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Episode 10 - Jiggling

In your penultimate serving of hot waffle, the lads turn on Dr Billy No Dates and we build up towards the final week. There’s mirthy jiggling, little willies, and the culmination of the “is the one Luke thinks is a stripper a stripper” plot line that’s had you all calling The Bodyguard “underwritten shit.” See you next week for the ACTUAL LAST WEEK OF LOVE ISLAND.


Episode 9 - Hair Dryers and Sneaky Dyers

We’re nearing the home stretch! And it’s 35 degrees! Remember that? Mike being completely exhausted from work and Luke giving up most of the pretence of giving a shit leads to a more meandering portion of hot waffle. That is until certain facts are revealed about Doctor Billy No Dates and hair driers that shake the very foundations of the podcast. Or at least, lead to both chaps laughing at him for a bit.


Episode 8: 4am Kebab Shop Screaming

Welcome one and all to episode 8! It's a long one, half of which is brought to you from Sunny Devon at Friends of the Podcast Tim and Imogen's glorious brilliant wedding. We're joined by Luke's Girlfirend Rachael to talk through a number of things for the first half, before resuming the usual two man hot waffle in the second. We have the worst item in IoH history as Luke describes his names for Jack 2, an explanation of the Do Bits Society, a titty bolognaise and all manner of...


Episode 7 - Let's Get Sharky

It’s a slightly longer, darker portion of hot waffle this week, as Luke gets used to his new friends from “Casa Amor” and remembers why it is he originally hated the team from “The Villa”. The heat is really starting to get to people, both on the island and in two small rooms Skyping across the country. We discuss our attitudes to the first completed episode of Isle of Hate, spectacle wearer of the year, Baywatch themed games, and just what exactly a fuck boy is? Please do subscribe and...


Episode 6 - A Girl to be a Girlfriend

This week we’re straight back in on TWELVE NEW PEOPLE IN A COMPLETELY NEW VILLA. Which Mike learns is only an even vaguely big thing if you don’t watch Love Island. Which he doesn’t. Luke watches it for him. Anyway we get that, more fun and games, and the thrilling resolution to Japan Belgium in a World Cup that now feels like years ago. Remember that heat wave? Mad times. PLEASE REVIEW US ON ITUNES AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS.


Episode 5 - Overegged the Shag Pudding

Camping related games this week as well as some gross food challenges. Luke begins to begrudgingly enjoy the show. There's a huge reveal that totally changes the format of the show. It will shake you to your core.


Episode 4: The Time Cometh

Luke's gone to somewhere that's not England so this week it's MIKE's turn to write the show notes. In this week's pod Luke admits he's essentially rubbish and that Mike is brilliant. Mike is brilliant and Luke is rubbish for the rest of the podcast and then it ends. OR, Luke teases BIG changes on the Isle of Love and Mike is about 5% too energetic for the recording. We meet The Bird and The Flak is back.


Episode 3 - Bleed For The Country You Love

Rainbow fish man abruptly leaves. We both finally start to get a handle on who is who. All of the contests have a horrendous time being horrendous to each other. Some gross food based challenges that you'll be very pleased you haven't had to watch with your own eyes. We become aware of the phenomenon known only as THE FLACK. Apologies for a few audio issues on this one. It's also the shortest one we've done, due largely to cutting out lots of extraneous rambling. It may seem hard to...


Episode 2 - Please Don't Cry

Some new women arrive. We both learn about some famous Rainbow Fish kids book that we've never read. More gameshow nonsense involving smashing melons with butts. The first recoupling happens, gosh it's so dramatic. ​


Episode 1 - Mugged Off