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70: Ayodhya verdict special

Heads-up the lads do a deep dive with this hour-long special on the historic Babri Masjid - Ram Mandir dispute. Light on jokes, big on insight here’s a handy outline of what this episode has in store for you. 1. Timeline of events 2. Consequences of the destruction of the mosque 3. Allahabad High Court’s verdict 4. Description of the land under dispute 5. Explanation of the 3 main litigants and what they want 6. Implications of having a deity (Ram Lalla) as a plaintiff 7. Breaking down the...


69: Suicide helpline, Sex emojis, Hater love

The lads succumb to listener pressure and do a sex-special for their 69th episode. Let’s keep it juvenile, why not! First off they encounter the hilarious and thankfully incident-free story of the American college that misprinted a sex hotline number instead of a suicide helpline number. Followed by Facebook’s new policy on the eggplant and peach emoji use. Lastly, the lads muscle up and take on the haters, but give it back with a little love. Hate the game not the playa, playa. Disclaimer -...


68: Underwear sales, Foreign medical degrees, Man brews beer in stomach

The lads turn business analysts this week and try to crack open the mystery of falling underwear sales in India. Next, they train their eyes on the story about returning Indian students with foreign medical degrees and what it is that makes them not work in India. And lastly, the sad but entertaining story of a man who could not stop producing beer in his gut - using nothing, but the carbs in his food. Happy Diwali! + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in...


67: Mounted police, Avoiding excess baggage, 8-Day alcohol rule

Horses are all set to come back into the Mumbai police force, and the lads are mighty curious. Catch them try to make sense of this rather peculiar decision. Next they move to the story of a young Filipina who avoids paying excess baggage simply by wearing all her clothes. And lastly they are out protect the basic rights of drinkers of all income brackets as they try to the solve the problem of adulterated alcohol in Delhi. Cheers! + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us -...


66: UN Deficit, Bigg boss ban, Male breast-causing pill

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay USD 8 Billion in punitive damages for not revealing that side effects of a certain drug may cause breasts in some men. We begin this week with corporate greed, then the lads attempt to make sense of the ban sought on Bigg boss, and lastly the United Nations budget deficit that is causing them shut down even water coolers. Shocking. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in (mailto:hello@farfromfact.in) + Follow us...


65: Actor’s stolen awards, Gandhi’s mortal remains, Saudi Arabia tourism

This week takes the lads on a speculative journey that loosely revolves around theft. What starts in Mumbai at an actor’s home ends in Bhopal at a trust that used to house Bapu’s mortal remains. This is quickly followed by the problem-solving, passive-heroism that we so love them for. This week, their calling takes them to Saudi Arabia to help the languishing Saudi Arabian tourism industry. Ahlan-wa-sahlan. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in...


64: Tetris challenge, PNB buffalo loan, Onion hoarders

The weekly quest to make sense of our world continues through juvenile analysis. The lads go deep into the Tetris challenge, and peel off layer after magical layer to arrive at the core truth of all internet behaviour. Next, they jump into the odd case of the CBI investigating a PNB officer for a Rs. 1 lakh bribe in connection with a buffalo loan. Lastly they put on their capes and go after evil onion hoarders in an attempt to save farmers and consumers alike. This is a job for Far From...


63: Ban on e-cigarettes, DGCA on Tik Tok, Fake Dawood gang member

Big news for e-cigarette fans. Let’s rephrase that, bad news for e-cigarette fans. That’s not the only ban this week though, the DGCA has banned cabin crew and pilots from making tik tok videos while at work. But first, the story of a Mumbai resident who got into a world of trouble for impersonating a Dawood Ibrahim gang member. Join the lads in yet another juvenile trip around the country. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in (mailto:hello@farfromfact.in) +...


62: Fake 81-year old, frog marriage, Pakistani investor conference. Feat. Naalayak

The lengths some people would go, to achieve their goals. In the case of a young man from Ahmedabad, it was his desperation to migrate to the US, for people in MP it was pleasing the rain Gods, and for one Pakistani Minister it was attracting foreign investment. Catch the lads as they LOL these sitting ducks and try and make some sense of the crazies. Also featured on this episode is banging indie band Naalayak, with their single Meri Kahani. Take it away. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza +...


61: Best of episode

An amazingly juvenile compilation of the best ignorance money can buy. The lads go all nostalgic and teary-eyed in this rewind down memory lane. Enjoy! Distance learning - Episode 39 Dancing at work - Episode 16 Street vendors - Episode 10 IRCTC pantry cameras - Episode 28 Lizard muffin - Episode 27 Nigerian president - Episode 24 Lost board papers - Episode 38 Ganesh Visarjan - Episode 13 + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in (mailto:hello@farfromfact.in)


60: UPSC aspirant’s wife, Outer space crime, AC coffins

A UPSC aspirant’s wife has left him because he used to ignore her. The lads bite into this juicy piece of domestic ‘news’ from Madhya Pradesh but quickly take off into outer space to unravel the peculiar case of identity theft, nothing out of the ordinary, except it was committed in space. Quick orbit around Crazyville and they are back in Palghar, Maharashtra to split hairs over the recently launched ‘AC Coffins.’ Enjoy. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in...


