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The Beyoncé Soundtrack to Our Lives

We’re finally back and get this...we recorded in person! This week’s episode was inspired by the Netflix series Soundtrack, so we associated Beyoncé songs to pivotal moments in our lives. We had so much fun recording this episode *whispers* it’s one of our faves. Unfortunately, Ellen's sound gets wonky at times. We're working on that for the future! Hive shout out: THEE GREAT @nealfarinah on Instagram Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.


A Plea for the Formation World Tour DVD

We’re backkkk! This week, we dive straight into some highlights from Beyoncé’s Elle Magazine cover story. We also discuss the highly anticipated IVY PARK x adidas collaboration and Ellen gives a very convincing plea as to why we need the Formation World Tour DVD. Hive shout out: @yvettenoelschure on Instagram (because DUH) Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.


How Hive Are We?

We’re back with a new episode! We dish out reasons as to how hive we are inspired by a twitter thread created by @fonzfranc. Ellen also reads the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi because Beyoncé is top two but she ain’t number two. Hive shout out: @Brittany_broski on Twitter!


Pass the Coconut Oil, She’s Done it Again

Y’all know why we’re here. This week, we’re discussing Beyoncé’s ABC special “Making ‘The Gift’.” Thats it, y’all. We talk vocals, memorable moments and those adorable babies. Ellen also reads the Creative Arts Emmy Awards. When will y’all learn to just give Beyoncé her things? Hive shout out: @celebslovebey_ on Instagram Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @HereAreMyEdges


38 Years of Beyonce

It’s a celebration y’all, it’s Bey Day! We’ve released a special episode in honor of Beyoncé’s 38th birthday. Fun fact, it actually took 38 minutes to record this episode too. What do we call that? Alignment. That’s not all: we’re announcing our very first contest! Go to our social media channels to enter now. Shoutout to Kalen Allen: @TheKalenAllen on Twitter And make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @HereAreMyEdges


Word Association: Beyoncé Edition

This week, we play a tipsy version of word association! But before we got started with the game, we discussed our take on the rumored Destiny’s Child reunion and sang our praises to fellow H-Town hottie: Normani. Hive shout out: @WillTBH on Twitter and @PourLifeDecisions on Instagram. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.


Beyonce's Gifts

Beyoncé has scalped us once again, y’all. This week, we’re diving into the new album “The Lion King: The Gift.” Ellen also gives her review of “The Lion King” and we give special praise to the youngest person on the Billboard Hot 100: Blue Ivy Carter. Hive shoutout: @BeyonceOnChart Twitter and Instagram: @HereAreMyEdges


A Hot Girl Summer with Beyonce

We missed you! Listen to our latest episode as we dive into “Spirit” and all things related to “The Lion King” (and yes, we cover Beyoncé and Blue Ivy’s stunning red carpet looks), Forbes’ women in entertainment list and artists we’d love to see Bey collaborate with. We also celebrated our one year anniversary! Hive shout outs: @beycardib on Instagram and @cornyassbitch on Twitter. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @HereAreMyEdges

Reviewing Carmen: A Hip Hopera

Y’all know we had to dedicate an episode to Carmen! This week, we dive into Carmen: A Hip Hopera, which is now on Netflix. We also talk about the new merch drop, the Lion King makeup collection, and y’all acting up in Nicole Curran’s comments. Read about the Lion King Collection here: Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @HereAreMyEdges.

Things Beyoncé Haters Say

We’re bringing in this week’s episode with our very first guest and Beyoncé fan, Terica! Listen along as we dive into things we hate hearing people say about Beyoncé, reminisce on the If I Were A Boy Video, and laugh at people being mad Beyonce said "Bow Down". Follow Terica! Instagram: @abundanceof__beauty Facebook: Terica Hall Hive shout out: @destinyvocals Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges

HAME Hot Takes: Underrated Songs

This week, we're naming Beyoncé's most underrated songs from each album and we're giving them the love they deserve...and Ellen tries to revisit the Love Drought vs. All Night debate. We also feature Bey Legion as this week's Hive shout out. Hive shout out: @Bey_Legion Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.


Mayochella Gate

This week's episode is all about the Love Drought vs. All Night debate. We also discuss the re-release of Lemonade, the Sorry demo and THAT Billboard Music Awards performance. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.


The Homecoming Episode

You guessed it - we're coming in hot with a new episode. We're diving into the Homecoming special on Netflix and the Homecoming album, shout out a new standom (hey, Ivy League!) and just overall give praise because Beyoncé scalped us once again. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.

Independent Women

We’re closing out Women’s History Month with a rundown of the influential women in Beyoncé’s life. We also discuss Beyoncé showing love to the legendary Ms. Diana Ross and share updates from the highly anticipated Lion King movie. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.


Yvette, We Love You Like XO

We’re highlighting the woman who has been working for Beyoncé for decades: her publicist Yvette Noel-Schure. We also discuss the Carters’ acceptance video for the Brit Awards and a speculated collab between Bey and another fellow Houstonian. Check out the ELLE article here: Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @HereAreMyEdges


Grammy Szn

We’re talking all things Grammy’s! This episode, we discuss the highly anticipated Roc Nation brunch, EIL taking home a Grammy and Beyoncé trying to dodge a messy plebeian. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @HereAreMyEdges!


For Your Eyes Only

We decided to act as creative directors for this episode and picked songs that we’d want Beyonce to perform for our own private shows. Please disregard the notifications throughout the episode, that’s just us going back and forth with Bey’s people. LOL. We’re speaking this show into existence, y’all! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.


Motherland Teas

In this episode, we’re giving you our thoughts on Beyoncé’s performance at the Global Citizens Festival in South Africa *side eyes festival for only giving us 25 minutes of live feed*. We’re also cussing out that funky man know why. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @HereAreMyEdges.

Thanks Beyonce!

It’s Thanksgiving time, so we figured we would sit down and talk about reasons we’re grateful for Beyonce. We also talk about RoseIvyYou’s foolishness, and someone struggles to keep their Beyhive card. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.


Stay Ready So You Don't Have to Get Ready

The latest episode is all about preparing for Beyonce because we all know she doesn't care about our financial obligations or time. Whether it's a surprise album or prepping for the next tour, we're giving you the necessary tips to thrive during Bey Season. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @HereAreMyEdges.