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Episode 9: Why I Don't F**K With My Family On The Holidays

Hi Swallowers, We've been away but we're back with a full-sized episode. The sh*t in this episode will cover Hot Topics: Cardi B cuts Offset Off; Kevin Hart is indignant and ignorant about apologies and his old tweets; D.L. Hughley calls trans actress a P*ssy, Jacquees declares himself the King of Rags and Bar Soap (or R&B); not sure what he meant; Nicki Minaj dating a registered sex offender. Need Some Head recipient: Viola Davis Topic of the Day: Why I don't f**k with my family on the...


Episode 8: They Said It Wouldn't Last... And It Didn't...

Hi Swallowers! We've been away but we're back with a full-sized episode. The sh*t in this episode will cover Hot Topics: Dwight Howard has a pest problem with a queen looking for attention, Beyonce's Texas accent has Lion King fans worried, 50 Cent still ain't (worth) sh*t, Cryrese Gibson wins Child Support battle, Ellen Pompeo has common sense. Need Some Head recipient: Snoop D-O-Double-G. Topic of the Day: They said it wouldn't last and it didn't. Y'all know those very relationships you or...


Bonus Clip: The Legends Panel

Hi Swallowers, are you ready to gag? Happy Holidays! This week’s bonus clip is The Legends Panel. We’ll be going through a list of 2000s music artist and giving their career. Are they Virgins, Stars, Statements, Legends, Icon or Pioneers? What better way to deem status than with your four Hard To Swallow queens? Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton Brandy Norwood, Monica and more.


Episode 7: Dick Almost Ruined My Life

Hi Swallowers, the sh*t in this episode will cover: Hot Topics: Gunman murders 11 in Jewish Synagogue, Chelsea Handler appears on Ellen to talk about white privilege and voting, Vogue apologizes for Kendall Jenner's fro pic on IG, Pooch Hall facing 6 years in prison for DUI involving 2yr old son, Tekashi 6in9ine sentenced to 4 years probation, 50 Cent is still petty. Need Some Head recipient: Rihanna! Topic of the Day: Dick almost ruined my life. We discuss personal times and fan submitted...


Episode 6: Social Media Etiquette

Hi Swallowers, we're back this week with the BS. (Current events 0:00 - 37:17) Azealia Banks vs Lana Del Rey, Legendary Bette Midler tweets "Women are the N-word of the world", Vic Mensa speaks on domestic violence in hiphop at BET Hiphop Awards, Tina Knowles publicly says her husband is absolutely not perfect on OWN's "Black Love", Melania Trump was given a script to say sexual assault victims need solid proof, Kanye West meets with Trump and says absolutely nothing. (Needs Some Head...


Story Time w/ Emery: I Was Possessed By a Bottom Demon

Hi Swallowers... Thank you all for listening. We have officially reached our first 1,000 plays! As a bonus this week and addition to Ep. 5 “I Was Finna Quit This Job Because...” we’re introducing “Story time w/ Emery”. Life is wild, and my mind is wilder. Have a listen, tell us what you think.


Episode 5: I Was Finna Quit This Job Because...

Hi Swallowers, we're back this week with the BS.An apology was due... (what a surprise?) We cover: Katt Wiiliams, Wanda Smith, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart and my goon Leslie Jones. Pill Cosby and his rape apologists... Inside scoop about Teyana Taylor music video shoot and allegedly not paying participants. Topic of the day: "I was finna quit this job because..." Reasons we almost left that MFin' job. Maybe you can relate? Listen now. Host: Emery Lavell J (@aint_i_emery), Marcus B...


Episode 4: We Ain't Dating Because...

Hi Swallowers, the sh*t in this episode will cover: Hot Topics (0:00:00 - 0:38:53) Aretha Franklin's Funeral/8hr Concert Review, Dark Magic spell Belcalis (Cardi) B versus the freedom fighter Nicki Minaj Tubman, the tragic passing of Mac Miller, George Zimmerman threatening Queen Beyonce and need his a** beat, India decriminalizes same-sex intercourse, and Kanye West apologizes to Drake and comments on slavery. Need some head segment: Colin Kaepernick (0:38:54 - 0:46:57). Topic of the day...


Bonus Clip: VMAs Review

Recap of the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards on August 20th. Highlights of the evening. Jennifer Lopez's performance, Nicki Minaj, Madonna's Aretha Franklin speak, Ariana Grande, Cardi B teases baby reveal, Who could and should tribute Aretha Franklin?


Episode 3: Astrological A**holes: Vol 1

Hot Topics: Aretha Franklin passing away, Omarosa phone recordings and book "Unhinged", Nicki Minaj versus the World. Need some segment: Taraji P. Henson. Topic of the day: Astrolohical Assholes, Vol 1. Is it wrong to judge someone solely based on their zodiac sign? What's the first thing that comes to mind when you meet these signs?


Episode 2: Too Much Of a Cat To Be Smitten By a Kitten

Hot Topics (0:00 - 26:03) Kim K and Tyson Beckford clapbacks, Slim Thug says Ciara's marriage is a sham, Jlo to receive Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, Chance the Rapper's bisexual brother appeared on The Breakfast Club. Need some head segment (26:03 - 35:13). Topic of the day (35:14 - 1:15:17) Too much of a cat to be smitten by a kitten. Defining gay/ally experiences that have shaped us, made us tougher, wiser or just plain READY... And times a kitten tried to play us.


Episode 1: Irresponsible "Hoetation"

Mo’Nique supports Roseanne Barr, Azealia Banks & colorism, R Kelly “I admit” furthers proves what we knew: he aint shit, Janet Jackson continues to be political, Ryan Murphy & Pose, Celebatory "need some head" segment, Irresponsible "Hoetation": what it is and examples, condoning cheating, more.