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Alex Albisu and Jojo Maldonado come together with their friends to talk about all things video games, geek culture, and BEER! Join us to celebrate and share what we're passionate about!

Alex Albisu and Jojo Maldonado come together with their friends to talk about all things video games, geek culture, and BEER! Join us to celebrate and share what we're passionate about!
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Alex Albisu and Jojo Maldonado come together with their friends to talk about all things video games, geek culture, and BEER! Join us to celebrate and share what we're passionate about!






G30 Update!

Alex has an important update for you!


G30 59: Fairly Certain This Was A Movie Plot...

*Opening Scene* Scientist: We can't do that. Questionable/Secret Government Entity: HA! *Two weeks later* (After an observation of the whole planet on fire) Joe Blue Collar: Well... Guess we gotta find a new planet... *Rolls Up Sleeves* Yup. We'll get into that... BUT FIRST!!! Alex and JoJo bring on a beer by recommendation from Rindi! Delirium Tremens Then we talk NASA finding 7 potentially habitable exoplanets a mere 39 light years away:...


G30 Phlegm: Sharing is Caring

The Geek:30 group is sick. Now, I'm not going to point any fingers, Alex... But I'm pretty sure it wasn't Finn like you keep suggesting. Anyways: Slight hiatus (One week) It's all Alex's fault for being the carrier. (We know it was you) Please send beer! ... What do you mean "Alcohol negates the antibiotics"!? We're gonna die. Thanks, Alex. >_


G30 55: Epic Soundtrack Not Included

Alex and JoJo welcome Chris Mac back to the show! And give hime a geek quiz! (JoJo has issues stifling his emotions) Victory is ours as we enjoy the 9.5% ABV Golden Monkey: NASA working to prevent asteroids from colliding with Earth (Steven Tyler was unavailable for soundtrack licensing purposes) The Electric Car of The Future...


G30 54: Switching It Up For Han Solo

Alex did not preorder the Switch. JoJo preordered two. Just so we're clear. Alex and JoJo bring on a old and familiar face (Beer) to the show! Yuengling! We talk Farm Brew Live in West Prince William County (Virginia): Woody Harrelson confirmed for Han Solo "A Star Wars Movie": And the real details and some personal reactions to the Nintendo Switch...


G30: Live From DC Podfest 2016

Hello from the future! And welcome to 2017! It's already better than 2016! This episode was prerecorded at DCPodfest that occurred November 4-5 in Washington DC. Alex is joined by Jennifer Crawford and Alex Vidales to talk about all things podcasting. -Cheers!


G30 52: Rogues Do it From Behind

Alex and JoJo go see Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! At the end of the episode, the two go into a review that does contain spoilers! But do not worry, we do count down as a warning. But before we talk Star Wars, we drink: Maui Brewing Pineapple Mana Wheat And talk about the cast reveal in the new Duck Tales (WOO OOH!) Reboot: Then we talk about favorite holiday things and also what we believe to be the...


G30 49: Live from Tin Cannon!

Live from Tin Cannon, it’s Geek:30 Happy Hour! Join Alex and JoJo as they celebrate 2 years with Bobby, John, Aaron, Neal, and Sabrina on location at Tin Cannon Brewing Company in Gainesville, Virginia! Tin Cannon provides a number of fantastic brews and neither Alex, nor JoJo has yet to have a bad beer their. You should genuinely visit the brewery! The group talks: Emilia Clarke joins the cast of the Han Solo Movie:...


G30 47: With a Rebel Yell

We have a published author on our show! Join Alex and JoJo as they welcome Justin to their show! By recommendation, Justin has us pick up: Sam Adams: Rebel IPA We then discuss: Tesla introduces Solar Panel shingles to replace your roof: Dungeons and Dragons gets inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame:...


