny Camargo!


It's Time To Talk About STI's!

More conducted a survey with men and women about STI's, and the results were startling. Elisa Benson is joined by's Senior Sex & Relationships Editor, Ali Drucker, to discuss the statistics with Amelia Thomson-Deveaux; "Guys We Fucked" hosts Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fischer; and sexologist Dr. Jess.


Behind the Scenes of "The Bold Type"

Freeform's new show, "The Bold Type", is making major waves! Since it's inspired by our very own Joanna Coles and loosely based around Cosmopolitan, Elisa is joined by's Entertainment Director, Patti Greco, as they chat at the Cosmo offices with the leading ladies: Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, and Meghann Fahy. Interviews also include "The Bold Type" creator and Executive Producer, Sarah Watson; Heart's Chief Content Officer, Joanna Coles; and "The Bold Type" aftershow host,...


A Feminist Discussion About Changing A Woman's Last Name

Join Elisa Benson for a very special Happy Hour episode! With a studio panel including's Tess Koman & Kathleen Kamphausen, and author Julie Pennell, the four women discuss the tradition of a woman changing her name with marriage from a feminist perspective. Guests include writer Jill Filipovic, and Cosmo girl Alicia Conway Rock!


Crazy Wedding Themes

Why have a traditional wedding, when you can make your big day be whatever you want? Host Elisa Benson and's Tess Koman talk about all of the wild and unordinary wedding themes happening today. Interviews include Cosmo girl Alesha Bales, professional bridesmaid Jen Glantz and celebrity wedding planner Sharon Sacks.


How To Land Your First Job

Stressing that you have a diploma and no job offers lined up? Tune into this episode for a crash course on how to make yourself a hot commodity to employers. Host Elisa Benson is joined in studio by's Site Director, Amy Odell, and's Editorial Assistant, Madison Feller. Interviews include Who What Wear's Hillary Kerr, and Oscar Mayer Wienermobile spokesperson Lizzie Duffey.


Vaginas: WTF Trends & The People Who Love Them

From crystals for kegels to vagina beauty contests, there is no vaginal topic going uncovered in this episode! Host Elisa Benson is joined in studio by's Senior Sex & Relationships Editor, Ali Drucker, and guests include Cosmopolitan's Laura Beck; creator of The World's Most Beautiful Vagina Contest, Brian Sloan; and Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation surgeon Dr. Matlock!


Who Runs The World? Wonder Women!

The editors at are jumping for joy over the new badass superhero flick, "Wonder Woman", so Elisa brought Senior Entertainment Editor, Eliza Thompson, into studio to recap the film. Guests include Lucy Davis, the actress who played "Etta Candy"; Jenny Pacey, the actress who played an Amazonian and is also a former Olympian; and "Wonder Woman" superfan Kennedy.


Talking Taboo

Power, sex, money, image - why are these topics still taboo for women to discuss? Cosmopolitan's Laura Brounstein joins Elisa in studio as they talk about the importance of self-happiness with author Sara Knight, equality in the workplace with The Female Quotient's Shelley Zallis, and vocalizing your own sexual needs with sex expert Dr. Emily Morse.


How To Deal With Work Drama

We've all had a run-in with a coworker at some point, and it's inevitable it will happen again. "So Cosmo" cast member and Assistant Brand Coordinator of Cosmopolitan, Diandra Barnwell, joins Elisa to discuss how she handles work drama while on camera. Cosmo girls Kate and Kiley call in with their stories, and SoFi's Career Advisor, Gabby Bill, gives tips on how to handle it.


#SummerOfGo - Travel Hacks

Elisa has been bit by the travel bug and wants to know how to make the most out of this summer. Joining her in studio is's Special Project Director, Laura Brounstein, as they chat with travel experts about where are the best places to go and things to do. Interviews include Ben Kasman from AirBnB, Gail Moaney from Finn Partners’ Travel/Lifestyle Practice, and advice from real girl explorer Lindsay McCormick and Travel Channel's Rachel Rudwall.


Living in Debt

Our society is so eager to encourage spending money, yet nobody is talking about the crippling affects of what happens to your life when you’re in debt. Join Elisa Benson and's Social Media Manager, Caitlin Scott, as they speak with real women in debt, and get tips from financial expert and New York Times best-selling author Nicole Lapin on how to get out of it.


Life After Winning

Winning the lottery or a reality show sounds like a great idea, but what really happens to your life after you win? Join Elisa Benson and's Senior Entertainment Editor Eliza Thompson as they ask real-life winners how their life, career, and bank accounts have changed since winning. Interviews include Alisan Porter, season 10 winner of NBC's "The Voice"; Terri Pous, two-time "Jeopardy" winner; and Christy Jeffreys, winner of Oxygen's "Battle of the Ex Besties".


Pubic Hair

Brazilian, shave, or au natural? Let's talk about pubic hair! Join Elisa Benson in studio with's Senior Sex & Relationships Editor, Ali Drucker, as they discuss the trends, questions, and preferences of it between men and women. Guests include contributing writers Frank Kobola and Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux, who share their opinions and shocking results of a survey all about - you guessed it - pubic hair.


The Reality of the Before & After Photo

Before & after photos on Instagram- are they motivating... or dangerous? Has the world of fitness inspo pushed some into obsessing over achieving perfection? Join host Elisa Benson and's Senior Fitness & Health Editor, Elizabeth Narins, discuss whether this trend could have a dark side. Interviews include fitness Instagram star Anna Victoria, Dr. Linda Bacon, and Lexie Louise!


All Things Music Festivals!

It's music festival season! Join Elisa Benson in studio with's Eliza Thompson and Peggy Truong as they discuss the ins and outs of festivals across the US. Interviews include Grace from Clean Bandit, Tom Russell from Founders Entertainment, and's Style Director Charles Manning.


Body Positivity

It's time to end body shaming for once and for all, and celebrate all bodies! Host Elisa Benson is joined in studio by's Senior Fitness and Health Editor, Elizabeth Narins, as they chat with three women who are at the forefront of the body positivity movement. Interviews include author Lindy West, yoga instructor and author Jessamyn Stanley, and body positivity advocate Megan from @bodyposipanda..