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46: Throwback Tuesday

It’s a year, since the lads had their first recording on 20 May, 2018. And to celebrate, they are doing a quick flash back in time with some fan favourites. Listen now, to see if any of your faves made it to this edit. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in (mailto:hello@farfromfact.in)


45: Tesla self-maintaining cars, Royal baby Archie, Submarine Arihant

The lads marvel at the Tesla’s ability to pre-order spares and schedule maintenance for itself. But first they must address the birth of Britain’s new Royalty and the pressures that lay in store for the young man. Next, they try to make sense of the Indian Navy and their ability to wreck a $3B submarine, simply by leaving the hatch open. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in (mailto:hello@farfromfact.in)


44: Old couple with meth, Indonesia’s new capital, Impossible burger

A fascinating mix up brings $7M worth of drugs to an old Aussie couple, what they do with it the twist in the tale. The lads combine forces to speculate outcomes, before they proceed to break down the plant proteins that make up the impossible burger and try to make sense of the mock meat revolution. But first they must plunge deep and try to solve Indonesia’s new capital problem. More power to you lads. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in...


43: Avengers: Endgame, Modi-Mamata rivalry, Cat’s space funeral

Politics takes centrestage with this jest-filled episode. The lads outshine each other with political ignorance, wit and the ocassional grunt. Shortly before trying to demystify the international sensation that is Pikachu the dead cat who will be cremated in space. But first, the lads must speculate long and hard about the final instalment in the Avengers franchise. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in (mailto:hello@farfromfact.in)


42: Facial recognition phones, Stressed tigers, Notre Dame

It’s mid-summer and the lads are back with an episode that travels from China to France with a stopover in India. In tiger country to be accurate. Catch them mull over the issue of what’s getting the Big Bengal cat’s knickers in a twist. Before they mull over the problem of facial recognition phones and how easy it is to beat them, and lastly they mull the Notre Dame fire. Overall, lot of mulling. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in...


41: North Korean elections, Naakabandis in India.

The Indian elections may be the greatest spectacle right now, but the lads have their eyes trained on a far less dramatic election - The North Korean elections. Catch them as they try to unravel the mystery of this strange tradition of selecting a dictator by use of popular vote. Before they swiftly move to the pain in every Indian traveller’s neck - The naakabandi. The how, the why and most importantly, how can we make it better? + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us -...


40: Jeff Bezos’ divorce, Airbnb spy cams, Emotional support falcons

Jeff Bezos is no longer the richest man in the world - Catch the lads as they figure ways to save billionaire marriages. Having solved the domestic woes of the ultra-wealthy they proceed to solve the menace of spy cams hidden inside Airbnbs and speculate the curious case of Tajik nomads boarding a plane with falcons on their arms. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in (mailto:hello@farfromfact.in)


39: PETA against cow milk, Space washing machine, Distance learning

PETA launched an anti-cow milk campaign and got trolled on Twitter. The lads jump in and share their take on the matter. They also share their take on the newly designed Russian washing machine that helps astronauts wash their dirty linen in outer space. Plus this week, the UGC catches their attention with the new decision to stop agriculture courses for distance education. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in (mailto:hello@farfromfact.in)


38: Wanted Chinese baby, Dead bodies of Everest, Lost board papers

Looks like exam fever has got the lads as well. But first, they must address the story that has the Chinese internet trolling their Police - Mostly ‘cos they posted a baby picture on a Wanted poster - for an adult. But the lads have plenty to laugh about back home as well, as pointed out by this school teacher who lost exam papers in an auto rickshaw. Lastly, they turn their attention to Nepal, where melting glaciers have uncovered bodies of climbers who died on their Everest adventure. +...


37: PMO’s Twitter faux-pas, IIT-B Food poisoning, Hair grafts

The lads strike up some lively political banter this week, all thanks to the auto-reply from the PM’s twitter account that had the internet laughing for a few days. Then they move to more serious topics like the man who lost his life due to a shoddy hair graft and lastly, 30 IIT-B girls who had to be hospitalised after eating sweets served in the hostel mess. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in


36: PUBG, Fake deaf man, Ambani wedding

So Rajkot city has decided to ban PUBG and the lads are not taking to it kindly. Catch them break into a tiny rash with their salty quips on the ban and bans in general. They also try to make sense of an 84 year old man who played deaf for 62 years. Say what now? Before finally venturing into the wedding of the month, if not the quarter - The Akash Ambani- Shloka Mehta event that has taken Indian media by storm the last couple of days. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us -...


35: Wng. Cdr. Abhinandan, Cooking robots, 13 Ft. tall sloths

Wing Commander Abhinandan is back in the country and lads can’t resist a juicy issue to help them go off on a tangent. Next they sink their teeth into the AI robot that can cook delicious one-pot meals, before trying to solve the odd mystery of the extinct giant sloths that disappeared around 10,000 years ago. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in


Episode 34 - ICICI scam, Board exams, Museum artefacts

The ICICI Videocon scam and the lookout circular issued by CBI in the name of Chanda Kochchar takes centrestage this week. Catch the lads, as they cook up theories with their trademark ill-informed banter. Also this week, they talk Board exams, as the Nation’s youth go to war with the ultimate test of their young careers. Followed by the new-found ethical dilemma being faced by western museums that house artefacts that don’t belong to their national heritage.


Episode 33 - Missing trains, IST 2, Special listener guest

They are back from their breaks and are as fresh as daisies. Once again it’s the Indian Railway that gets the lads scratching their beards. Catch them, as they try to make sense of IRCTC punctuality and the proposed new IST 2 time zone for north-east India. Plus, shaking things up this week is a special listener guest, all the way from Australia. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in


Episode 32 - Naga sadhus, Australia’s 100-Year floods, Queen and Brexit

The lads wax philosophical as they try to make sense of the Naga Sadhus, before quickly resorting the more familiar territory of unadulterated ignorance in the form of Australia’s once in a 100 year floods. And finally, the showstopper in the form of the Britain’s evacuation plans for the Queen should the no-deal Brexit turn ugly. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in


Episode 31 - The Wisdom Jobs job aspirant scam

Episode 31 - The Wisdom Jobs job aspirant scam The lads sink their teeth hard into this one story as we try out a one-story episode for the first time. A job scam start-up from Hyderabad is their target this week. They look at it from more angles, add more speculation, and point out more flaws. Overall, you can say here is an episode with 33% Extra More. Valid till stocks last. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in


Episode 30 - Army jawan honeytraps, Nike smart shoes, IRCTC pizza vending machines

The lads can’t seem to resist the charms of an attractive IRCTC story. After all the machine does dispense pizzas for the on-the-go pizza junkie. They are back at it with full-bodied ignorance, as they scratch their beards over espionage via femme fatale, followed by a quick trip around Nike’s new shoes that lace themselves for you. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in