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This is like all the other board gaming podcasts, where the hosts Joel, Tom and Lewis talk about their favourite board games they have played, news from the industry and do reviews of games.

This is like all the other board gaming podcasts, where the hosts Joel, Tom and Lewis talk about their favourite board games they have played, news from the industry and do reviews of games.
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Devon, United Kingdom


This is like all the other board gaming podcasts, where the hosts Joel, Tom and Lewis talk about their favourite board games they have played, news from the industry and do reviews of games.




70. DDP without a Script but with a Lewis, Rugusa, Clank In Space, Tapestry

On the off chance, Joel and Lewis were able to catch up on what has been happening in each other's lives, well in the board gaming lives. Ragusa, Clank In space, King of Tokyo, Merchants Cove, Ticket to Ride 15th Anniversary, Sierra West, Skulk Hollow, Tapestry Find the twitter @DevonDiceUK Find us on @DepressedMonk3y @spoonofmilk @The_BreweryTour @meeplescorner @slpsmeeples Find our Facebook page Our web page Youtube - DevonDiceUK please like subscribe to our...


69. DDP, What a load of Clank!, Tapestry, funkoverse, Emprires of the North,

Joel and Sam are joined by a new member of the Devon Dice crew, Bill. Please make him welcome, But i don't think it will be a problem as he also likes Clank! so he will fit right in. Joel Played: Empires of the North, Dropmix, Sam Played: Near & Far (game 6), Clank (with Acquisitions Inc pack) Bill played: Clank! (with Acquisitions Inc pack), Wingspan News: Marvel champions expansion already planned Clank! In space expansion Yedo Deluxe Master Set Coming to Kickstarter Funkoverse...


DDP 68. Post-show Holiday, Post-show GenCon Post-show Everything else!

Joel Is back from his holidays and Sam is back from walking the dog, because it has been a long time since the last one they decided to sat down and recorded a podcast. Joel has been Playing: Ticket to Ride (with the Family), Little Town, Terror below, Sam has been playing: Ascension: Skulls & Sails, Star Wars: Outer Rim, In the News, they talk about the winners or the Spiel and Kenner des Jahres they also talk about some exciting new games from Gen Con 2019: Ultra-Tiny Epic...


67. DDP UK Games Expo 2019 after show

Joel has been, seen and nearly conquered the UK Games Expo 2019 and he is about to tell Lewis all about it. But first, let us find out whatLewiss is doing in New Zealand. Games from the UKGE: On the Underground, MegaCity: Oceana, Moneybags, Clank! Legacy: Upper Management Pack, Lanterns Dice: Light in the Sky, Tabletop ID, Donning the Purple, Find the twitter @DevonDiceUK Find us on @DepressedMonk3y @spoonofmilk @The_BreweryTour Buy Your Games from ...


66. DDP The UKGE Preview show 2019

Joel and Sam pick their mics to bring you their hopes and thoughts on the upcoming UKGE 2019 show, held at the NEC Birmingham. First off they talk about the Spiel Des Jahres and the Kenner spiel games nominees for this year. Joel tries to sell you It's a Wonderful World on Kickstarter Now. Then the Main Topic: They are Joined By Caezar Al-Jassar From Alley Cat Games as an impromptu Guest to talk about the games he has at the show and the show itself. UKGE web site UKGE Guide Joel’s...


65. DDP Cardboard, wood and plastic, It’s a Wonderful Life, Fuji Koro, Die Tavernen Im Tiefen Thal

Joel found old Lewis Holt in a home for retired podcasters and convinced him to return for one night and record a podcast. It didn't take much arm twisting for Lewis to agree. Joel Played: It’s a Wonderful World, Die Tavernen Im Tiefen Thal, Batman Gotham City Chronicles. Lewis Played: Rococo Cargo Noir News: Origins Awards Announced Charterstone Digital God of War: the Card game Monstrocity Kickstarter: Fuji Koro Cleopatra and the Society of Architects Find the twitter...


64. DDP Lots of Board Games Again: Architects of the West Kingdom, Clank In Space, Die hard

Joel and Lewis have found a window in their busy lifes to sit down and record and podcast for you, the dear listeners, I hope you enjoy it. Joel Played; Wingspan, Architects of the West Kingdom Lewis Played: Clank! in Space!, Lord of the Die-angler, 7 Wonder Duel News: Dune Reprint: Fireball Island new expansion Spider Springs Funforge Announces the sequel to Tokaido, Namiji Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist Board Game Kickstarters: Terror Below Alone™: 2nd Print Run with New Contents...


63. DDP Sam i back on A wing and a fireball, Fireball Island and Wingspan

Joel has found Sam again, and begged him to come back to the podcast, which Sam was happy to do so. They had a good chat about what games they have been playing lately. Joel Played; Fireball Island, Soleina Sam Played: Wingspan, Fleet: The Dice Game Digital editions of the following games are coming from Dire Wolf Digital: Mage KnightRootSagradaYellow & Yangtze (new iteration of the Tigris & Euphrates tile placement combat game)Raiders of the North Sea (first to arrive, sometime in the...


62. DDP First show of 2019. KeyForge, Big Book of Madness, Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr

Happy New Year, Joel (still here) and Lewis (down under) return to the mics and to catch up on life and gaming goodness. Lewis give us an insight into life in New Zealand, and Joel discusses how well his Christmas went. Games discussed on this podcast: Keyforge, Big Book of Madness Ticket to Ride Chronicles of Crime Telestrations Fireball Island Dinosaur Island Witless Wizards Alone Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr Dominion:...


