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Episode 41: Vote or Die (ft. Mohamed Gula and Aysha Ahmed)

Is there any reason to still believe in our political system? Mohamed Gula and Aysha Ahmed of Emgage USA join the show to answer this question and more. We discuss our favorite civic engagement commercials, why representation matters, and what fictional characters would have our votes. Guests: Aysha Ahmed is the Programs and Operations Specialist […]


Episode 40: Learning to Breathe (ft. Tariq Touré)

Writer and poet Tariq Touré sits down with us to talk vulnerability, fatherhood and what we owe Black women. Plus we share what’s on our bookshelves, shoutout some of our favorite poets and discuss the role poetry can play in imagining a better world. Guest: Tariq Touré, @TariqToure, is a Muslim writer, husband, father and […]


Episode 39: When It’s Time to Pack Your Bags

We’re back with Season 5 and Makkah is in a new city! We talk moving—the good apartments, the bad apartments, what comes, what goes and how to create a home and community.


Episode 38: Late (Late) Twenty-Somethings

For the last episode of the season, Ikhlas and Makkah lament the last year of their 20s. They look back at what went right, what went allll the way left and what’s to come. How do you prepare for the big 3-0?


Episode 37: 21 Questions

While Makkah is on vacation, Ikhlas is joined by guest co-host, Joshua Wilkerson. In honor of their two-year wedding anniversary, Ikhlas and Joshua play a game of 21 questions.


Episode 36: Please Don’t Stop the Music (ft. Naeem Muhammad)

Naeem Muhammad of Native Deen joins us to chat about the connection between music and faith. In this episode, we shoutout our favorite songs of summer, try to figure out what gospel music is doing right, and get real about what Black artists have to consider when performing for Muslim audiences. Guest: Naeem Muhammad, @naeemusic, is […]


Episode 35: Spiritual Survivor

In the final episode of our 5 Pillars Series, “Hajj Pro” Shahidah Sharif joins us to discuss what this ritual means to her and how to prepare for the experience of a life time. Guest: Shahidah Sharif is the Program Director of the Faith Institute of the Atlanta Masjid of Al-Islam, and is the co-founder […]


Episode 34: Conver(t)sations (ft. Palmer Shepherd)

So you’ve just converted to Islam. Now what? On this episode, Palmer Shepherd joins us to discuss how becoming Muslim means trying to be the best you can be, what unique challenges converts face and the importance of community in navigating it all. Guest: Palmer Shepherd, @shadedpalms, is the former Co-Chair of the Muslim Alliance for Sexual […]


Episode 33: The Fast and the Furious (ft. Hazel Gomez)

How can women get the most out of Ramadan when we are unable to fast? We sit down with Hazel Gomez about female bodies, spiritual development and what it might take to change how we think about our periods. Guest: Hazel Gomez, @Palunquita, is a student of the Islamic sciences with under the tutelage […]


Episode 32: Praying for Candy and Good Grades (ft. Yusufi Vali)

In Part 2 of our “5 Pillars Series” this Ramadan, we discuss praying for candy, struggling to keep up in taraweeh and the potential benefits of being elbowed in the ribs. Plus we chat with Yusufi Vali, Executive Director of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, about inclusive mosques and how to find a […]


Episode 31: Learning to Give (ft. Amany Killawi)

In Part 1 of our “5 Pillars Series” this Ramadan, we discuss what zakat means to us, how children’s songs are useful teaching tools and what Islam might be trying to tell us about capitalism. Plus we chat with Amany Killawi, COO and co-founder of LaunchGood, about how her organization helps Muslims put our money […]


Episode 30: Ramadan Muslims

Ikhlas and Makkah discuss what it means to be a “Ramadan Muslim” and share how they are prepping for the month spiritually and socially. Plus Makkah’s five year-old nephew Tariq has some great advice for all you first-time fasters out there. We’re doing a series for Ramadan and want to know what’s been your Ramadan […]


Episode 29: Black, Fat and Perfect (ft. Leah V)

How do you balance the fine line of representing yourself with representing others? Ikhlas and Makkah bring on writer, model and body-positive activist Leah V to discuss the representation of Muslim women in the beauty industry, the benefits and the risks of social media and how to deal with the haram police. Guest: Leah V, […]


Episode 28: Spring Cleaning

We’re back and kicking off Season 4 with a little Spring Cleaning! We all want to get our lives in order, but where do we start? Tune in to hear the lessons we learned about growth in our 20s, the steps we took to take control of our spiritual and professional selves and how to […]


Episode 27: This Christmas (ft. Hind Makki)

It’s the last episode of the season! This Christmas we get real about interfaith cooperation with anti-racism and interfaith educator, Hind Makki. Our big question: Is it possible to do interfaith collaboration without centering and appealing to whiteness? We also share our best and worst of 2017. Guest: Hind Makki, @HindMakki, is an internationally recognized […]


Episode 26: Soul Food

Halal, Zabihah, Kosher, Vegetarian, Grassfed, Organic – there is a diet for everything and everyone, but what’s the point of it all? Farmer and interfaith activist Amira AbuLughod joins us to discuss how to build a stronger relationship with nature and how food and farming are connected to our spiritual practice. Guest: Amirah AbuLughod is […]


Episode 25: New Bae, Who Dis? (Bonus Episode)

We’ve talked about searching for bae, but what happens once you find them? On this special bonus episode, Ikhlas and Makkah ask their husbands, Joshua Wilkerson and Rizwaan Akhtar, what life has been like since exchanging vows, how marriage has helped them be better men and what lessons they’ve learned from their partners (that’s us!). […]


Episode 24: Bae Watch (ft. YasGuru)

Turn on the lights, I’m lookin’ for her too. That’s right, it’s cuffin’ season and time to start scouting for bae. If you’re really about that life, you’re always looking for a permanent bae all year long. Ikhlas and Makkah bring on relationship consultant YasGuru to deliver all the goods on how to find bae, […]

Episode 23: Ask a Shaykh (ft. Shaykh Muhammad Mendes)

Ikhlas and Makkah bring on their first shaykh! And literally ask him a million questions. In this episode, we sit down with Shaykh Muhammad Mendes and talk everything from student-teacher relationships to Islamic scholarship in Africa to what he does when he’s not serving as a spiritual guide. Guest: Adeyinka Muhammad Mendes is the imam […]

Episode 22: We’re Fed Up

With more allegations of abuse, harassment and sexual misconduct emerging every day, Ikhlas and Makkah are fed up. This week, we open up about our personal experiences with sexual harassment, how we’ve coped and what gives us hope for the future. Episode Details (00:00:55) Content Warning: This episode includes discussion of sexual harassment, sexual assault […]