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Kenism. The Unfiltered thoughts, Opinions, and beliefs of the one and only Kenan himself. Join him each week as he delivers non-stop dangerous yet entertaining content.

Kenism. The Unfiltered thoughts, Opinions, and beliefs of the one and only Kenan himself. Join him each week as he delivers non-stop dangerous yet entertaining content.
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Kenism. The Unfiltered thoughts, Opinions, and beliefs of the one and only Kenan himself. Join him each week as he delivers non-stop dangerous yet entertaining content.




Ep. 124 - Blackizard Needs A Pokeball

Kenan and Julien spend Sunday morning together with a friend and her friend and had what started as an interesting conversation but eventually turned into a verbal bludgeoning. The two recap all that was discussed in this week's episode. Enjoy. Show Notes 6:25 - How to ask a woman for a blowjob 15:30 - Good men and women to date are EVERYWHERE 23:40 - How to decide who you “deserve” 32:30 - “Taking Care of Yourself” helps you get far with women. 39:30 - “It’s Cold Outside” is a...


Ep. 123 - Tekashi Needs A Caravan

Kenan and Julien are back discussing the Trump Caravan media coverage, Tekashi 6ix9ine getting what he deserves, and Dwight Howard being outed by a trans person. Enjoy! Show Notes (2:20) - Frustration with Media Coverage of Caravan (14:00) - Rules of engagement for dealing with illegal immigration (24:30) - Tekashi 6ix9ine earned all of his charges (34:05) - Do women just want men to be their personal Ken dolls? (51:20) - Dwight Howard being outed by a trans-person (1:07:40) -...


Ep. 122 - The Complications With Voting

Kenan and Jules are back discussing why cheap women are a blessing, why they are or aren't voting in the midterm elections, and Kenan gives a recap on the party he and Julien attended during the weekend. Show Notes (0:55) - Kenan's love for cheap women (10:10) - It's impossible to be an "informed voter" (21:50) - The 3 types of black people (31:10) - Black pride is useless (41:50) - The party recap (1:04:50) - Jules' rules for partyin' (1:18:00) - How you should approach people...


Ep. 121 - Welcome Back

Kenan aka the "Cruel Philosophr" is finally back recording the podcast with Julien. Together the two discuss their dating woes, why men should try dating without trying to have sex, and Kenan's plan to start a speed dating service. We're back in action for the foreseeable future! Show Notes (5:00) - Julien tells us about his "dating while celibate" journey (29:00) - Kenan discusses his recent dating debacle (1:02:40) - Julien lists the 3 things that make you feel lonely (1:23:40) -...


Final Kenism Episode?

It was a great ride guys!


Ep. 120 - Community Violence

Kenan is back and he's decided to use the unfortunate bronx gang stabbing to speak about a larger issue. What will be done about the negative relationship between Law Enforcement and the communities they serve? Is this negative relationship responsible for the levels of crime in low income communities? Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes!


Ep. 119 - The Black Elite Circle Jerk

Kenan decides to record a solo podcast to get some things off of his chest. He discusses #MetGala and the black elites that control how most black Americans think. He then goes on to discuss the new target of the #metoo and #timesup movement...R.Kelly. Follow Kenan on twitter @KenanRnB Send an email to with your questions, and comments. Show Notes (2:00) - In house business. New podcast format? (12:30) - Met Gala, black elitists and controlling black...


Ep. 118 - The Black Culture Change Is Upon Us

Kenan and Mr. Barkley are back discussing some passionate topics. They discuss the Fab/Emily situation now that some time has passed, an article about MLK and if black Americans need some self discipline, and Mr. Barkley harassing the Haitians. Indulge! Show notes (2:00) Fabolous & Emily/Domestic Violence (14:50) Our problems with black women (23:30) Black Americans need a culture change (52:40) Dead Pigeon found...Was it a Haitian? (1:10:00) Kenan's passionate plea to bring back...


Ep. 117 - My Gun Ain't Shootin'

Kenan and Dion are back and Kenan speaks about the possibility of his gun being dysfunctional (it'll make sense once you listen). Later in the show, the two also discuss the latest police shooing in crown heights and what needs to be done to lessen these shootings. Please remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. Show notes (5:30) - Sex but no orgasm story (18:35) - Using erection pills (26:50) - Crown heights police shooting and solutions (36:15) - Blacks and media role...


