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59: RBE Press Conference: Murda Mook, Drect, King Los, Spanish Harlem

The Let's Talk Battle Rap Team Is live a the RBE Brick by Brick Battler & Media Press Conference and they get to catch up with some of the emcees for quick questions and discussions for a live effect recap of the Press Conference. Talks with Murda Mook, Drect, King Los, & Spanish Harlem.


58: Throw Back E-hart Interview(2017) on her Battle Career

In light of E-hart battle coming up with Ms. Miami, We have decided to start emptying out the vault of throwback interviews we have tucked away. E-hart was the first female to be interviewed for the show A Female Battle rap Pioneer talks about her performances, her resume, the state of female battle rap, The Ms hustle battle and much more


57: RBE Brick by Brick Playbook

Coach Bad Money joins Coach France & Coach V to draw some Plays, and go over the X's and O's for the keys to victory for every battle on the Brick By Brick RBE Card headlining Murda Mook vs Aye Verb


56: Geechi Gotti 3 Peats for Champion Of the Night at SM7

In the Middle of Recording We get the Breaking news that Geechi Gotti Has won his third Champion Of the Night. The first Emcee to win COTN 3X Geechi Gotti Resembling the 2000/20001/2002 Lakers.


55: +/- Summer Madness 7 Recap

Friend of the show Bad Money Joins in to discuss to give a round of Pluses and Minus regarding all of the Performances of Summer Madness, biggest takeaways, in-depth detail break down, and much more. Red and Will(3:00) Geechi vs Suge(19:00) DNA vs Twork(27:00) Tay Roc vs Hitman(37:00)


54: Deconstructed:NJ Twork 3rd Round vs Aye Verb

The Lets Talk Battle Rap Team has a friend of the show, Melodic who is a street poet and author join the show. In the Deconstruction series we print out Battle Round Lyrics Kudos to Tim Nelson from Genius.com for the transcription. Twork's Third round vs Verb is one of the best rounds this year. We dive into what made this round so special. We break down Battles/Rounds line for line with the Rounds transcribed and printed out in front of us. And Read through it.


53: Hunnit K weights in on Award vs Geeci Gotti

The League owner of Bar Fight Battle League Hunnit K joins the show to talk about his past event with Award vs Geechi Gotti. Gives a brief +/- of the battle, and his background in setting up battles and organizing events, his affiliation with URL. And Much more.


52: The Summer Madness 7 Playbook.

Coach Bad Money joins Coach France & Coach V to draw some Plays, and go over the X's and O's for the keys to victory for every battle on Summer Madness 7.


51: SM7 Champion of the Night Predictions & Who wears the Al Capone?

France, Program V & Bad Money Discuss who are their picks to win Champion of the Night/ Who is Favored to win Champion and who is a dark horse pick. & Predicts who will wear the Al Capone Shirt.


50: Undrafted Part 1: ATL Proving Grounds

Every Draft has one prospect the Scouts miss an opportunity one. So Severe was that one prospect. He leaves the Chapter One event with potentially Performance of the night. And France looks to give him his credit and speak to him about the mindset for the battle and much more.


49: Reporting live from ATL with Norbes.

France gets to report live from ATL after the Proving Grounds event, talks about his Mock draft, the setting and brief recap of the event and performances. Prospects that went undrafted and a brief discussion with Norbes towards the end of the night. Monologue on PG event Recap (0:02) Discussion with Norbes (9:40)


48: Loso, Nu Born, Jaz The Rapper: Round Table Battle Rap Discussion

A Schedule Interview with Loso Transpired into a surprise Round Table Forum with more Special Guests. NYC Battle Rappers, Nu Born & Jaz The Rapper join us at the show and we discuss everything. From Mentality of performing, Being the Favorite/Underdog, Popularity, Expansion, Battle Rap Debates on the Best Region and the new generation of battlers in 2018. Loso Talks about his 2018 & NOME8(6:50) Stage condition(13:00) Being the Favorite vs the Underdog(25:00) Loso speaks on Cortez...


