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S1E18 HOTROLL MSP Proof Of The Supernatural & Debunking Astral Projection

In this episode, I prove supernatural abilities are possible, while debunking astral projection and things like it. James Randi offered 1 million dollars to anyone who could prove the existence of the supernatural to him. No one was ever paid. He does however, have a personal experience with Astral Projection. Was he sending a clue back to himself that O-O-B-E is B-S? But, lets not throw our astral babies out with the ether! There is something out there, who's not certain of it? This show...


S1E17 HOTROLL MSP The Aftermath and Hair Metal Bands

So far, we have brought a baby into the world, written tons of new songs, changed all Mormons to non-Mormons; all just stops along the way, while we are bushwhacking a path to proof of the eternal, or the most inner constructs of the mind. These episodes are made to be the most significant 60 minutes of your day! Reflect, meditate, grow toward the warmth, the honesty, and the eternal nature of the light. Today I will demonstrate my synced intuitive lifestyle and deliver the X factor as...


S1E16 HOTROLL MSP 911 & Searching for Elizabeth Sm

Thank you for choosing this episode. We figured out how to imagine scaling up mass but what about Time? Later I say, “What does a show have to be about to get me to watch, listen to every part,” and this is it, the best I can do to date. You will cry, at least once, and laugh out loud more than any other presentation like this. None can be near the magnitude of the original, but I have to tell my - 911 Story, about my son, and my tight involvement with the Smart Family while looking for...


S1E15 HOTROLL MSP The Theory of Everything & Sex

In order for people to visit the after life, astral realm, heaven, and have useful recall like lucid dreaming or sometimes from traumatic events, to go there, the traveler needs to have a model of the physical universe and a model of light and energy, that is seamless in between. The whole thing needs to be very simple, so there is nothing complicating the journey. After some updates, it is time to deliver, a personal, theory of everything. Because religious dogma can only take us so far...


S1E14 HOTROLL MSP Jim Carrey and My Journal

Today we kick it off talking about 3 great comedians Robin Williams, Jim Carrey and Steve Martin. It is a stretch, but within the first few minutes, after getting you free art supplies and lining you up with the best teacher out there, Bob Ross, we are immersed in a discussion about nature and the narratives of truth that surround us. Can we all agree, we like to laugh? We’d all stop for an abandoned crying baby? Our moms had compassion, or at least, followed the way. And look who shows up,...


S1E13 HOTROLL MSP The Best Episode (so far)

Radio interference causes an important phone call to be intercepted on the ski slopes. It sounds to be world leaders, but you be the judge. Otherwise, since folks were wanting to get current with this show, this is an easier place to get started. Transcripts are available by request, and the program is also available on YouTube here, Pass this show along to your friends, and Bee Safe out There!


S1E12 HOTROLL MSP More about Light & less about Death

From space travel to harmonizing with the language of the eternal; but to make it out there, it is an inside job and a mass-less journey. Also, untamed primal animal instincts, forced into parenting roles, reading between the lines to see habits, scripts, and practice how to change the station. Also, trouble on Silver Queen, and more about light and grief. Please Bee Safe out There! Music written and produced by Gib Berry all rights reserved. Songs are available for sale, sync, or...


S1E6 HOTROLL MSP Addiction & Recovery

On the mountain there is a “zero accident goal,” and that goal is achieved in this episode which gives us time to talk about the traps we fall in to, but, like any great Brady episode, we have things solved by the end. Million dollar ideas, more more more about baby, eating, more friends on the team, mom and some new faces in this here slice-o-life, comedy, tragedy, social commentary on the crazy local culture. In this episode, streamed to you from the edge of reality atop the largest world...


S1E5_HOTROLL_MSP Quit the Mormons & Neils Fudge

180623 The ski mountain is the ultimate model for the ideal world. Everyone is happy, exercising, eating well, and chatting about life and things that matter. But, it is a big place, and sometimes repeat offenders who aren't getting the message of respecting others, need to be pulled over. Today we are pulling over the Mormons and asking the question, "what really if any, is the true church?" and encouraging people to know a little bit more about our super nice, beautiful neighbors, friends,...


S1E4_HOTROLL_MSP 2112 and Kidnappers

A quiet Father's Day allows for reflection and commentary about the now famous 2112 Overture by the Canadian band Rush. HOTROLL is a fictitious show. The story of how Johann L Haberling is not a nice person.


S1E3_HOTROLL MSP Breastfeeding & Formula

Mountain Safety officer 325 continues the wild, wild west ski mountain slice-of-life ride in Park City, Utah. We are talking about breastfeeding and formula before it was fashionable and our own president, Trump made a worldwide declaration about it. Also, and naturally, respecting others, dumping our brain to tape, baby updates, single parenting, genealogy, what it is like at the hospital on delivery day and, we finally pull someone over for speeding and start bringing this whole thing into...


S1E2 HOTROLL MSP Baby Announcement

If the best camera is the one you have with you, well then so too is the best audio recorder. This unique format involves a recorder, planted for a day on an interesting occupation. Today we are skiing Park City Utah, dressed all in yellow and encountering people for the POWDER day of the season. Three guests are reported injured and a frantic search ensues. This is the second hour, so it also introduces key people, the format, and some nuggets from the archives. This is all original just...


S1E1_HOTROLL MSP Daddy Daughter Day

Communication Sherpa and occasional stand-up comedian Gib Berry takes us on a tour of the mountain on this Epic powder day of the season! This is the first episode, so it introduces people, the format, and some nuggets from the archives. This is all original. No sponsors, no ads, just pure slice-of-life entertainment. Be aware this is advanced, black diamond listening, you will laugh, cry, get mad, and sometimes even nod off, but please stay tuned as this whole thing is going somewhere, it...