Ep. 116 - Welcome To Mr. Barkley

We're doing something a little bit different for this week's podcast. Kenan is joined by a personal friend who goes by Mr. Barkley. The two record a trial run through of what Mr. Barkley hopes to be his new podcast. Together they discuss places where a black man can find some respect, Why putting the toilet seat down is reverse sexism, and why black people are so damn emotional. Trust me, this is a MUST LISTEN!


Ep. 115 - The State Of Black America (ft @thelonerang3r)

Sorry for the late upload. This was a special episode of the Kenism podcast. Kenan was joined by @thelonerang3r to discuss all things associated with black America. Where are we now? Where should we be headed? Should we be Capitalist? Socialist? A lot of information in this one. Hope you enjoy!


Ep. 114 - Men In The World Of Pornhub

Kenan, Julien, and Tony are discussing porn! Kenan admits that he's having a hard time detoxing from it while they go on to a broader discussion regarding the effects porn has on men today. They also go on to discuss why nobody wants to help men become better lovers. Show Notes (2:00) - The importance of having a foundation of truth (6:30) - Effects of Porn (11:55) - Porn impacts your penis self-esteem (21:40) - Sex Is NEVER as convenient as it is in porn (26:20) - Is Post-porn...


Ep. 113 - Ain't No Chicks In Wakanda

So to make up for there not being a show last Friday, Kenan linked up with Julien and Gus (special guest) to talk about some things. Together they discuss Monique and whether or not she's race hustling, Black Panther and the phenomena surrounding it and if black people should be shooting for a "black community". Finally, they end the show discussing women...that is all. Show Notes 2:00 - Monique/Netflix Discussion 8:30 - Black Panther thoughts 20:30 - Black People Shouldn't strive for...


Ep. 112 - The Black Panther Hype

Michelle is finally back on the podcast! Together, Kenan and Michelle discuss the Black Panther hype and why white validation might playing a role. This leads to a broader discussion regarding why black people are searching for "white acceptance" so much in which Kenan believes it's due to the rise of women. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. Thanks!


Ep. 111 - Women, Art Thou Loose

As Michelle continues to recuperate, Kenan brings on Tony and the two discuss Kenan meeting the hosts of the "Black Girl Podcast" (2:00). They then move on to discuss why Kenan hates Martin Luther King Jr. Day (24:00) and what annoyed him most about the Aziz Ansari sexual harassment story (43:30). Thank you for listening and please remember to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast.


Ep. 110 - Young Black Men Speak (Part 2)

Kenan, Tony, and Julien continue their conversation by discussing the #metoo movement and Kenan's issue with it. They also discuss male/female relations and discuss the women they know and how they feel about them. Listener discretion is advised! Subscribe, Rate, and Review!


Ep. 110 - Young Black Men Speak (Part 1)

As Michelle recovers from her procedure, Kenan decided to bring on some old friends. They discuss death, having kids, and dealing with loneliness. Subscribe, Rate, and Review!


Ep. 109 - So, About That Kid Keaton...

Apologies for being gone for two weeks again. Kenan and Michelle are back this week and they're discussing the Keaton situation. Why were so many people so moved by his video? They then go on to discuss their overall thoughts on bullying and what can be done, particularly in schools, about it. Show Notes 2:30 - “Guess That Rapist” 5:35 -Keaton bully controversy 13:55 - How bad is bullying? 18:45 - The effects of Bullying on your adult life 24:00 - Black people value white pain over...


Ep. 108 - The Past Is No Longer The Past

Apologies for the hiatus! Kenan and Michelle are back and pick up right where they left off...rape talk. They discuss the latest in the Hollywood sexual assault scandal, Al Franken, and if you should be punished today for past actions. Show Notes 1:45 - Hollywood Sexual harassment update 7:15 - Kenan discusses a possible sexual assault situation where he may have been the perpetrator. 13:00 - Al Franken situation 17:50 - Louis CK 20:00 - Should we punish today’s people by past...


Ep. 107 - The Hollywood Rapist

Kenan and Michelle are discussing sexual Harassment, sexual Assault, and rape this episode. They start out by discussing Harvey Weinstein and the allegations against him to branch on to a broader discussion about sexual assault and why men rape. Follow Kenan on twitter @KenanRnB Show Notes 2:50 - When does "cat calling" become sexual harassment? 6:45 - Defining Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Rape 8:00 - Harvey Weinstein is just a victim of time 13:30 - There's no such thing...