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Ep35: Jacob Morales

We had the privilege to sit down with Jacob Morales, one of many unique artist that will be displaying and selling his latest product, Multiplanes at Designer Con 2018. Designer Con is an annual art & design convention for fans, collectors and creators of collectible art. Jacob talks to us about how he infuses his passion of music & movies to create this amazing paper art or some may say a whimsical origami. Check him...


Ep34: Mark Krenik (Navy Veteran/ Model/ Stunt Man/ Actor)

Mark Krenik has done it all, worked almost every job known to mankind from flipping burgers, Navy BUD/S training to now acting. Oh and did I mention he dance battled Chippendale dancers for a living? Yes, he did... Tune in to learn more about the most intriguing man in the world! Please Subscribe to our channel on YouTube and wherever you get your podcast. Follow...


Ep33: Fiddy & Izzy (Laxed Out Maxed Out)

Fiddy & Izzy just laxing out, maxing out. Why? Because why not! We are who we are, no filter! Subscribe, rate & review to help support the show! Follow us: Also listen & download the audio on YouTube search HowWeTalkPodcast (all one word)


Ep32: David and Luis (Church Musicians)

David ROCKdriguez & Luis Molina are 2 church musicians from 2 different bands. Luis from Sobrevivientes (Reggaeton) tells us a bit about how he began his band as David from Genesis (Rock) breaks down to us why he got into music missionary like Luis. This duo unite for an amazing event in Los Angeles, CA to host a Toy Drive. Tune in to be inspired by these two dudes. Follow...


Ep31: Andres Castañeda (Community Service & Civic Engagement)

Whoa, that's How We Talk! Family man, Andres Castaneda sits in the studio to discuss the importance of service within the community and how it ties into civic engagement but most importantly that SERVICE starts at home. "It's important to lead by example!" Enjoy the show and serve your community! To support Andres in all his noble deeds... Give him a follow...


Ep30: Sam Ali (Actor/ Director/ Producer)

Sam Ali is an Iraqi-American actor/ director/ producer. After studying and majoring in banking and administration from the University of Baghdad he pursued his dream of major success in Hollywood. Tune in to listen to his journey and goals! Follow him at: Subscribe, rate & review to help support the show! Follow...


Ep29: Coach Jerry Arias (Strength & Conditioning Coach)

In studio we welcome Coach Jerry Arias. He sits down in studio to breakdown the science of strength & conditioning and how much of an influence this plays in todays athletes. Check out more of Coach Jerry: Subscribe, rate & review to help support the show! Follow...


Ep28: Fiddy & Izzy (Ddodger Talk)

Today on the podcast we recap our week and discuss the Ddodgers game 7 win in the NLCS vs the Brewers. Plus we talk about some upcoming podcast for the month. Subscribe, rate & review to help support the show! Follow us: Also listen & download the audio on YouTube, search...


Ep27: Jermaine Brooks (NFL Player, Entrepeneur)

Jermaine Brooks (former Dallas Cowboys player) sits with us in studio to discuss NFL, racism in America, kneeling during the anthem, concussions, and so much more. This is a no holds barred conversation, trust me when we say he does not hold back so you don't want to miss this. Tune in and let us know what you think. Comment below... SUBSCRIBE, SHARE, Lets talk about it! Follow Jermaine: Subscribe, rate & review to help support the show! Follow...


Ep26: Fiddy & Izzy

Show hosts, Fiddy & Izzy, get together to talk podcasting, sports, teaching spanish to minors, and other things they are unqualified to talk about. Tune in for a fun time! Subscribe, rate & review to help support the show! Follow us: Also listen & download the audio on YouTube search...


Ep25:Thee-O (DJ/ Producer)

West Covina native, Thee-O stopped by the studio to talk about how he turned his passion into a 26 year career. For him like many others DJing isn't just a hobby, its a way of life. From performing at underground raves to EDC, Thee-O is paving the way for other DJ's as the great ones before him did. Check him out for future...


Ep24: Fernando Vazquez (The Prequel)

Fernando Vazquez or better known as Nando, sat down in studio to update us on his experience at the NPC USA's. He mostly talks about his upbringing and the hardships he overcame and becoming the man he is today. He gets really emotional but this is the only way he can tell his story in hopes to bring awareness for someone out there in need of it. Please tune in and SHARE this video with everyone you know! Follow...


Ep23: Mr. 909 "El Gavillancio" (Trucker/ Entrepreneur)

David, aka 909 Kustom Rigz or El Gavillancio, is a humbled man working his butt off to better himself in life and business. At the young age of 12 trucking became his passion and in following his old man's footsteps trucking became his business. Tune in to learn more about it! Follow him & show him some love: Subscribe, rate & review to help support the show! Follow...


Ep:22 Michael Dutchover (Professional Boxer)

Young up & coming boxer, Michael Dutchover has one thing in mind and that is to become a World Champion. At 20 years old this young man already understands how much of an impact he can make in his community. From his hometown of Midland, Tx to his current fighting town on Santa Fe Springs, Ca, Michaels journey to success does not go unnoticed in the boxing community under Thompson Boxing Promotions and Banner Promotions with an impressive 11-0 record. Tune in to learn more from Michael...


Ep21: Priscilla & Israel Estrada (Leukemia Warrior Parents)

Childhood Cancer Awareness month is September but for many families its an everyday reality. Another reality is that everyday 47 children get diagnosed with cancer and everyday 7 children die from it. Being told your child has been diagnosed with cancer is one of the most devastating and frightening things to hear. This was exactly how The Estrada's felt the day they were told their 19 month old was diagnosed with leukemia. Listen to the story of their family's trials & tribulations in...


Ep20: Fiddy and Izzy

Recap podcast: Health & workouts - Fernando Vazquez College graduates - Jaime & Christal Influential teachers - Artie Casas Pro Boxer - John Molina Jr Entrepreneur - IKONIK Apparel by Anthony Garcia Subscribe, rate & review to help support the show! Follow...


Ep19: Rudy Guzman

Honest, trustworthy, dependable, LOYAL just a few characteristics that describe a true friend. One person we know that oozes these is West Covina's own Rudy Guzman. In this podcast we laugh, we think and we cry. We talk WWE (pro wrestling), old Vegas stories, high school choir days. Plus we cover a couple hard hitting issues, divorced parents & probably one of those taboo topics... SUICIDE! -If you or someone you know has ever had thoughts of suicide PLEASE call the Suicide Prevention...


Ep18: IKONIK by Anthony Garcia

You're not born iconic, you become one! That is how in this episode, Anthony Garcia (local entrepreneur) talks to us about his business, IKONIK APPAREL. Tune in to here what it takes to join TEAM IKONIK. Give him a follow IG for all details... Subscribe, rate & review to help support the show! Follow...


Ep17: Jaime & Christal

2 young students (Jaime from Watts, CA & Christal from Detroit, MI) find themselves in a private school, Oberlin College. There they share a bond, binding them together in Southern California to continue their life journey. They've been called millennials, some may call them minimalist, here on How We talk we call them ARTIST! Tune in to hear their college experiences, their struggles, trials & tribulations and their life goals. Give them a...


Ep16: Artie Casas

Artie is an educator at Summit High School in Fontana, CA. Learn all about his experience in Baseball, Soccer, Cheer & TV Productions, thats just his at his tenure as a teacher. He has more stories from his own high school & college days. Covina High to Workman High in La Puente, East LA College to Cal State Fullerton not easy transitions but the trials and tribulations have made him the man he is today. Oh and did I mention he was a sports writer under the tutelage of LA's own Bill...