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This is Conversations, Highsnobiety's podcast series discussing topics and trends with the people shaping today's scene.

This is Conversations, Highsnobiety's podcast series discussing topics and trends with the people shaping today's scene.
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New York City, NY


This is Conversations, Highsnobiety's podcast series discussing topics and trends with the people shaping today's scene.




The Dropcast #67: Popeye's Is the Best Restaurant in the World feat. Danny Bowien

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by certified organic style god Danny Bowien, founder of Mission Chinese. The celeb chef breaks down the similarities between running a restaurant and running a clothing brand, and even offers some solid business advice any entrepreneur can learn from. Of course, there's plenty of food talk. Danny gives a quick 15-second recipe for taking your McNuggets to the next McLevel, and then talks about why Popeye's is the best restaurant on the planet. We...


The Dropcast #66: Life's Too Short to Longboard

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by Jabari "Jacuzzi" Khaled, founder of Basketball Skateboards and under-the-radar creative who's worked with your favorite designer's favorite designers. Jacuzzi talks about putting Basketball Skateboards on hold and teases his next project, which should be even more fire. Then Noah shares a story about his first time in London and getting roasted for his Suicokes. We also discuss the most fire pieces from our Stranger Things 3 collab, which...


The Dropcast #65: Fashion People Problems

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon break in Highsnobiety's new global HQ in Berlin. And they don't do it alone! We got Berlin-based stylist Nessie and Aljoscha Kondratiew, creative director of Solebox, to visit our brand new office too. We continue to break down some of the best things we saw at Paris Fashion Week, including Jacquemus' 10-year-anniversary collection show in the south of France. Aljoscha talks about some upcoming products he's excited about and teases an unorthodox collab...


The Dropcast #64: Paris Just Hit Different

Hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas report from Paris, where designers are showing off their latest collections for Spring/Summer 2020. In lieu of a proper guest, the two hit the streets to catch thoughts (and some hands) from industry insiders about what they think the most exciting thing in menswear is right now. We spoke to Heron Preston after his latest fashion show, legendary photographer Tommy Ton, FEAR OF GOD designer Jerry Lorenzo, and some other heads to get a solid perspective of...


The Dropcast #63: Vest to Impress with DeRay Mckesson

It's pride month, and in addition to going H.A.M. on all things gender and sexuality, we launched a new podcast series called Fashioning Identity, which you should definitely check out. But before you do, you should absolutely listen to the latest Dropcast, where activist, educator, and podcaster DeRay Mckesson joins hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon to add a welcome dose of realness. Mckesson talks about his signature blue Patagonia vest—from where he bought it to why he continues to wear...


The Dropcast #62: Always $trive And Podcast

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by A$AP Twelvyy. Fresh off the release of "Pups" (https://www.highsnobiety.com/p/asap-ferg-asap-rocky-pups/), Twelvyy talks about some of his upcoming musical projects and a few of the new influences he hopes to bring to the table. We also talk about his brand, LAST YEAR BEING BROKE(N) https://www.lastyearbeingbroken.com, which just released some dope new footwear—the VERSEONE slides with interchangeable straps. Twelvyy and Noah bond over their...


The Dropcast #61: Erik Ellington & Bobby Hundreds Son Us for 45 Minutes

Skating and streetwear are sort of like two bros on different waves but with similar vibes. It’s easy to lump the two together, but that’s a disservice to the unique histories that comprise what makes each respective culture its own beast. On this episode of The Dropcast, hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by skate legend Erik Ellington—of Deathwish, Baker Boys, and nascent chill loafer label HRS—and Bobby Hundreds, co-founder of The Hundreds and author of the upcoming book This...


The Dropcast #60: Fuccbois II Fuccmen feat. Guillaume Philibert of Filling Pieces

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by Guillaume Philibert, founder of Filling Pieces. He founded his brand ten years ago when he was just 19, and since then has expanded his business from sneakers to a full apparel line. Guillaume rolled up to the studio smelling like a straight vacation, and it’s because he was on the island of Mustique celebrating KITH’s latest collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger alongside Ronnie Fieg and a crew of certified clout-havers. We talk to Guillaume...


The Dropcast #59: Finessing Our Way Into the Club with AMRIT

DJ Amrit stops by, fresh off an international tour with Tommy Genesis. We talk about life on the road, how everyone wants to be a "multi-hyphenate creative," and finessing your way into the club. We also discuss the blatant disrespect of Supreme Italia opening a massive counterfeit store in Shanghai, and Amrit recalls how she came across some fufu bobo Supreme shops in Barcelona. Speaking of club culture, we talk about how certain Nike sneakers and Palace's collaboration with British brand...


The Dropcast #58: Lost in the Source Code With Iddris Sandu

Hosts Noah Thomas, Jian DeLeon, and Jeff Carvalho are joined by Iddris Sandu, an architect and technology advocate who started to learn code at the age of 10. By the time he was 15, he was honored by president Barack Obama with a Presidential Scholar Award. Since then, Sandu has worked with guys like Nipsey Hussle, co-creating the late artist's smart-retail platform at Marathon, as well as working with both Kanye West and Jaden Smith. The 22-year-old prodigy has also consulted for companies...


