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Episode 5 - Smash the Patriarchy: An introduction to Feminism, Rape Culture and Toxic Masculinity

Let’s Rage Together Podcast — In this episode we discuss some listener feedback about the last episode and a question about guide dogs. We also chat about the Hambach Forest evictions, the proposed Cresta Shopping Mall aquarium and the World Day for Animals fast. Our main discussion centres around an introduction to feminist concepts, including toxic masculinity and rape culture. Trigger warning: Rape, sexual assault, sexual violence, gender discrimination, racism, domestic violence...


Episode 4 - Rage and Recreation Mashup

Let’s Rage Together Podcast — We’re back! In this episode we catch up after a bit of a break, discuss a listener question about living an ethical life, talk about what we’ve been up to, and discuss some issues surrounding the anti-plastic hype. Trigger warning: Brief conversation about suicide. Topics: Veganism Activism Consumerism Animal Rights Plastic Straws vs fishing nets Ableism Recycling Economic Injustice Song: Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead Support Us:...


Episode 3 - Burnout and Self-Care

Let’s Rage Together Podcast — In this episode we talk about burnout, self-care and working towards sustainable activism. We also discuss two listener comments about Akashinga and the ethics of feeding your companion animals vegan diets. Content warning: In this episode we make mention of a few mental health issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD and STSD, as well as domestic violence. TOPICS: Burnout, Self care, Sustainable activism, Akashinga, Veganism, Animal Rights, Domestic Violence,...


Episode 2 - Abolition and the Issue with Single Issues

Let’s Rage Together Podcast — In this episode we talk about the abolitionist approach to animal rights and liberation, and discuss the problems with single issue activism. White Nonsense Roundup · Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights · Akashinga · Vegan Feminist Network: Single-Issue Campaigns are the White Feminism of Animal Rights · Anonymous for the Voiceless · Sea Shepherd · Earthlings · Land of Hope and Glory · Cowspiracy · Goldfinger - Free Me · Single-Issue Campaigns in Human &...


Episode 1 - Impostor!

Let’s Rage Together Podcast — In this episode we discuss impostor syndrome and ramble about other related concepts. Sub Topics and Concepts: Dunning Kruger Effect Ultracrepidarianism The Jonah Complex Curse of Knowledge Capitalism Anthropomorphism Toxic Masculinity Afrin / Rojava Books: The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory - Carol J. Adams Song clip: Paranoid Delusions - Pulling Teeth, Intro and outro music written by us. The Bearded Vegans Podcast · The Fussy...