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Exploring the weird and wonderful world of fandoms! Every week, we deliver just-over-an-hour of fandom-related "fanalysis" complete with hard data, guests, and, of course, rampant speculation!

Exploring the weird and wonderful world of fandoms! Every week, we deliver just-over-an-hour of fandom-related "fanalysis" complete with hard data, guests, and, of course, rampant speculation!
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Exploring the weird and wonderful world of fandoms! Every week, we deliver just-over-an-hour of fandom-related "fanalysis" complete with hard data, guests, and, of course, rampant speculation!






Pro Wrestling - It's All "Fake"

Why do people care so much about whether or not wrestling is fake? And what is it about pro wrestling that reels fans in? All this and more on this week's episode with our own resident expert, G!


Earthbound - Definitely Not A Cult!

How does such a small franchise maintain a strong fanbase almost thirty* years later? And just what is it about fuzzy pickles and odometers that reel people into the games in the first place?


The Simpsons - Worst Episode Ever

The Nicks dive deep into personal nostalgia (that's good), the divide between fans (that's bad), the different shows that the Simpsons has been (that's good), and more for this long running (that's bad) media franchise! Can I go now?


Alien - Far Away From LV426

How does the Alien cinematic universe fit together (and do fans care... about Predator)? How important is Ripley to the series? Is feminism an important part of the series? All this and more as Jaime of Perfect Organism, an Alien Podcast, helps us to better understand the fandom around the Alien films!


Pinball - Tilting Into The Fandom

Does Pinball really go back to the 1700s? Why the resurgence recently? And is it more about playing, collecting, or building? We've got special guest, Jessica, from the Pinball Podcast to help us out!


The Vampire Chronicles - Petty AF

What happens when you take strong subtext, immortal beings, and over forty years of writing? It's not fanfic, but it is a fascinating history of the Vampire Chronicles fandom!


One Piece - Friendship, Adventure, and... Piracy?

How has this show been going since 1997? And where are the young fans? Why the difference in popularity in the West? All this and more with special guest, Greg Werner (One Piece Podcast)!


Halo - Hail to the Chief!

Why is the 2nd most common pairing OC / OC? And who came before the forerunners? We've got lore, war, and lots more in store as we talk the fans and fandom of Halo with Krysta of Halo: Podcast Evolved!


Team ICO - The "Games As Art" Episode

Aesthetic. Atmosphere. Minimal Storytelling. We're talking about the experiential aspects and fandom around the Team ICO games (ICO, Shadow of the Collosus, and the Last Guardian) with special guest, Nick Suttner!


Shrek - Kickin' It Into Ogredrive

We wade into the swamp that is Shrek fandom to find out what it's like (with special guest and the Onion writer, Alicia Kraft). Is Shrek love? Is Shrek life? Is there a single shred of sincerety in this fandom or is it all just memes? We're going to go ogre ever nook and cranny to find out! "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen..."


Minisode: Subs or Dubs?

Long ago in a distant land, we, the Nickscast, reminisced about the changing landscape of anime fandom from time immemorial to the present, and, in particular, the rivalry of subtitled and dubbed anime... and why it was never about either format. We're back with new content and a new season starting next week! All this in 20 minutes or less!


Minisode: What is the difference between an Anime fan and an Otaku?

When you've got nothing else to argue about, why not be pedantic on the internet? For once, T and Z are not arguing against each other but instead, trying to dig into the etymological and psychological distinction between Anime fan and Otaku. G avoids bringing up Japanimation... crap. We're taking a short break between seasons, but the content still keeps coming! All this in 15 minutes or less! Sources Opening music, "Diggin' til the Very End" by Dj CUTMAN used under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Ending...


Sonic The Hedgehog - Suckin' On Chili Dogs

What kind of obscure lore will we unearth about Sonic "the" Hedgehog (Or is it Sonic "Maurice" Hedgehog)? Only time will tell, unless you're too slow! Fortunately, we have special guest Matt (AKA SonicMTD) to help us out! And that wraps up Season 8! Join us in a few short weeks as we return with the beginning of Season 9! What changes will occur? How rad will our beards be? Do people say rad anymore? In any case, the episodes will keep on coming, they just won't be live until we're back. So...


