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The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by Every week we talk about cars, sports, and sex drugs rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won't get us fined by the FCC.

The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by Every week we talk about cars, sports, and sex drugs rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won't get us fined by the FCC.


Fort Worth, TX


The John Clay Wolfe Show powered by Every week we talk about cars, sports, and sex drugs rock & roll.... just about anything as long as it won't get us fined by the FCC.




#304 John Clay Wolfe Show 06.12.21

On this week's program, we've got a LOT of ground to cover (and a bit of breaking news trending in the car biz)...and of course there's plenty of laughs, with our old friends Hanna the dancer, Neil Young, and of course the Devil himself. So hop off the high board and take a dip with the Wolfe Pack! The water's fine.


#303 John Clay Wolfe Show 06.05.21

On this week's show, the Wolfe Pack pulls out ALL the stops, with a pile of laughs, family drama, at-work near tragedies, and our old friends Keith Richards, The Dog, and even a somewhat disgraced racehorse named Medina Spirit! PLUS, check the current car market trends, share your favorite hangover remedy, and hear some WILD stories about the dangers of Chantix. So move over Pfizer--the John Clay Wolfe Show is your Saturday cure!


#302 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.29.21

On this week's episode, the Wolfe Pack faces a tidal wave of endlessly growing car market biz, post-COVID trends in politics and pop culture, and as always, a whole boat load of laughs--with our old friends El Rushbo, Mike McDonald, Keith Richards, and even the late, great Paul Harvey. So strap in and prepare your "Steeze," 'cause it's gonna be a bumpy ride!


#301 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.22.21

Brace yourself Regulators--this week's episode packs a wallop. We've got a Family Cruiser full of laughs, a dash of politics, three tablespoons of theology, an examination of 'nonbinary theory,' and plenty of highline cars for the diehards! So take your prescribed dose and pack for a great ride--we'll even sit for your trip. And away we go!


#300 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.15.21

On this week's episode, Johnny C. and the Wolfe Pack cover it ALL--from Elon Musk's SNL debut (good), realtime reports from the so-high car market (better), and of course your old friends Keith Richards and Hannah the Stripper, and even racehorse Medina Spirit's press conference after the now infamous Kentucky Derby. And whattayaknow, we're up to Episode #300! So crack a Natty Light and celebrate with the Wolfe Pack--we're glad to hang with ya.


#299 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.08.21

On this week, stories abound from GMTV's Cinco de Navidad company party! We've also got lots of tips and trends from the car market, a little politics, and a truck load of laughs. So hop aboard and ride with the Wolfe Pack! Thanks for hanging out.


#298 John Clay Wolfe Show 05.01.21

This week's JCW Show Mayday surprise is surprisingly full of great stuff! Catch up with our old friends Reverend Charles, Keith Richards, the Devil Himself, Butch the Horse, and much more! PLUS, the car market just keeps topping its own record for wholesale pricing, and there's plenty of politics and church turmoil and family drama to boot. So kick off your kicks and sit a spell with the Wolfe Pack. We're glad you could make it over to the treehouse!


#297 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.24.21

On this week's program, the Wolfe Pack is firing on all eight cylinders--we'll visit with our old friends Randy the Chipmunk, Keith Richards, Matty McG, AND the Devil himself. PLUS, a mound of topics ranging from Public vs. Private School athletics, Cali conservation measures, and of course, the used car market and a whole Hell of a lot more! So grab a spot and sit a spell, partner--we're glad you stopped by!


#296 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.17.21

This week, the Wolfe Pack is gearing up to survive in a crazy, post-COVID world--covering cultural shifts, reexamination of the "norm," insanely high resale car bids, and our usual cast of madcap crazy characters. So don't be shy, sign the log book and take a seat on the couch. Your session begins right now!


#295 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.10.21

On this week's episode, we've got lots of laughs, a real live return to live professional sports, a little heart-to-heart sentimentality, and oh yes--big upward trending in the car market! So pull over and hang with the Wolfe Pack for a while. We are happy to see ya!


