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Ep13. Faith In Journalism - Lucy Denyer

Journalists have an important role in interpreting and articulating culture; telling stories; and shaping our understanding of the world we live in. How does faith fit in an industry that is famously secular? Where should forgiveness and mercy feature in the journalistic scrutiny of those in public life? And as we see news outlets chase stories that provoke outrage or emotion, will Good News only ever be found in the Gospel rather than in the Broadsheets? With me to discuss faith in...


Episode 12 - Faith in the Lords (Baroness Sal Brinton)

Politics seems at once full of mission, sometimes even carrying the promise of social salvation - and yet it is also perhaps prone to a cynicism that is almost the opposite of faith. How does personal faith influence the way that politicians do their work? Should politicians ‘do God’? Is faith even compatible with liberalism? And why are there still Bishops in the House of Lords? To discuss faith in politics I’m delighted to be in conversation with Baroness Sal Brinton, who is President of...