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Literary Loitering 95 - The House on Harry Hill

Under normal circumstances (or what passes as normal around here), we’d take our rickety wagon of cultural anarchy and meander along until we found some oddity or weirdness that we could talk about, but at certain points in the time someone else kindly does the job for us. That’s right. It’s time for one of our favourite annual awards - The Bookseller’s Diagram Prize for the Oddest Book Title of the Year! But before we get into that there are a few items of note, like Isabella Rossellini’s...


Literary Loitering 94 - Tanned Gingers From Outer Space

Apparently there’s a new way to become a published author - get a job in Trump’s White House and get fired from it. Our resident cultural anarchists return to offer up a heap of interesting tidings from all sorts of places, beginning with Anthony Scaramucci who lasted in his role of in the White House and has now published a book about it. After a brief interlude to admire a statue of Matilda facing down a cartoonish Donald Trump outside Roald Dahl’s house it’s time to find out why Mr. Darcy...


Literary Loitering 93 - 2 Little 2 Women

This week Graham and Andrew discover that they may not be the bastions of sanity and elegance that they thought they were as Producer Rob is away, so they now have free reign to take the show in a more studied and genteel direction. Unfortunately their inner cultural anarchists disagreed with their decision. Alongside all of those shenanigans our intrepid duo are confused about the unusual U.S. renaming of Stuart Turton’s novel The Seven Deaths of Elizabeth Hardcastle, discover the ultimate...


Literary Loitering 92 - The Lost City of Scotlantis

The junk wagon of cultural anarchy rolls into town again with Andrew, Graham and Producer Rob riding in the back … hang on … WHO’S DRIVING? And since we’re travelling at the speed of a decrepit milk float, do we really need a driver? Anyway, things have been happening in the world. The Future Library burying books in a forest near Oslo, the Nobel Prize for Literature has been cancelled but already has a replacement award, the author of Crazy Rich Asians could see in the new year in jail,...


Literary Loitering 91 - Gerry Anderson's Space Deliverance

Has anyone else noticed that stories about the Trump presidency are beginning to sound more like stories from Game of Thrones that didn’t make the cut? Adding to the whirlwinds of controversy surrounding The Don of the U.S. government is Unhinged - a new tell-all book by former Trump aide (which, now that we say it, sounds like some kind of gastric medicine), Omarosa Newman. As part of her publicity drive she has also released several recordings that she made during her time as part of the...


Literary Loitering 90 - Twaddle, Youth Ninjas!

There are three Brontë sisters, and since we’re missing a Graham this week we decided to find out which of our three intrepid cultural anarchists (Sarah, Andrew and Producer Rob), could be the reincarnation of which Brontë sister. We find out the truth at the end of the show, we just hope that Graham isn’t Bramwell … Also, don’t ask which of the Brontë’s was the best as you may start a rumble in certain circles. Before all of that though, things have been happening in the strange world of...


Literary Loitering 89 - All Stork, No Chin

The calamitous cultural anarchists have wandered haphazardly into town again, and this time they’ve brought a friend on their never-ending quest for snacks and a comfy place to take a nap. Kicking things off this week is our usual Game of Thrones-watch, which this time doesn’t involve Grr Martin but does involve the possibility that maps of Westeros could be used to assist in a real-world prison break. We’re a bit confused by that as well. After that there’s something spicy with details of...


Literary Loitering 88 - Tales From Fort Peddlesmut: The Big Cocky Dragon Slayer

Don’t trust fairies and other fey creatures like unicorns. After that public service announcement it’s time for our resident cultural anarchists to venture into the murky dystopia of literature and the arts where they discover racism from the creator of Little House on the Prairie, authors retiring then making comebacks, essays about … essays (and Trump), the rise of Cockybot (pun very much intended), Elon Musk’s ideal utopia, how to defy ISIS with empty cans of date syrup, and a lot of...


Literary Loitering 87 - He's Got The Whole World In His Koozie

Cultural anarchy reigns once more, and to kick things off this week we’ve got another Game-Of-Thrones-watch! So what has Grr Martin been up to this time? We find out before we return to the ongoing “Cocky” copyright saga, followed by a brief stop to find out why the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for comic literature is taking a break this year (the reason is amazing!). After that it’s time for another one of our notorious quizzes where there are no winners … and this time it’s about...


Literary Loitering 86 - Captain Swallow: Scourge of All Seamen

We’re a man down this week, but since it’s the most sensible of our three amigos it’s up to Andrew and Producer Rob to offer a half-hearted Amigo Salute before settling down to the serious business of cultural anarchy. So what do we have in store this time? Well, John le Carré has been pouring all kinds of scorn on British politics while parents are changing children’s stories if they’re deemed “too scary” … whatever that means. In other news, Grr Martin is apparently doing a lot of stuff,...