G30 45: JoJo Gets a Surprise

Apparently, Alex has been keeping a secret from JoJo. A secret everyone knows… Except for JoJo… Listen in as JoJo loses his collective (Bad Word) while Alex blows his mind with this new revelation. Eventually JoJo regains composure. Eventually… And the two welcome Alex’s sister, Katie, to the show to talk about: The 10 Scariest games… You know, the ones JoJo will never play… That’s what Alex and Katie are here for: Fear can be...


G30 44: Batman be Clownin'

Alex and JoJo welcome Justin back to the show! Is he Batman? Or does he just have really bad allergies? The world may never know. The trio discuss the beer Justin brought over. Du Claw’s Mad Bishop: Then they talk Nintendo unveiling The new Switch: And the most popular Geeky Halloween costumes this year:...


G30 43: The Rerecorded...

JoJo returns! Now with more T-Virus! But Alex has apprehensions about recording with a plague induced JoJo so they decide to have a week long hiatus. Come on, Alex! A lil Plague never hurt nobody! So the two finally get together, hack through an intro, record five minute of high quality content, and stop mid statement as they bare witness to Alex’s p00ter literally dying in front of them. :( After rewiring the console, reversing the polarities, and reaching 88mph, Alex and JoJo finally get...


G30 42.5: Where in the World is Jojo?

Alex is sad that Jojo is leaving him!!! Not permanently, and it's mostly jealousy he's feeling. Jojo is a world traveler for a couple of weeks, which means the guys got together to record a quick .5 episode. Listen in on the exciting adventures that are in store for Jojo as he travels through Europe with his family!


G30 42: The Meaning of Life

Alex celebrates three wonderful years of marriage with Deanna! and brings back a growler from Wolfe Street Brewing in Harrisonburg, Virginia! He is then joined by JoJo and their mutual friend, Justin to talk about: VR Dating A teen centric Doctor Who Spinoff And some high tech shoes from BMW...


G30 41: Game delays, game walls, and Game Masters

In this episode, Alex allows JoJo to elaborate certain details... He questions whether or not that would be a good idea in the future... Probably not. Anyhow, we bring Kevin into the conversation! We Love Kevin! And Kevin brought beer! We Loved Kevin BEFORE he brought beer! But also More so afterwards... Slight bias... Duvet Golden Ale: We also talk shop about: 5 Hours on the cusp of space for a mere $75,000!:...


G30 40: Cutting The Cord

Apple has cut the cord on headphones, should you? Join Alex and JoJo as they discuss moving forward without analog ear buds: They also cover Sony's Playstation Pro reveal: And everyone loves Lego! Why not build furniture out of it? @slavey on Twitter makes a...


G30 39: We take your childhood for a ride...

Hold on to your childhood... We're about to take it for a ride... Alex and JoJo mourn and celebrate the death and life (respectively) of Gene Wilder: In regards to imagination, we revisit a childhood favorite where the floor is lava, which is now a video game Hot Lava: And Adult Swim turns 15 (on the heels of us turning 1!):...



Alex broke JoJo. I repeat, Alex broke JoJo. Even before they started recording. But they did start recording! Eventually... With the help of Javy, we try Lost Rhino's Face Plant IPA: Then we discuss Russian Avengers: Jumanji won’t be a reboot: And our favorite situations from trolling people in video games Plus, a new G30...


G30 36: Suicide #squadgoals

2016: The year heroes can't get along... But bad guys can... Alex and JoJo talk Suicide Squad: Smell-O-Vision (Is it actually real?):!/introduction And we pay our tribute to Kenny Baker, most famous for his role as R2-D2: We bring The Great Divide's Yeti Imperial Stout, a beer from...


G30 35: You Have Died of Dysentery

Dysentery, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Measles, Diphtheria... These are all things Alex and JoJo ran into in the cult classic, Oregon Trail. We bring on Alex Mac, ANOTHER Alex, onto the show to discuss the recent release of a card game based on Oregon Trail. Alex was awesome enough to bring a growler of Live-Work-Play IPA from Lake Anne Brew House, a local Nano-Brewery in Reston. We then...


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