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10: Brisket & Chill

Welcome to episode 10! On this episode, we devour some lovely brisket and potato dumplings made by Forrest and Brena, whilst sipping on Blackberry Hard Cider Slushies. That's right, folks! We get tipsy on this episode! And then praise/rant about horror movies for two hours. This is a very casual, chit-chatty episode. You will quickly learn that Forrest is excellent at remembering movie plots, and that is why he is the official co-host of this podcast. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk....


9: Witches & 'wiches

We're back! And with a brand new guest: the witty, beautiful, and all around bad-ass, Belladina. This week, in honor of the 25th anniversary of Hocus Pocus, we are talking about witches. Join us as we eat turkey, bacon, and guacamole grilled cheese sandwiches, and go over the history of the Salem Witch Trials, the Bell Witch, and finally discuss the story behind the Portland Witch House. We are now on twitter [@GravelyDelish]( Check out the full recipe of...


8: Cake Pops, Ghostly Shortwave Radio & Haunted Dolls

Do you enjoy shortwave radio? How about haunted or possessed dolls? Do you fancy yourself a cake pop? If you answered 'yes,' to at least one, you are in for a treat! (Or a trick) On this week's episode, Brena and Luke talk about strange shortwave radio broadcasts like UVB-76, the Pip, and Swedish Rhapsody Number Station. And then they dive into the horrors of Robert the doll, and the infamous Annabelle. And eat cake pops. Lots and lots of cake pops. If you want full recipes, the website is...


7: Ghosts, Forest Creatures, and Carne Asada

On this episode, Brena and her guest Luke, feast on [carne asada tacos]( while sharing personal ghost stories, tales of possible forest creatures, and other spooky experiences. There is finally a website up and running, where you can find recipes, ghostly misadventures, and other things in the future. []( Thanks for listening!


6: Demons, Ghosts, and Turkey Burgers--Oh my!

On this episode, Brena and guest Teagan, enjoy [feta and spinach turkey burgers]( and for dessert--DEMONS. We talk about horrifying experiences with demons, nightmares, lucid dreaming, and some ghostly chit-chat. You _feta_ believe this episode is spooky. Thanks for listening! (And for putting up with the horrible, awful puns)