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New-ish Rules

Dust off your cat ears and listen to Madison and Juliana reflect on their Halloween weekend filled with wigs and self-tanner. They discuss their loosely followed dating deal-breakers, which they compiled into a list at a pregame by themselves. Spoiler: if you want to be their lover… you actually have a lot of rules to follow. Staying on theme, the girls tell a spooky story about zombies aka why that guy always comes back. Follow the girls on the 'gram @fallinginluck Call The Luck Line...


C'est La Vie Baby

They’re back & still faking it. Juliana tells a romantic story about true love as Madison changes her title to the Queen of Wine. They discuss LDRs and wonder if distance actually makes the heart grow fonder. Later, they dial into The Luck Line and answer calls from listeners - Should your date come with an EX-File? And how to recognize the signs of S.T.Stupidity. In true cuffing season spirit, the girls make the perfect argument for why a John Mayer adjacent man is the ideal cuffing...


Kiss & Tell

Usually not ones to kiss and tell... Madison and Juliana ignore the rules and sit down on a hungover Saturday morning. Always on a journalistic pursuit, they answer dating questions sent in from listeners. The girls tackle hooking up with a friend's sibling, PDA, and the dangerous territory of getting back with an ex. They continue to share their "expertise" to their male listeners (hint - stop wearing vests in July) and as always - they fake it 'til they make it. Follow the girls on...



Welcome to the Semi-Pro league of NYC dating. It's the blind leading the blind as Madison and Juliana sit down and answer relationship questions from listeners. Juliana rates European men, and Madison wonders if 22 is too early for botox. The girls later play a round of the first date Would You Rather. They go on to discuss DTR-ing, keeping gifts from exes and how to win a breakup. Follow the girls on the 'gram @fallinginluck


Mr. Funny & Stylish

Madison and Juliana are back and living their best lives in the City. They sit down with their friend Frank B aka Funny & Stylish to discuss all things NYC, Pride, Dating and Self Love. Frank goes on to profess his undying for Channing Tatum (multiple times), and one of the girls spills about the time she threw up in a SoulCycle class. Later, they discuss their full-on Devil Wears Prada moments as fashion interns and Frank explains the importance of a good old neighborhood drag...


Faking It

In this episode, Madison finds herself alone with only her stream of consciousness to keep her company while Juliana jet sets off to Spain. Madison sits down and defends herself against Meghan Markle's fan club and explains the importance of proper crazy eye identification. She later plays detective after finding out about NYC's fakest socialite and sends prayers to one of the Olsen twins. Drinking game: Take a sip every time Madison says the word "Crazy". Follow the girls on the 'gram...


Too Blessed to Be Stressed

After a crazy weekend apart, the girls sit down together. Madison explains how to not so effectively survive 48 hours in the Midwest, and Juliana dishes on her weekend full of drunk-dialing. The girls also discuss how they cope living in the busiest city in the world and their go-to stress cures. They tackle how to handle crossroads (not the Britney Spears kind), Fun-employment and even give a (horrible) economics lesson. Follow the girls on the 'gram @fallinginluck


International Party Girls Anonymous

Madison and Juliana sit down with their best friend and fellow International Party Girl, Reagan, for a full-on first class discussion about all things travel. The girls delve into long distance dating, being young, hot and adventuring alone, to their craziest experiences abroad...Eat Pray Love style. They go on to talk about the dreamy destinations and dreamy foreign men that have helped form International Party Girls Anonymous. They later bring it back stateside for the ever-present...


Are We Thriving?

The girls are back and just barely surviving the end of Cuffing season. Juliana demonstrates her best hand-related pickup lines and Madison discusses the trifecta of NYC nightlife. They later take over each other’s dating apps and run into a not-so-tall surprise...which makes them wonder if, in the rollercoaster world of NYC dating do you have to be this tall to ride? Follow the girls on the 'gram @fallinginluck


The Frat Boy Whisperer

The girls reflect on Juliana’s birthday and the time they met Juan Pablo and his satchel. They’re later joined by friend and resident Frat Boy Whisperer to get the low down on why you’re really being ghosted, and how to spot if you’re not the only one on a guy’s roster. Madison and Juliana do their best investigative journalism and host a few Frat Boy Facetimes to get you the answers you deserve. Follow the girls on the ‘gram @fallinginluck


Instagram vs. Reality

Madison and Juliana sit down and discuss their personal issues with DMs, the dangers of Instagram Thirst Traps and the art of Cyber Stalking. Falling in Luck is a podcast about two twenty-somethings faking it 'til they make it in New York. Hosted by best friends and "fakers" Madison Moore and Juliana Caligaris. Follow the girls on Instagram @fallinginluck


Still Drunk from Last Night

Falling in Luck is a podcast by two twenty-something friends Madison and Juliana. In our first episode, we discuss dating in the City, being catfished, and why fake lips are so 2017 Follow the girls on Instagram @fallinginluck