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Dom talks about different things that interest him from music, wrestling, martial arts, podcasting, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, anything that comes to mind.

Dom talks about different things that interest him from music, wrestling, martial arts, podcasting, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, anything that comes to mind.
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Bangkok, Thailand


Dom talks about different things that interest him from music, wrestling, martial arts, podcasting, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, anything that comes to mind.






Lance Parker of Sukhumvit Spitfires – DD49

The goaltender for the Sukhumvit Spitfires, Lance Parker joins Dom on the show for this one. Lance talks about growing up in Canada, just across the lake from Minnesota, his experience with a traveling musical troupe, his time living in Calgary, Canada, and working for the Calgary Flames organization, studying martial arts, the time he got to try out for the NHL, coming to Thailand, and playing hockey in Thailand. Lance was such a funny character, that this is a must watch. Check him out!


Addiction – DD48

Dom talks about something that he feels is close to home to him. He decided to talk about addiction. The reason he decided to talk about addiction in this episode is because he made a post on Facebook about addiction, and a person he know/knew was rude to him about that post, so Dom felt he needed to defend himself, so he did. Because of this post, Dom decided to do a short podcast about addiction. The only thing that Dom has really been addicted to would be cigarettes, but when he decided...


Michael White of Hooters Nana – DD47

In this episode, Dom had Michael White of Hooters Nana on the show. Hooters Nana currently have 9 points in the SHL which puts them in 4th place in the league. Michael has 4 goals and 2 assists, giving him 6 points. When we sat down, we talked about where he comes from in Canada, and his journey through different countries to Thailand, and what was involved in his life through that time. We also talked about how he got his start in hockey in Thailand, and the people that he has seen while...


John Schachnovsky of the Sport Corner – Titanium – DD46

Dom has John "Silky Mitts" Schachnovsky for Sport Corner - Titanium on the show this week. They talk about where John's from, and his journey through the world and eventually ending up here in Bangkok, Thailand. They also talk about his time in the Thai World Hockey League (TWHL) all the way through to it's demise, and what prompted him and the other members of the Siam Hockey League (SHL) committee to start of the SHL, and his time in the Bangkok Ice Hockey League (BIHL). Lastly, they...


2016 Year In Review – DD45

Dom started off the show remembering the people we lost in 2016. Next, Dom talked about the resolutions that he made in 2016, and how well he did in following through with those resolutions. After that, Dom talked about his episodes throughout the year, and some of how he felt about those episodes. Lastly, Dom set a few resolutions for 2017.


Christmas Discussion – DD44

Dom sits down with Tracy again, and this time they talk about Dom's favorite time of the year. They talk about what Christmas was like in the U.K. and in the U.S.A., about what Christmas was like for them growing up, the foods that they had at Christmastime when they were growing up, what some of their favorite Christmas songs are, their favorite Christmas movies, or for Tracy, what movies were on TV in the U.K. when she was growing up. They also talked about what it was like having their...


Christian Olofsson of the Aware – DD43

Dom sits down with Christian Olofsson of the SHL team, Aware, and the SHL Secretary. They talk about some of the sports Christian played while growing up, what countries he has lived in, and playing hockey in Thailand. They also talked about the forming of the Siam Hockey League (SHL), his role in the executive committee, as the secretary, the plans for the future of the SHL, and finally about him playing for the Aware.


Thai Snacks – DD42

Dom has a special guest in this episode. He finally convinced Tracy to join him on the show. For this episode, they decided to try some Thai snacks. They each chose three (3) snacks a piece, or at least, Dom chose three (3) snacks, and Tracy chose two (2) snacks and a drink. Tracy chose: 1. Butter Bread with sugar. (Yes, you can actually buy this at the store, lol) 2. Fish flavored taro strips. 3. M150 energy drink. Dom chose: 1. Milk tabs 2. Salted plumbs 3 Shredded pork donut Also, they...


D. J. Sherman of the Titanium – Sport Corner – DD41

Dom talks with D. J. Sherman of the SHL hockey team Titanium - Sport Corner about hockey, life, hockey life, hockey love and hockey gear. He also talks with the captains of the SHL hockey teams Aware, Titanium - Sport Corner, Aware, Spitfires and Hooters, and the Players of the games (PoG).

SHL 2016 Draft & Inaugural Meeting – DD40

The SHL is getting ready to kick off. On November 13th, they had their 2016 Draft and Inaugural Meeting, at The Sports Corner, to get all the players and coaches up to date with what's going on, such as; when the games are, who is on each team, who the sponsors are, what they want from the league, and to also let them know that Dom is the official podcaster of the SHL, and they may be interviewed before or after the games and possibly be on podcasts if they like.


Amazing Adventures – DD39

Dom and Tracy had a visitor from America, their friend Eric. The three of them went to Khao Yai National Park and they went whale watching in the Gulf of Thailand. Dom finishes off by talking about what's going on with the Siam Hockey League (SHL).


The Pledge of Allegiance – DD38

Dom grew up having to say the Pledge of Allegiance every day when he was in school. He remembers in the 90s some of the debates that went on about the Pledge of Allegiance and how it was taken out of school and the uproar that was caused by it. In this episode, Dom explores his feeling about the Pledge of Allegiance and how he feels about students being forced to say it in school.


That Aged Well, NOT! – DD37

Dom is known for having a pretty good memory. Sometimes, he remembers things not being as good as they really are. Other times, he remembers things better than they really are. In this episode, Dom talks about some things that he remembered being really good, and then, up taking another look or listen to them, they weren't nearly as good as he remembered them being.


Grammarman & Superheroes – DD36

Dom has another guest on the show. This time, his guest is Brian Boyd, the author and creator of Grammarman. They talk about how Brian came up with the idea of Grammarman and creating him, and what he had to do to get him into a local paper. He also talks about where Grammarman comes from and what he does.

Exciting Times – DD35

Dom talks about the things that are going on in his life and the world that he things are exciting right now.

Angry News – DD34

Dom goes on a bit of rant in this episode. He talks about one of the things that really drive him crazy, and why it drives him crazy. He also gives a plan of how it can be fixed.

Importance of the Values of Life – DD33

Sophia is back, and this time around, she is interviewing Dom about the importance of the values of life for him.

Piano Sunday with Sophia – DD32

One of Dom's friends joins him on the show the today. He first met her when they both worked at a language school together, though they don't talk much about that in this episode. Her name is Sophia, and she is on the show to talk about her singing and her music.

Bangkok Ice Hockey League – DD31

Bangkok has their own ice hockey league called Bangkok Ice Hockey League (BIHL). The league consists of two (2) conferences, the Red Conference and the Blue Conference. The Red Conference has six (6) teams and the Blue Conference has five (5) teams. Recently, Dom and Tracy had a chance to go watch two (2) games, which are held at Central Grand Rama 9 in the ice rink that they have there. In this episode, Dom talks going see the games, and how much fun he had.

Point Break 1991 vs. 2015 – DD30

In the early 90s, one of Dom's favorite movies was Point Break with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves. He hasn't watched it as many times as he's watched say The Breakfast Club or The Princess Bride, but he has seen it quite a few times. In 2015, they released a new version of Point Break, and Dom was really excited to see this movie. He wanted to know if it was going to be a whole new story, or a spinoff or what. In this episode, Dom compares the two movies. Have a listen to see what he...