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11: The Sex Talk Episode w/ Nicole Holmes

The crew sits down with Sex Health expert and educator Nicole Holmes to discuss a wide range of topics involving sex. We start out the conversation with Nicky’s insights and discovery that public health was of interest to her. We embark into best methods of discussing sex with kids, sex health and safe sex. Check out the free clinics around the city of Chicago including Nicky’s suggestions on practicing safe sex. For more information on Nicole Holmes and her work check out the links below:...


10: Blogging, Food and Culture w/ Felicia Hernandez

Familia! We are joined this week by Chicago based blogger Felicia Hernandez of gorditasway. “Gordita’s Way” is a comedic paradox intended to use her experiences as a Latina woman navigating the complexity of diet culture. We sit down and talk about her journey as a blogger and travel enthusiast, overcoming the stigma, diet and culture. Make sure to check out her blog, sit back and enjoy. Felicia’s Links: Website: Instagram: @gorditasway La Verdad Links:...


9: NextGen LatinX an Interview w/ David Gloria

This weeks episode features NextGen LatinX founder David Gloria in dialogue with Christian and VFig. The crew sits back to discuss NextGen LatinX and the importance of networking in the Latino Community. NextGen Latinx vision is to become a go-to resource for young Latinx to discover impactful career opportunities, career advice, events and connect with a network of like-minded young Latinx in Chicago & suburbs to help each other succeed. David Gloria’s Social Media: FB: David Gloria...


8: Chicago, History and Legacy an Interview w/ Evaristo “Tito” Rodriguez

This weeks episode of La Verdad Podcast we are joined by cultural worker and community leader Evaristo “Tito” Rodriguez. We talk about his life and work within the city of Chicago and the Puerto Rican community. His life in Puerto Rico and high school years at Roberto Clemente High School in Chicago which ignited his fire for activism and community work. Tito gives us a look into the historical years of the early 80’s within the community, the start of the “Bomba” music classes and...


7: El Backstage - Interview with Juan Pablo Díaz

This episode of SRBCC & La Verdad Podcast “El Backstage” features actor, musician and composer Juan Pablo Díaz directly from Puerto Rico. As part of the Borinken me Llama series of the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center is hosting in Chicago, Il. We sit back to chat about his career in the acting and music industries and how he got started. Starting out very young in a family of actors and musicians, Juan Pablo discusses how his first step on a stage felt at a very young age. We also...


6: Modeling, Law and Facts w/ Kyara Garza, Esq.

We sit back this week to chat with our friend and Attorney at Law Kyara Garza about her career in law and modeling. The highlights of our conversations include her start in modeling and how she became interested in law. We then get into the discussion of law terminology and case procedures. Kyara discusses her modeling industry highlights including some of the aspects she is able to bring over to the legal industry. Check out this dope interview for more insights on what has made our guest...


5: El Backstage - Interview with Y No Habia Luz

El Backstage - SRBCC with La Verdad Podcast is joined by Puerto Rican based theatre company, Y No Habia Luz. As part of the SRBCC Borinken Me Llama series, the theatre company is welcomed to the city of Chicago where they will be participating in a number of events, workshops and exhibits. We sit down with group members and artists, Yari Helfeld and Carlos Gandul Torres to discuss their current exhibit and upcoming events. We also chat about the their involvement in post Hurricane Maria...


4: Group Talk - Summer Time, Cages and Crime

The crew sits down on the group talk table to discuss recent events surrounding our community. We expressed our thoughts on the recent deaths as a result of crime as well as the “mentality” behind it. Our conversation geared towards the current incarceration of our fellow latino immigrants and what this has done to many. Like always we try to lighten up the talk to discuss some interesting topics. Enjoy and feel free to share!


3: El Backstage - Interview with ÌFÉ's Otura Mun

This week’s episode of La Verdad Podcast is the first of a mini series within our podcast called "El Backstage". The series, in collaboration with the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center, features artists, musicians and performers from all over the world. Our focus is to get an in-depth look into how their careers have developed from start to present day. In hopes of inspiring others, "El Backstage" aims to bring a distinctive look into the entertainers’ world. For the first episode of "El...


2: Group Talk - Vacation, Prom & Trap

The crew sits down to recap on the recent break. While introducing our newest intern Keishla (who just happened to go to prom the day before) the crew sits back and gives their happy/horror prom stories. VFig and Christian recap on their vacation in NY and their experience eating NY style pizza. Sit back and enjoy a funny episode of the La Verdad podcast. FB: @laverdadltd Instagram: @laverdadltd Twitter: @laverdadltd


1: New Season, New Home w/ Omar Torres-Kortright

We launch our season 2 of La Verdad Podcast at our new home SRBCC. Our guest, Executive Director Omar Torres-Kortright and us discussed our partnership, upcoming events, and new exciting programs coming to the SRBCC. Check out what the SRBCC is working on, their history and goals of the center. We also discussed some potential interviews and guests that will be joining us for this season. View this episode on youtube: To get more information on the SRBCC please...