Literary Loitering 85 - Middle-Class Oedipus Rex

An annual, grandiose and symbolic event is upon us once again, but before we get into all of that we find out that domestic dramas are apparently crowding out traditional fantasy fiction in children’s books. It’s then time for a long-haul art vandal in the family, fake terrorist movie promotions, and the rising threat of political correctness to the great British double entendre. After that it’s time for a journey of discovery as Andrew takes Graham and Producer Rob 50 million years forward...


Literary Loitering 84 - Middle-Class Mutant Hipster Turtles

We’re a man down this week, but the solemn duty of being a cultural anarchist cannot be stopped by a mere superhero movie, no matter how justified the antagonist is. Two Thanoses (is that the correct plural, or is it like octopus so it would be Thani?), do not make a right. Kicking things off is the unsurprising (seriously, if you’re still shocked by this where have you been?), news that Grr Martin will not release the Winds of Winter in 2018, but will release another, Westeros-related book...


Literary Loitering 83 - John Updike's Pee Maze

This week we get acquainted with the power of language via the medium of Sean Penn’s debut novel Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, after which we find that an unnamed male author has claimed that he’s living proof that men can write believable female characters (we’re confused as well, but that claim has led to a rather hilarious Twitter challenge). In other news, Neil Gaiman is going to produce a new TV adaptation of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast novels, and Choose Your Own Adventure books make...


Literary Loitering 82 - Peter Rabbit's Soul-Sucking Eldritch Abomination

We begin this episode with the shocking revelation that schools are teaching children to not only read classic literature, but to understand it as well. The surprises continue when we discover a surprising inclusion in an Indian children’s book about inspirational leaders, and that Beatrix Potter probably wouldn’t have been happy with the new Peter Rabbit movie. Then, after a brief interlude on Broadway for a “controversial” new production of To Kill a Mockingbird it’s off to Paris, France...


Literary Loitering 81 - Unlock The Summer Beef Closet

Kicking things off is the news that there’s a new fantasy sheriff in town – or there will be soon as Discworld’s Ankh-Morpork City Watch are getting their own TV series (which makes us very, very happy). After that we discover that someone else has discovered a lock of what is possibly George Washington’s hair in an old almanac, get some reasons to be optimistic from Talking Heads front man David Byrne, applaud Dolly Parton’s generous book donations, wonder why Terry Goodkind doesn’t like...


Literary Loitering 80 - Jeff Goldblum: Interdimensional Sex God

After a decent hiatus for showbiz purposes, our infamous books, arts and culture podcast returns with all of the panache of a drunken screening of a Carry On movie. Kicking off the news for 2018 is Grr Martin's hint that the long-awaited Winds of Winter won't be out this year (much to the surprise of nobody). After that it's a rip-roaring ride of discovery with children's books about fantastically great women, gender bias in kid's fiction, George A. Romero's unfinished zombie tales, Sean...


Literary Loitering 79 - Selfies With Malice and Forethought

It’s the last show of 2017 and we’ve swapped our Graham for a Mick. In other news, the winner of the Bad Sex in Fiction Award has been announced, a 12 year-old photographer causes giraffe-based flashbacks for Andrew, selfies get their own museum and Texas prisons have some rather strange policies on books … Speaking of which, our featured books are The Dark North by Martin Dunellind (with artwork by Peter Bergting, Henrik Petterson, Jaokim Ericsson, Magnus Olsson and Lukas Thelin), and The...


Literary Loitering 78 - Lie Back and Think of Kierkegaard

Get your ballet dancers and rollercoasters ready because it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and as always the nominations for Literary Review's Bad Sex in Fiction award deliver. After that exciting opening (pun very much intended), it’s a veritable cavalcade of oddities including Sean Penn’s unknown author, Scrabble king bans, careless reading of science fiction (which may cost lives but more research is needed), and a dead grasshopper ... Our featured books are The Iscariot Sanction...


Literary Loitering 77 - The Handible of Justice

The Word of the Year is upon us once more, which heralds the steady march to Christmas – a time for twisted firestarters and Graham’s favourite index entries. While we were all dealing with fake news though, the Victoria & Albert Museum made another strange acquisition, some Labour MPs reviewed a play, John Donne apparently liked to make smutty jokes, and we discover an amazing marble run. We also have a quiz about the language of swing – specifically the strange things that musical...


Literary Loitering 76 - Cockermouth Tends to Stick in the Mind

While we were trying to figure if Biloxi in Mississippi was a real or imaginary we stumbled upon an amazing correction from the New York. Also, how do you “decolonise” and English literature syllabus? Our featured book is The Lazarus Gate (Book 1 of The Apollonian Case Files), by Mark A. Latham. Please support The Geek Show Podcast Network on Patreon - #TheLazarusGate #TheApollonianCaseFiles #MarkALatham #Fantasy #Mystery #Detective #Victorian...