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Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 16 - Stores!

Oh, Toys R Us, what happened to you? Gone are the days when your mom would take you to Toys R Us to buy a toy (just one!) and you would agonize over which toy to get. In this episode, we reminisce about stores that have come and gone.


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 15 - Toys n' Games n' Things!

Ho ho ho! It’s Christmas time and we take a walk down memory lane to talk about our favorite toys and games from our childhoods. We even talk about some of our favorite neighborhood games! Old mother witchy, are you ready…for this podcast?


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 14 - Our Favorite Horror Films!

Happy Halloween! Besides eating our wait in candy every year, we also like to watch scary movies to get into the "spirit" of Halloween. In this episode, we talk about our favorite horror movies. What horror movies would make your list?


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 13 - Phobias!

Boo! It's almost Halloween so we decided to talk about some of our own personal phobias. Who's afraid of ghosts, who's afraid of snakes, who's afraid of cheese? Find out in our latest episode...if you dare!


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 12 - Music Challenge: Round 2!

Round 2 - FIGHT! In this episode, we challenged each other to listen to some more albums. From classics like The Cars to newer artists such as Hop Along, we talk about a wide variety of great music! Check it out!


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 11 - Our Favorite Music Videos!

Ah, MTV, what happened to you? You used to play so many cool music videos. We used to sit in front of the TV with our eyes glued to the screen watching classic music videos from Madonna, David Lee Roth, Duran Duran and Pat Benatar. In this episode, we reminisce about the good ol' days when the M in MTV actually stood for something!


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 10 - Cartoons!

Who remembers getting up at 7am on Saturday morning with your bowl of Cookie Crisp and watching such classics as Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny? How about coming home from school and sitting in the front of the TV with your bowl of Alphabits and watching Thundercats and Transformers? In this episode, we talk about a bygone era when it was so great to be a kid.


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 9 - Our Favorite 90's Movies!

Fred and Darryl talk about their favorite 90s movies while Rob takes a nap. Apparently Rob never left the house in the 90s but Fred and Darryl ventured out to see such classics as Silence of the Lambs, A Fish Called Wanda and Jurassic Park. So put the lotion in the basket and join us for an hour of 90s memories. Put the effin' lotion in the basket!!


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 8 - Our Favorite 80's Movies!

Dear 80s, thank you for creating some of the best movies of all time. From Goonies to Raiders of the Lost Ark, it sure was a great time to be a kid. In this episode, we look back on our favorite movies of the 80s. Who could forget Clue or Vacation? We miss you, 80s. Please come back. Love, The Frigs.


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 7 - Our Favorite 70's Movies!

In space, no one can hear you scream...nor can you listen to this podcast. Even though we were just wee little lads in the 70s, we still have lots of great memories of that decade's movies. Who can forget the terrifying shark from Jaws, the horrifying Alien and the disgusting pea soup spewing Linda Blair? We talk about all of those unforgettable classics and more in this week's episode!


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 6 - Things That Wouldn't Fly Today!

Oh no they didn't! Oh yes, they did. In the 70s and 80s, no one batted an eyelash when certain taboo topics were discussed. Racism? Check! Homophobia? Sure! Underage sex stuff? You betcha! It was a different time back then and now some of these topics would be frowned upon. So, buckle up snowflakes, because we take a dive into topics that would no longer be cool today.


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 5 - We Expose Ourselves...To New Music!

In our last episode, we gave our ourselves a challenge: to expose each other to new music! We each picked three albums (some new and some old) and we all had to listen to them and provide commentary. Did we like them? Did we hate them? We take a deep dive into each album to discuss their qualities (and Darryl takes an oddly obsessive interest in the sound quality for some reason). To follow along, here are the albums we reviewed (all can be found on Spotify): Sia - 1000 Forms of...


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 4 - Music Consumption!

How do you consume your music? Streaming? Radio? CDs? With a little rosemary and thyme with a sprinkle of sea salt? Today's episode is all about how music consumption has changed through the years. So drag out your old turntables and vinyl records and settle down for a nice, relaxing nostalgic journey through the last 5 decades!


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 3 - Snacks!

Do you remember Quisp cereal? How about Necco Wafers, Big League Chew, Pudding Pops? What started out as a discussion about food turned into a nostalgic look at our favorite sugary snacks! Warning: this episode my put you into sugar shock!


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 2 - Reboots!

In our second podcast, we talk about the reboot craze that is taking the entertainment industry over by storm. Do we welcome the idea or do we think it is just indicative of a lazy Hollywood that is devoid of new ideas? Find out the answer to that exciting question and MORE in this week's episode!


Listen Up Ya Frigs: Episode 1 - Sequels!

In this episiode, we talk about sequels, some we love, some we hate, and some that never should have been made at all.