#294 John Clay Wolfe Show 04.03.21

This week's episode has it all--big Spring car deals, a truck load of April foolery, old friends like Keith Richards, Don Henley, Satan and more...AND John's new gal pal Gigi! So kick off your high-heel sneakers and groove with the Wolfe Pack for a while. We're glad to have ya.


#293 John Clay Wolfe Show 03.27.21

On this week's show, we're checking in with some of our favorites! Catch up with Matty McG, meet Tommy Carbone's left-hand man "Micky Darth Vader," and get a new Dope Report from our own Bob Floyd...PLUS, market watch tidbits on Tesla, Ferarri and more! And yes, ol' buddy: we've got an ice-cold Natty Light waiting on ice for ya. Cheers!


#292 John Clay Wolfe Show 03.20.21

On this week's episode, we've got LOTS of friends stopping by--old AND new! Catch up with Rush, Matty McC, Randy the Chipmunk and more. PLUS, DJ Prekay has a new edition of "What Were They On," while John and the crew celebrate a record week at auction, the Wolfe Pack introduces our new gal pal Gigi, and a lot more. Thanks for riding with us, gang!


#291 John Clay Wolfe Show 03.13.21

This week the Wolfe Pack welcomes our old friends Rush, Keith Richards, the Devil himself, the "other" Markle sister, and more! Plus, John is betting on a market surge, and paying BIG dollars for all the cars he can get his hands on--so pony up and grab some laughs, absolutely mask free! We'll save a Natty Light for ya.


#290 John Clay Wolfe Show 03.06.21

Whoo boy--this week's show has got political intrigue, sibling rivalries, LOTS of talk about cars and movies and music! PLUS, visits from our old friends Goat Boy, Tommy Carbone, and the Devil himself. So grab yourself a Natty Light and sit a spell with the Wolfe Pack, partner--we're glad you stopped by!


#289 John Clay Wolfe Show 02.27.21

This week, the Wolfe Pack covers topics from all over the spectrum: What's your favorite category of porn? Why won't they leave Britney Spears alone? And how much vehicle modification is TOO much?! Plus, catch up with our old friends Randy the Chipmunk, Tiger Woods' Mom, the Reverend Charles and more! We're damned glad you got a chance to hang with us.


#288 John Clay Wolfe Show 02.20.21

This week's program is chock-full of great stuff for ya--with visits from the great Keith Richards, a somewhat "pervy" bear, and the devil himself. Plus, our tribute to the late King of Talk, Rush Limbaugh! With free swag from Jimi Hendrix in the BackTrax, plenty of cars and "hot" talk, and of course, a safe place to have a cocktail or three. So saddle up with the Wolfe Pack, and let's ride!


#287 John Clay Wolfe Show 02.13.21

On this week's show, we've got "highline" cars aplenty! Plus, catch up with our old friends Randy the Chipmunk, the Devil himself, and Bob Floyd with an all-new Dope Report--and cool free stuff from the JCW Prize Vault, with Led Zeppelin in the BackTrax! So crack a Natty Lite and hang with the Wolfe Pack for awhile!


#286 John Clay Wolfe Show 02.06.21

On this week's show, the Wolfe Pack talks Superbowl LV, evil owners of Chevy Novas, delivery men who get way too lucky, the "going price" for a new 2021 Porsche 911, and a whole lot more--so buy some squares and place your bets. Glad you came to hang with us!


#285 John Clay Wolfe Show 01.30.21

And just like that, the Wolfe Pack closes the door on January--with mountains of great stuff! Catch up with our old friends Ramiro Romo, Hanna the stripper, Satan and more--PLUS, Prekay's 'Brosetta Stone Hip Hop Word of the Week' AND 'What Were They On?!', plenty of car talk, our Superbowl LV preview (and predictions), and a Hell of a lot more!