The Dropcast #57: The Struggle Streetwear Pitch-Fest Feat. Victor Cruz

Noah Thomas has decided to step away and pursue his lifelong dream of being an aspirational mommy-blogger, so we got ESPN's Victor Cruz (who we could only afford for 20 minutes), fashion editor-at-large Corey Stokes, and Kevin McIntosh Jr.—Karla Otto's director of PR services, VIP dressing, and go-to publicist for guys like Virgil Abloh—to try to fill his Size 7 shoes. Vic's got a lot going on—in addition to his post-NFL life at ESPN, he just launched a collaborative sneaker with Pierre...


The Dropcast #56: The Lordt is My Swaggy Shepherd

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by Chinatown Market founder Mike Cherman and Adam Petrick, global director of brand marketing at Puma. They talk about the rise of Cherman's brand, known for its bootleg aesthetic and cheeky approach to streetwear, before discussing some exciting new developments they have coming later this year. Also a lot of knowledge bombs get dropped while we go through the week and news. For instance, y'all probably didn't know Mike Cherman and KITH have a...


The Dropcast #55: Smoking Gelato Doinks

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon wrap up our week of 4/20 themed coverage just in time to celebrate the occasion. They’re joined by Mario Guzman and G-Putt of Sherbinskis. The two are known for their Gelato strains of weed, the signature orange color associated with the label, and the high prices their premium products demand. We get into how they started out in the weed industry, and how the care they put into their products parallels the luxury clothing brands they’re also into. In...


The Dropcast #54: A Fashion Collection Is Really Just a Fire Album

Hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas are joined by Kerby Jean-Raymond, designer of Pyer Moss. News flash! You've probably been saying his name and his brand's name COMPLETELY WRONG. So you might learn something! Jean-Raymond opens up about his friendship with Nipsey Hussle, and goes in-depth on why his loss was felt universally. Then we shift to other creators who are influencing the global community, first discussing two of adidas' most high-profile collaborators: Donald Glover and Beyoncé....


The Dropcast #53: Ballin With Bristol

Bristol Studio is one of the up and coming brands out of LA making waves for their basketball inspired streetwear and adidas collabs. Designer Luke Tadashi stops by on the latest Dropcast to speak on his upcoming projects, and gives young designers some advice on what moves they should be making to gain momentum and grow their following. Since Jian DeLeon was in Chicago spitting facts on a panel, Jeff Carvalho filled in along with host Noah Thomas. They discuss a wide range on topics, from...


The Dropcast #52: The Sartorialist Drops on The Cops

If you know anything about street style and don't know who Scott Schuman—The Sartorialist—is, then you really don't know anything! He stops by on this week's Dropcast to talk about his upcoming book, how fashion informed his eye, and shares some tips for aspiring photographers on how to stand out in today's saturated market. Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon also go over some of the newest products of the week, from Cactus Plant Flea Market's Nike collab to the capsule collection by Chanel...


The Dropcast #51: Long Hair Self-Care with Bianca Valle

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by wellness advocate, model, and "positive promoter" Bianca Valle. One of the first things she does is explain exactly what a "positive promoter" is, so that's worth the listen alone. Valle is also known for her skincare and grooming tips, as well as her photography, art, and modeling for brands like Nike, Uniqlo, and OFF-WHITE. It's definitely worth hearing some valuable hair tips from the expert, who has an impressive set of tresses of her...


The Dropcast #50: The John Geiger Face Tattoo 50th Podcast Spectacular

Somehow, The Dropcast has made it to 50 episodes. We know—we can't believe it either! Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined in the studio by John Geiger, sneaker customizer and Instagram jet-setter turned independent brand builder, to discuss how he used social media to come up in the apparel and sneaker industries, and why the most flex-worthy cop he's made is a Los Angeles factory. In addition to the news and drops of the week, Geiger goes in-depth on why his shoes have a high...


The Dropcast #49: HIGH KEY NICHE

Hosts Jian DeLeon and Noah Thomas celebrate International Women's Day by opening the conversation around trash men! No not sanitation workers, but you know, stuff like toxic masculinity and R. Kelly's recent interview with Gayle King, who handled his outbursts like a true G. We're joined by designer Recho Omondi, who first blew up for her embroidered knitwear and has since grown her collection into one of New York's best independent brands. Krickie Pisaturo, founder of dope vintage shop...


The Dropcast #48: Don't Ask Hannah Sider to Take Your Picture

Hosts Noah Thomas and Jian DeLeon are joined by photographer Hannah Sider, whose lens has captured your favorite rapper, favorite rapper's favorite rapper, and most likely their 12-year-old cousin too. We talk about how she built a career as a photographer in a male-dominated industry, and also discuss some of the latest products, collabs, and collections we saw this week. Beyond ex-Nike designer Tiffany Beers breaking down why star college basketball player Zion Williamson's shoe broke on...