Interview: Sailor Moon Fans with Jason (Tuxedo Unmasked)

What if you had one chance, one shot to talk with a super-fan about Sailor Moon fandom and how it lead to moving across the globe from to Japan? Well, you'd be in the position Nick T is in as he chats with Jason, author of Tuxedo Unmasked to get a better understanding of what Sailor Moon fandom is like, and what life as a fan is like in Japan! Where can I learn more about Jason and Tuxedo Unmasked? I’ve been a fan of Sailor Moon since the late 1990s (1997, to be exact) and have been...


Bob's Burgers - Sexy Dance Fighting

Could it be that Bob's family is... DEAD?! Probably not, but fan theories are just part of chronicling an obsession as we talk with Bob's Burgers experts Jen and Briddany about fans of, well, Bob's Burgers! Next week, a blue streak speed by... what fandom could we be talking about to wrap-up the season? Where can I learn more about Pod's Burgers? If you want to know more about Jen and Briddany's "podcast chronicling an obsession", you're in luck! Pod's Burgers on iTunes Pod's Burgers on...


Yu Yu Hakusho - Knife Edge Death-Match

This would have been a podcast about a great delinquent kid who grows up with friendship and fighting and the underworld... except we died? We have special guests, The YuYu Hakushow joining us this week to talk about the fans, fandom, and the 90s attitude of, well, Yu Yu Hakusho! Next week will be Un-brie-lievable as we talk about fans of Bob's Burgers (with the hosts of Pod's Burgers, Jen and Briddany)! Where can I learn more about Joe and Patrick? If you want to here more from Joe and...


Chrono Trigger - Avocado Toast at the Millennial Fair

Will fans of this classic SNES gem be lost to Lavos, or will they endure, like Gaspar at the end of time? Where does Chrono Cross figure into the whole situation? Fortunately, we know someone who wrote the book (well, a book) on the subject: we're talking with Michael P. Williams, author of Chrono Trigger, about fans of... well, Chrono Trigger! Next week, it'll be the (smile) bomb, as we talk about fans, of a certain popular shonen 'sho' from the 90s! Where can I learn more about Michael P....


Yuri on Ice - Born to Make History

Can you hear, our heart beat? No? Well, turn up the volume to hear us (and special guest, Nikola, of YOI Wednesdays) talk about fans of Yuri!! on ICE! Next week, we'll be talking with a guy who literally wrote the book (well, a book) on Chrono Trigger, Michael P. Williams, to talk about fans of Chrono Trigger! Where can I learn more about YOI Wednesdays? Would you like to learn more about Nikola and YOI Wednesdays? You're in luck! Nikola's Twitter: @notgneissatall YOI Wednesday Twitter:...


Speculative Fiction - Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures

You find yourself in the not so distant future; it's a place just a bit different, but in ways you hadn't imagined, and its where you will spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE. ... Alright, we're not all speculative fiction writers, but we do have a special guest, Jen Frankel, to join us to talk about the fandom around it! Next week, we were born to make history... and talk about fans of Yuri!!! on ICE (with special guest, Nikola, of YOI Wednesdays). Where can I learn more about Jen Frankel? If you...


Interview: Chrono Trigger Fans with Greg Werner (One Piece Podcast)

How exactly does one find themselves sitting on a toilet in Japan, looking back on a life of Sailor Moon, Akira Toriyama, and Chrono Trigger? We have quite the story to tell as Nick G and Greg talk about growing up as a fan of Chrono Trigger, its influence on Greg's life, and a little bit about Dragonball, Final Fantasy, and Akira Toriyama along the way! Where can I learn more about Greg Werner? If you want to learn more about Greg Werner and his work, you can check out: YouTube:...