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Ep14. Faith In Pizza - Bridget Callaghan

Pizza is known for feeding the grateful stomachs of hungry souls, but how do faith and food mix? In an individualistic, consumer culture - does it make any difference what motivates the staff and owners of the restaurants we frequent, beyond a passion for good food? And if employers will only take young people when they're job ready, how do people get employed if they are never going to be job ready? I’m delighted to be joined by Bridget Callaghan who is building a pizza empire with a...


Ep13. Faith In Journalism - Lucy Denyer

Journalists have an important role in interpreting and articulating culture; telling stories; and shaping our understanding of the world we live in. How does faith fit in an industry that is famously secular? Where should forgiveness and mercy feature in the journalistic scrutiny of those in public life? And as we see news outlets chase stories that provoke outrage or emotion, will Good News only ever be found in the Gospel rather than in the Broadsheets? With me to discuss faith in...


Episode 12 - Faith in the Lords (Baroness Sal Brinton)

Politics seems at once full of mission, sometimes even carrying the promise of social salvation - and yet it is also perhaps prone to a cynicism that is almost the opposite of faith. How does personal faith influence the way that politicians do their work? Should politicians ‘do God’? Is faith even compatible with liberalism? And why are there still Bishops in the House of Lords? To discuss faith in politics I’m delighted to be in conversation with Baroness Sal Brinton, who is President of...


Episode 11 - Faith In Retirement (Sir William Fittall)

When retirement comes, how will it feel? Will it be a deprivation or a relief? What happens to our faith in retirement? Does being closer to death mean closer to God? To explore this I’m delighted to welcome Sir William Fittall - who is retired!


Episode 10 - Faith in Business (James Perry)

What difference does faith make in business? With me to explore faith in business is James Perry, co-founder of the ready meal company COOK, and also the director of B-Lab UK, which is a support organisation for B corporations.


Episode 9 - Faith in the Military (Luke Hoare)

Everyone wants God on their side in battle, but there's always been an uneasy relationship between earthly force and divine direction. With me to explore the role of faith in the military is Major Luke Hoare.


Episode 8 - Faith in the Family (Krish Kandiah)

The family is a haven in a heartless world, but do the faithful have a distinct vision of how to create that refuge? With me to discuss this is Krish Kandiah, founder and director of Home for Good.


Episode 7 - Faith in science (Helen Johnson)

Science is intrinsic to the way we understand the mechanics of the modern world but it has often been seen as in tension with faith, even though some of our greatest scientists have also had a personal faith. With me to explore faith in science is Helen Johnson, a research fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Episode 6 - Faith in conflict (Stephen Ruttle QC)

Blessed are the peacemakers, said Jesus, but have the faithful got anything distinctive to add to the laudable efforts of all the secular diplomats and negotiators that are trying to achieve settlements between people in conflict with one another? With me to discuss this is Stephen Ruttle QC, a barrister at Brick Court Chambers in London, and one of the top 10 commercial mediators in the world according to Who’s Who Legal.


Episode 5 - Faith in finance (Bobby St.John)

Faith and finance have never been easy bedfellows ever since Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple, yet Christians are at work in the city as much as in the hospital wards and the food banks. However, amid the newspaper headlines of bankers rigging interest rates, dodging tax, and receiving enormous bonuses, it might be hard to see the hand of God at work. With me to explore the role of faith in finance is Bobby St. John, a banker with over 30 years of experience. He now works as...


Episode 4 - Faith in film (Cate Wheatley)

Film has always been closely connected with the portrayal of religion, and yet is the only art form not to originate from within the church. With me to discuss faith in film is Cate Wheatley, a senior lecturer in film studies at King’s College, London.


Episode 3 - Faith in technology (Ben Welby)

Digital Technology surrounds us, and infuses many of our daily lives as consumers, creators and citizens. But is it a force for connection, or alienation? Will technology enable communities of faith to come closer together, or just separate us from our physical neighbours? To discuss this I’ve come face to face with Ben Welby, who is a product manager in the Government Digital Service.


Episode 2 - Faith amid poverty (Sarah Chapman)

Faith is often seen as a personal comfort, and private relationship with God. But the Church today is deeply involved in practical actions to alleviate poverty and advocate for the powerless. For example, food banks, which were used by around a million people last year, mostly have a Christian foundation, Christian management, and work in partnership with local churches. It is a pleasure to be joined by Sarah Chapman, the founder of the Wandsworth Foodbank in London, and author of the recent...


Episode 1 - Faith in society (Jon Yates)

Faith is often thought to epitomise divisions within society. But a recent report challenges that idea with research which suggests that the church is actually the best place for social mixing between people of different age, class, ethnicity, income, and politics. I’m delighted to welcome Jon Yates, who is the co-founder of the Challenge. The Challenge is the UK’s leading charity for building a more integrated society. We’ve come to talk about the part that faith might play in bringing...