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Exploring the weird and wonderful world of fandoms! Every week, we deliver just-over-an-hour of fandom-related "fanalysis" complete with hard data, guests, and, of course, rampant speculation!

Exploring the weird and wonderful world of fandoms! Every week, we deliver just-over-an-hour of fandom-related "fanalysis" complete with hard data, guests, and, of course, rampant speculation!
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Exploring the weird and wonderful world of fandoms! Every week, we deliver just-over-an-hour of fandom-related "fanalysis" complete with hard data, guests, and, of course, rampant speculation!






Speculative Fiction - Dinosaur Billionaire Adventures

You find yourself in the not so distant future; it's a place just a bit different, but in ways you hadn't imagined, and its where you will spend the REST OF YOUR LIFE. ... Alright, we're not all speculative fiction writers, but we do have a special guest, Jen Frankel, to join us to talk about the fandom around it! Next week, we were born to make history... and talk about fans of Yuri!!! on ICE (with special guest, Nikola, of YOI Wednesdays). Where can I learn more about Jen Frankel? If you...


Interview: Chrono Trigger Fans with Greg Warner (One Piece Podcast)

How exactly does one find themselves sitting on a toilet in Japan, looking back on a life of Sailor Moon, Akira Toriyama, and Chrono Trigger? We have quite the story to tell as Nick G and Greg talk about growing up as a fan of Chrono Trigger, its influence on Greg's life, and a little bit about Dragonball, Final Fantasy, and Akira Toriyama along the way! Where can I learn more about Greg Warner? If you want to learn more about Greg Warner and his work, you can check out: YouTube:...


Scott Pilgrim - A 'Trash Dillweed'

We got a stereo, you just got to turn the knob and baby we'll go as far as we can... but we're not garbage men. This week, we have special guest, Matthew Tyler Di Leo (aka SonicMTD) to help talk us through the fandom of Scott Pilgrim... fans. Next week, we have Jen Frankel, author of the Undead Redhead series to chat with us about fans of speculative fiction! Where can I learn more about Matt? If you'd like to hear more from Matt or check out his work, you're in luck! City in Wires, his...


Gunpla - A Perfect Grade Podcast

Take part A1-2 and add part D3-5, then turn the middle part top-wise?? This week, we're talking about the world of Gundam plastic models, AKA Gunpla, with special guest, Lauren Orsini—The Otaku Journalist and author of Gunpla 101! Next week: Are you hearing voices? Animal noises? The creme-de-la-creme? The feminine abyss? I'm not sure what any of that means, but we'll be hear to talk Scott Pilgrim with a special guest! Where can I learn more about Lauren Orsini? If you want to learn more...


Interview: Sailor Moon Fans with Bobbie Lee Crow (iconiQ The Soundtrack Orchestra)

How does a TV show from Japan influence the lives of the folks watching them? It might just lead you to starting a symphony! Nick T has the opportunity to talk with Bobbie Lee Crow III, the artistic director of iconiQ and the conductor of SeraSymphony and his experiences growing up as a fan of Sailor Moon and how that fused with his love of music. You can also find out how Sailor Moon helped him get into college! Where can I learn more about Bobbie Lee Crow III? Conductor, composer, and...


Galaga - The Long Quarter

This week, we're teaming up to get a high score with Michael Kimball as we blast into the world of... Galaga?! What is it about the classic arcade game that has held its allure for more than thirty years? And where is the fandom heading?


Light Novels - Reborn as Podcasters, Now We Interview Really Cool Guests!

Oh no! We've been transported to another world where podcasters fight in some sort of Battle Royale (and also Z has been turned into a washing machine)?! This week, we're talking about the fascinating fandom that is Light Novel fans, with special guest, Justus R. Stone!


Yuri - Parting the Gauze Curtain

What has a history over a hundred years-old, goes beyond genre, and gets its name from the Japanese word for 'lily'? If you guessed yuri, you and our guest would be in good company! This week, we had special guest Erica Friedman to help us wrap up the season and educate us on the fascinating world of yuri... for the revolution of the world?! Next week, it's season eight; what changes will we have in store?! One thing that won't change is that we'll have a new episode, this time with Justus R...


Minisode: Do we still need genres?

Is this action, adventure, or... romance? Whatever genre this is, its definitely a podcast, and T and Z are at each others throats defending some very (unimportant) opinions about what genres are and if they're still needed (they are not). All this in 30 minutes or less! Sources - Opening music, "Diggin' til the Very End" by Dj CUTMAN used under CC BY-NC-SA - Ending music, "Bounty Hunter" by Dj CUTMAN used under CC BY-NC-SA


Disney Theme Parks - #PurpleWall

It turns out... we had a lot to say about Disney theme parks, so enjoy part two (I guess it isn't such a small world after all)!


Disney Theme Parks - Wonderland Wonderpanned

This week, special guest Tyler "Spooky" Mann joins us a special guest friend to dig into the surprisingly large and obviously magical world of Disney... theme parks! How many hidden Mickeys can you find?


Pretty Heroes - NOT a Magical Girl Episode

This week, we take a bit more of a convention-al bent, to talk about the wider world of women heroes in media with special guest, Emily Gonsalves (con chair of the [Pretty Heroes convention]( We talk about representation of women in comics, tv, anime and manga and a LOT more.


Interview: Reboot Fans with Andy Spiteri (Zelda Dungeon)

At the outset of this season, we narrowly missed the chance to have Andy on the show to talk about fans of ReBoot (as he suggested the topic in the first place!) but now, all is right with the world as G and Z dig a bit deeper into ReBoot fandom with him!


Boys' Love - Boys Keep Swinging

This week, we need an expert to get to the bottom of the difference between yaoi and shonen-ai, for starters, as we dive into the world of Boys' Love fans (just in time for Anime North)!


Minisode: Has Fandom Gone Too Mainstream?

If elected, T will ensure that all fans, no matter what they believe, will be able to walk around with Dakimakura in public, without being ridiculed. If Z is elected, only the true fans will be allowed to follow their manifest destiny in the world of fandom. G eats a sandwich. Pandemonium ensues? This week, we're talking about how far fandom has (or hasn't) come into the mainstream and what any of that means!


Final Fantasy - Thirteen-Year-Olds, You’re On Notice

This week, there's no need to use a Phoenix Down because we are ALIVE, and talking about the fans of the Final Fantasy series!


Nier - Lessons in Applied Nier-ology

Uh... we're talking about Nier this week, and hopefully we don't dive too far down the existentialist rabbithole. Plus, we've got special guest Sarah (aka SMZeldaRules) as our resident Nier-ologist to get us through it all. Next week, we'll dive into that long-running and epic fandom: Final Fantasy fans (with special guests, Dan and Ari)!


Minisode: Does Anyone Care About 4k?

What if you were listening to the latest episode in Dolby Surround 11.1 (that's right, this one goes to 11.1)!? Well, probably nothing, but we're sure someone out there would care. This week, we're talking about super high definition displays, and unearthing why folks care so much about 4k resolution!


Wes Anderson - Not to Scale

This week's episode will be interrupted by a number of spectacular, linear tracking shots, all filmed with a delightful sepia-esque duotone filter. Oh, and Bill Murray will be there... probably? That's right, we're talking about the works of Wes Anderson (and fans of his work)!


Chiptune - Sample Mario Brothers

This week, we're talking about the who, what, and why of Chiptunes! A few parts music theory, a few parts video games, and a lot of speculation!