69: Group Talk 8 & La Verdad Pins: Christian, Vfig, & Marissa

Episode Summary: - Rosa Blanca Pin Drop - A day in a snow storm - How Vfig and Marissa tip Uber and Lyft drivers - La Verdad Ltd commentary on Super Bowl Sunday - Love it or hate it, Valentine's Day - The male experience at Victoria's Secret - Shout out to the Afro-Latinos on Black History Month Hosted by Christian, Vfig, & Marissa Twitter/IG/FB: @LaVerdadLtd Music Credit: Elias O. Sepulveda (Programming, Percussion, Piano, Bass) & Gilbert Arzuaga (Saxophones) #LaVerdad #GroupTalk #Pins...


68: Talking Social Media & Personal Safety with Sonia Figueroa

Episode Summary: Transitional High School Registration Big Brother Big Sister program Live video streaming with Periscope Being a "Purist" on social media A breakdown of Sonia's day Learning to go with the flow and spreading out your schedule Using social media to interact and engage with people Snapchat connection with Chicago Tribune Team Knowing the right platform for your business The importance of being authentic The three incidents that led to Sonia obtaining her concealed carry...


67: Business, Insurance, Success - Lisa Jusino

Episode Summary: Chicago southside beginnings Growing up Puerto Rican in Chicago Going away to college: "Can I touch your hair?" Building a sense of home away from home Transition from Marketing to Allstate career The Taboo topic of Life Insurance "People are sue happy" Diversity in business and community What it takes to be an insurance agent Let your passions lead you when facing challenges Support Lisa Jusino at the following links: &...


66: Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife- Ricardo Gamboa

Topics on today's episode include: 1. We discussed his upbringing in the southside of chicago 2\. Discovering theatre and using it as a way to express himself 3\. Going away for school and working on his PhD 4\. His web series “Brujos” 5\. His live show called “The Hoodoisie” 6\. His thoughts on “Lin Manuel Miranda” and mainstream theatre Support Ricardo Gamboa at the following links: & Hosted by Christian & Vfig...


65: New Year, Same Me - Rene Garcia

Talking points: Starting the new year with resolutions/goals why do we make goals? what is a good way to make goals S.M.A.R.T. method for goals Overcoming the "haters" #NewYear #Resolution #Therapy #Latinos


64: The Life and Work of Reynaldo "GuArecibo" Rodriguez

Talking points: * We discussed his starting point in the world of art and his start drawing designs for his mom who was a seamstress. * His first work here in Chicago with the Segundo Ruiz Belvis Culture Center. * We talked about his different styles of work, sculptures, paintings, murals. * How he is self taught and learned by his own students Support Reynaldo at the following links: Hosted by Christian & Vfig Twitter/IG/FB: @LaVerdadLtd Music Credit:...


63: Experiencing Hurricane Maria and the Aftermath - Aliceber Rivera

Episode Breakdown: -The power grid in Puerto Rico -Hurricane Irma -The chaos in preparing for Hurricane Maria -Making emergency plans in case of loss of communication -The first 36-48 hours of Maria -Deaths and at hospitals due to lack of diesel -How Hurricane Maria affected different parts of Puerto Rico -Lack of infrastructure and preparation -$40 for water -Corruption -"Puerto Ricans helping Puerto Ricans." -Plans of distribution of food and supplies -News reporters only coming to report...


62: Surviving The Holidays - Rene Garcia

We are joined once again by Rene Garcia from the Chubby Therapist Podcast. Rene is a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Houston and joined Christian to talk about topics like: -Rene gives us a top 6 ways of surviving the holidays list. -We talk about family chisme, bullying, istening to loved ones. -Letting loved ones vent and being optimistic. -Techniques on dealing with a loved one vent. Support Rene Garcia at the following links: &...


61: Education, Policy, & Puerto Rico - Cristina Pacione-Zayas

Podcast Topics: -Cristina's upbringing -Introduction into Policy -"Peacemaker" at Roberto Clemente High School -Involvement with the Puerto Rican Agenda Support Cristina Pacione-Zayas at the following links: & & Hosted by Christian & Vfig Twitter/IG/FB: @LaVerdadLtd Music Credit: Elias O. Sepulveda (Programming, Percussion, Piano, Bass) & Gilbert Arzuaga (Saxophones) #PuertoRicanAgenda #Chicago...