47: The 2018 URL Power Rankings: Reviewing the Top 10.

Friend of the Show, Bad Money joins France to chop it up and review and analyze the Official URL 2018 Power Ranking Index. Reviewing the Top 10 of the list before the Ranking polls re-open on September 1st URL POWER RANKINGS as of 8/1/18 1) Tay Roc 2) Rum Nitty 3) Geechi Gotti 4) Nu Jerzey Twork 5) Hollow Da Don 6) O-Red 7) B-Dot 8) JC 9) John John Da Don 10) Shotgun Suge


46: The One On Opposite Day

Jenna and Blue decide to do a opposite week thus making this opposite day. The tag team duo discuss this past week encounters on Raw and Smackdown Live. They also talk about possible teams for the women tag team titles tournament. Jenna and Blue also pick past superstars who should’ve won the WWE/F World Title. Did the duo make it through opposite day? Tune in and find out.


45: ATL Proving aground Mock Draft(Top 3, First Round Picks)

August 4th URL will be having their Chapter one of their Proving Grounds in Atlanta. France has decided to create a Mock draft of the Top 3, First round prospects on this card. And the Top 3, Second Round prospect of this card. To keep an interesting theme and place his predictions on upcoming talent! First Round Picks 1) Gunpowda Pat 2) Don Marino 3) Gauge Second Round Picks 1) J-Slash 2) G-Lowe 3) Aslyum The Crow


44: Prelude into BARS Battle Rap History Book with Author Ryan O'lLary.

We chop it up with Ryan O'Leary. The author of "BARS: The Evolution of Battle Rap in the Internet Age" dropping this summer through IBJ Book Publishing. Pre-order your copy at http://battlerapbook.com We Support all contributors of battle rap especially Contributors to history that was not documented in essence. This book gives us an opportunity to fully write the story of battle rap, its transitions, evolution, generations, eras, Skill growth and the entire market of Being an ACapella...


43: Debo Talks KOTR to QOTR and Female Battle Rap History

Debo the League Owner of Queen of the Ring Days talks about his journey in battle rap. From Grind Season,DEBODVD, the transition of King of the Ring to Queen of the ring, to his love for Female Hip-hop and early QOTR Debo DVDS(2:00) KOTD to QOTR(9:00) Why Female Hiphop matters so much(16:00) Intergender Battles (25:30) QB Appreciation(30:00) Hustle vs E-hart Back Story(37:00) Top 5 Female Battle rappers(53:00)


42: Tim Nelson: Battle Rap Lyrics Transcriber For Genius.com

France & Program V get the opportunity to chop it up with the man behind the curtains on Genius.com Tim Nelson has transcribed over 2000 items for Genius, and he is responsible for 80% of the battle rap Lyrics we see on the website today. We got to discuss how he performs the transcriptions, and who are his favorite lyricist in battle rap. First transcribed Battle(3:00) Why he has decided to Keep track of lyrics (9:00) Difference in Transcribing Performance bars/Schemes(27:00) What is...


41: +/- Southern Crown 3 Recap (Bullpen Battle League)

Fresh off of Bullpen's Southern Crown 3. France & Program V get into a Plus/Minus Recap of the event with a friend of the show named Dreamz. He is a Supporter of the show, and was in the building. We get to discuss the event with the prospective, voice and feel in the building VS the feel of the event from the PPV. Ace Boogie is the next best talent in Bullpen, Whats next for Street Hymns? Is Loso performance against Clone his best this year to date? & Much more !


40: Introduction To Battle Rap Stats & Analytics Part 1

The Man behind the Battle Rap Stats page and data has joined us on the show to give the breakdown of how he is able to apply Statistical Data to a Subjective Art form. In part 1 Battle Rap Stats talks about his background in Hip-hop and his love for Battle Rap. And why he was inspired to build this System. Talks about Time Limits, The Retina Display System, Performance, Content and much more ! This conversation will be continued.