61. DDP Post Essen Show 2018 Black Out; Hong Kong, Mutants, Monumental

With Spiel 2018 show over with for another year, Joel and Lewis reflect on their trip last year and review the games they brought back (well, Joel will tell us about the games he brought back). 2017: Meeple Circus, Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature, My Story, Charterstone, Pinball Showdown, Boom, Bang, Gold, Sticky Chameleons, Clank! In! Space!, Dinosaur Island, Coaster Park, Photosynthesis, BONK, 2018: Geek List Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra, Teotihuacan: City of...


60. DDP TableTop Game Live, Pandemic Fall of Rome, Keyforge, Monumental

Joel and Lewis gather around the mics to you least in high from the board gaming world with return unscathed from his trip to London, he can tell us all about the Tabletop Gaming Live show held in the Alexandria Palace. Joel Played; Pandemic: Fall of Rome, Thunderstone Quest, Keyforge, Monumental, Gingerbread House, Reef and much more... Lewis Played; Bristol trip: Locked in a room + Chance and Counters News: Diceforge new expansion Rebellion Alexandra Pfister has a new game coming...


59. DDP The One That Got Away

This Emergency Podcast Broadcast is brought to you due to a technical hitch that occurred. Joel and guys did sit down and recorded a podcast but most of the audio file was lost in the process never to be seen again. Joel decided that he will go through briefly what was discussed on the not podcast. Plus Joel and Sam will be at Tabletop Gaming LIVE show in London, on the Meeples' Coner Stand, so pop along to say hello. News: New games announced Between Two Castles of Mad King...


58. DDP Just a Quick one Tonight

Joel is on his own for the show, he wants to tell you all about his family afternoon in Board the Exeter Board Game Cafe. Rush and Bash Geistes-Blitz The Enchanted Tower Dobble Marrakech Meeples' Corners Preorders Find the twitter @DevonDiceUK Find us on @DepressedMonk3y @spoonofmilk @The_BreweryTour Find our Facebook page Our web page Youtube - DevonDiceUK please like subscribe to our channel BGG Guild Our show sponsor...


57. DDP Top 3 Kickstarter, Backed, Received and Played

Join Joel and Sam on the 57th Episode of the Devon Dice Podcast as they talk about the present news and Kickstarters of the moment and what games they have been playing. Plus they give us their load down of their top 3 Kickstarter games that they backed, Recieve and played. Ticket to Ride: New York, Off the Rails, News Discover: Lands unknown, Meeple Circus: The Wild Animal & Aerial Show, Dune, Gloomhaven. Kickstarter Super Camelot! The 16 Bit Adventure Board Game Power Rangers:...


56. DDP Gen Can’t Be Arsed, The Gen Con 2018 Episode.

Joel, Lewis and Sam return to the mics to bring another Devon Dice Podcast, with all the hottest news from Gen Con 2018. Plus what they have been playing: Charterstone (completed, no Spoilers), Viral and Istanbul iOS. Kickstarters: Kingdom Builder Family Box Moonshiners of the Apocalypse News: Mainly from Gen Con Matagot announces Sonar Family. Dude from north star games Altiplano: the Traveler expansion Gamelyn Games Tiny Epic Mechs Plaid Hat Games: Cosmonauts, Neon Gods and the...


55. The First Devon Dice Disconnects Pub Quiz Featuring Fiona from The Game Shelf

Welcome to the first and maybe the last Disconnects Quiz on the Devon Dice Podcast. Hosted by Dr. Lewis Jones @The_BreweryTour Contestants are Sam "The Man" Freeman @spoonofmilk the Godfather of Devon Dice Joel Wright @DevonDiceUK And Special Guest Fiona (The Game Shelf) Plus the Guys do have a little chat with Fiona about life and board gaming. Find the twitter @DevonDiceUK Find us on @DepressedMonk3y @spoonofmilk @The_BreweryTour Find our Facebook page Our web page...


54. Does Size Matter? Devon Dice Podcast.

Joel and Lewis, turn on the mics and record you another episode of the Devon dice podcast. They are brimming with lots of stuff to talk about, mostly board games and oversize plastic models. Guess whos back ?!? Jim's stolen games ttps:// Joel Played; Jurassic Snack Lewis Played; Welcome to... NEWS: Next Move Games announces Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra! Trool Park from Ankama An expansion is in the works for Heaven & Ale, The...


53. DDP Little to Nothing, Meeples Corner Top 10’s of the UKGE.

Joel and Lewis return for the first podcast of July and it's hot! The weather, I mean, The weather is hot. But, This Podcast is excellent to listen to in the sunshine. They go through Meeples' Corner's Top 10 sale of the UKGE the also talk about Pyramid of Pengqueen, Through the Desert, Doodle Rush News: Istanbul released on iOS and Android Pearl Games is releasing sun moon Colt Express: Bandits new Expansion Spring Meadow Kickstarter: Raccoon Tycoon Solomon kane Find the twitter...


52. The Travel Edition, Our Top 3 Games to Take on Holiday

Joel and Lewis bring you another episode of the Devon Dice Podcast and start off talking about playing the Spiel Des Jahres games and Kenner des Jahres Games and give their thoughts on who will win. The Mind Luxor Azul Ganz schön clever Heaven and Ale Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg Plus there is news and Kickstarters Neta-Tanka Witless Wizards Solar City: a solarpunk game And then they bring a new item to the Podcast their top 3 games to take on holiday. Find the twitter...


51 DDP Live From The UK Games Expo 2018

The Guys from the Devon Dice Podcast, took an hour out of their valuable time at the UKGE, to talk about all the games have played, what they have seen and what they have got up to. Hold On: The troubled life of Billy Kerr Jetpack Joyride High Society Luxor Chronicles of Crime Kitchen Rush The Dark Room ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Find the twitter @DevonDiceUK Find us on @DippyDolittle @DepressedMonk3y @spoonofmilk ...