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Episode 7: Men of Steel

Sean Lizama is the son of Francisco “Cornbeef” Cruz Lizama, the only living Master Blacksmith in the region. Sean talks about his family’s efforts to preserve the traditional art by teaching students and training apprentices at Lizama’s Forge in the Chamorro Village. He also talks about the traditional Chamorro tools, the days when a man needed a machete if he was thinking about marriage, and how Guam would be a better place if it brought some of its traditional values and culture back to...


Episode 6: Good Times and Tan Lines

What do you do when you don’t want to pay $60 for a swimsuit top? You learn how to make your own. Meet Jessica Kim, the woman behind Halia & Jade, a brand of swimwear she makes from home in Merizo. Jessica talks about how she taught herself to sew (Spoiler: A lot of YouTube), the struggle of balancing a full-time job with business and raising three kids, and the joy of creating. I hope this inspires you to do the thing you’ve been wanting to do. This episode is supported by Rotten Apple...


Episode 5: Special Ed

Eddie Chien opens up about the joy and hardship of being a cook and owning a restaurant, and how two failed restaurants shaped his character and outlook on the future. He also tells Josie why he doesn't think she would have liked him if they had met before he found out he had a brain tumor.


Episode 4: To Dee or Not to Dee

Dee Cruz opens up about her experience in the Marine Corps and the time suppressed her true self and got married. She also talks about being a pageant mom, why she scaled her social media network way down, and how the world would be a better place if people ditched labels and focused on being good humans. We also play a round of “When Do You Step In” and learn a little about her parenting style.


Episode 3: The Quintessential Sagittarius (Whatever That Means)

Hayato Atalig and Josie Moyer talk about leaving the stateside life behind and moving back home to Guam, and how being raised by a widowed Japanese mother affected Hayato's Chamorro-Japanese identity. Hayato also gives Josie a complete rundown on Tinder and they play a round of Swipe Left or Swipe Right on potential matches including a girl with a tattoo of the Guam Seal on her neck. Hayato also dishes life advice to listeners who sent in questions. Warning: This episode contains explicit...


Episode 2: Radio Not, Here Comes Andy Wheeler

Andy Wheeler and Josie Moyer talk about what it’s like being the new haole guy with no friends, how Guam became Andy’s forever home and the highs and challenges of his 20-year career in radio. Josie also surprises Andy with Yelp reviews that were written about him by his best pals and tests Andy's tolerance with a round of first-date deal breakers.


Episode 1: Behind Every Great Man is a Woman Rolling Her Eyes

Jenn Davis, Naomi Castro-Muna, and Josie Moyer talk about the 10th Anniversary of Shiro's Head and what the girls experienced while the Muña Brothers were away creating the film. We also discuss friendship dealbreakers, how to end a toxic friendship, and why Josie has occasionally put Naomi on texting time-out.