59: Mumbai traffic tech, Bikaner chain-snatchers, Railways’ plastic ban

The lads take you for a spin around Mumbai traffic, or more accurately, the city’s new traffic tech. Needless to say, their disdain gets the better of them, faster than they can say, “Bandra-Worli sea link.” They follow it up with the peculiar story of a chain snatcher who proceeds to eat said chain, and finish you off nice and high on the moral high ground of eco-consciousness. Courtesy, IRCTC with its carpet ban on single-use plastics starting 2nd October. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza +...


58: Kenyan delegation, School-going cows, Mumbai sabziwalas

The lads bounce back with their trademark imbecile solutions for erring bureaucrats, farmers and vegetable vendors, in an episode that spans Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai and Kenya. Catch the story of an 85-member Kenyan delegate where other Nations sent teams of upto 6 people. Followed by the bizarre story of a sabziwala washing carrots with his feet inside a drum, and lastly the 200 cows that went to school for all the wrong reasons. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us -...


57: Abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir

The lads step out of their comfort zone for this one. In this episode, they try to inform themselves and listeners alike, the many changes that are taking place in Jammu & Kashmir. With hardly any laughs, they actually clean up good, in this rather grown-up, sense-making, information load of an episode. Don't say we didn't warn you. Segments: 1) Summary of the situation and abrogation of Article 370 2) Government's reasons for doing this 3) PM's speech on the matter and BJP's strategy 4) Why...


56: Feat. Mali, IBM layoffs, Dog-marrying model

The lads get up close with indie musician Mali aka Maalavika Manoj, as they discuss her latest single Mango showers. But first they must do us the service of fixing the ageist lawsuit that IBM is staring at, because it fired 100,000 senior employees to appear ‘cool’ and ‘trendy.’ They follow this up with the ridiculous story of a human marrying a dog, but no story too ridiculous till the lads get their 2 cents on it. Mango showers video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKu7KFLRgFk Full uncut...


55: Automated driving test, IIT bull, Bali resort thieves

Indian tourists are going places, possibly even prison, if this story from Bali were to be considered. But first, the lads must consider the pros and cons of the new automated driving tests being employed in Delhi. Up to 70% of new driving license applicants failed the test, that was monitored by humans earlier. ‘But will this make our roads safer?’ is what the lads want to know. In other news, a bull ran over an intern inside the IIT Mumbai campus. #StraightFace Bali resort thieves -...


54: Faceapp, Instagram hides likes, Cocaine under wig

Technology takes centre-stage this episode. We have the lads dissecting Faceapp, the viral sensation from Russia and their privacy policy that has got the whole world and their lawyers talking. Then there’s Instagram’s new test to ‘hide’ likes, in certain markets, in an attempt to better mental health and combat the negative effects of the platform. And lastly, they lament about the poor smuggler who got caught with 1/2 a kilo of cocaine under his wig. + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write...


53: Chernobyl tourism, Kerala prison biryani, Area 51 aliens

There are two things that get the lads going, food and crime. So when the Kerala prison decides to sell biryani via Swiggy, they had to go to town with it. This episode is them salivating over prison biryani, followed by them contemplating the concept of dark tourism, thanks to the Ukrainian government’s decision to open up Chernobyl as a destination. And lastly, they try to make sense of the 400,000 American nut-jobs who want to free aliens from Area 51. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. +...


52: Union budget, Emergency train stop, Indonesian lewd caller

The lads are off to Indonesia with this interesting piece on gender inequality. But first they must address things at home, the Capital to be precise. Catch them as they employ their trademark ignorance to understand why we have a budget in the first place. Next they hop on to a Shatabdi to Mathura, only to have the chain pulled for an emergency train stop. Oh! and it’s been a year, take a bow lads! + Music credit - Simon D’Souza + Write to us - hello@farfromfact.in...


51: People growing horns, Birds eating cigarettes, Home-grown chat app

It’s monsoon here in Mumbai, and the lads have an episode featuring the rains for a backdrop. The internet is heart-broken, thanks to a picture of a mama bird feeding a cigarette butt to a baby bird. The lads jump to the opportunity, and give us a well-rounded view of the story. We also see them cackle about the phenomenon of young adults growing horns on the back of their heads, before they try to make sense of India’s ambition of developing a home-grown chat app, mostly for administrative...