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Grapes of Wrath of Khan – 072

The love of Ricardo and Georgiana Montalban: Star Trek meets Corinthian leather on Fantasy Island; Foreplay chardonnay or “wining” about winter in the South Dakota vineyards; Love and laughter On the Road with sage stylist Alesia in Omaha; A Great Joy - A Tale from The Heart of America about when history reaches out to touch you back. This Love in America Podcast originally aired April 14, 2018 as Episode 27 - Grapes of Wrath of Khan CREDITS: (Like...


The Right Stuff for Love – 071

John Glenn and Annie Glen - love is in the stars with one small step for a man and one giant leap for love. From tractor puller to celestial being, On the Road with Kathy at the North Stonington Ag Fair in Connecticut. Lovin SoDak - where stars don’t only come out at night, they come out all day. And, our Tales from The Heart of America original narrative reveals that our years are stars, our lives a constellation - a story called Goodbye Orion. **This Love in America Podcast originally...


Ladies First – 070

Carol Burnett and her love story with life - you’ll be glad we had this time together; On the Road stays close to home with two powerful women in one - and woe to them who stand in the way of either - Deadwood’s own Calamity Jane, actress Jena Sierks; Lovin SoDak is a slew of ladies showing their... grit, in Deadwood; and our original Tale from The Heart of America is a narrative of a woman who’s strength turned struggle into kindness, Karma Margo. **This Love in America Podcast originally...


Love & Haight – 069

Doc Holliday and Kate Elder - the passionate Old West tale of a gentleman dentist and a cultured dance hall girl; Boxers and woodpeckers share hard knocks in Deadwood; Taj brings forth love from Haight (Ashbury!); an original Tales from the Heart of America, Road Worn, tells the story of a well-worn highway. This episode of Love In America Podcast originally aired on March 17, 2018. CREDITS: Links: John Henry (Doc) Holliday and Mary Katharine...


No Greater Love – 68

Pat and Marie Tillman...and Joe Shenton - an inspiring story of love and devotion begins this episode on love in the military! Discipline can be funny, especially when it doesn’t happen to you; military marriage with the US Army and Lehigh Valley, PA’s Kyle and Megan Dalpais; an original Tale from The Heart of America tribute to a Coast Guardsman and dad - USS Vaudeville. *Originally broadcast June 16, 2018* CREDITS: Links: The Love Story...


Just Imagine – 067

Fred and Joanne Rogers’ imaginative love story opens this episode of Love in America - Just Imagine! Also, love from the Karma Triyana Dharmachakra Buddhist Monastery in Woodstock NY; an off-the-hoof idea for a Deadwood sporting event: The Running of the Buffalo!; An original Tale from The Heart of America titled Can You Imagine? CREDITS: All this and more on this episode of Love in America. Links: Lead in song: Lovity Love by...


Playing Favorites, Too – 066

Alice and Sheryl Cooper Welcome you to their Lovin’ Nightmare (we hope they don’t scare you!) Also, come on a pre-journey to the Love in America 2019 Road. From across the country, hear fellow American’s answers to the question: “What is Love?” Finally, our original from Tale from the Heart of America is a story for when you need a little pick me up, called: We all Fall Down. CREDITS: (Like the podcast? For as little as $1 a month you can...


Playing Favorites – 065

George and Margaret Westinghouse offer a “powerful” love from American history as we go back for seconds on two favorite stories. In the other, we take you On the Road to Cheboygan, Michigan, to meet a man “recalled to life” by his kids. In our original Tales from the Heart of America, an example of the melting pot of love in America in a story called, Love from Jamaica… and New Jersey. CREDITS: (Like the podcast? For as little as $1 a month you...


Hands Across the Water – 064

Jeb and Columba Bush and their Schoolhouse Rock love story - an international couple with a Tex-Mex flair. Come On the Road with us to Kennebunk, Maine, and farmer-adventurers Dom and Dan, showing there’s great love in being the annelida lumbricus to another’s flower. Then, what does it mean to be a mixed-nativity couple in South Dakota? And, in our original Tales from the Heart of America, the love of new encounters when “we are not knowing this life” in a story called, Big Time. (Like the...


Believe It Or Not – 063

Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft, interfaith couples have faith in mixed doubles! An elegant Catholic girl from the Bronx falls for a goofy Jewish boy from Brooklyn. On the Road to Portlandia with the Pagan/humanist love of Jade and Ben. Tales from the Heart of America makes divine introductions with the story, God Is... (Like the podcast? Support Love in America on Patreon: Links: Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft: From It’s Good to be the King, by James...


The Second Time Around – 062

Marie Osmond and Steve Craig’s Déjà vu of love and other couples who remarry...each other! Baron and Luwanna - a Montana couple On the Road who vowed to love each other for better or worse, and for better again. Why did Sioux Falls SD once hold the title of “Divorce Capital of the Nation”? Guest Friends and Lovers narrative is a tale from Savannah Summers about the wishes children of divorce sometimes make, and what happened when hers came true. (Like the podcast? Contribute to Love in...


The Spirit of Radio – 061

Paul Harvey and Angel with “the rest of the love story” and the spirit of radio! From Marconi to an FM romance, we start with a Maine attraction - veteran radio pro Ken Main and his wireless partner, Penny Mills. Our Guest Friends and Lovers narrative is a radio-inspired poem about kids’ definitions of love called, A Day Full. (Like the podcast? For as little as $1 a month you can Become a Patron of Love in America: Links: Paul and Lynne (Angel) Harvey:...


Golden Years – 060

Betty White and Allen Ludden have a Love in History including chickens that ended one marriage and became date night in another. Other tales of growing old together in love include a wartime South Dakota romance starting at Grandma’s House and continuing today, as long as she says he needs her. On the Road takes you to Myron and Nadine, proving that Happily Ever After can strike twice and why feathers are vital to a lasting relationship. Our original Tale from the Heart of America shares...


Ladies First – 059

Shootists Annie Oakley and Frank Butler help us celebrate Women’s History Month with a frontier flair, including the story of a determined 1880’s Deadwood physician pioneer, Dr. Flora Stanford. On The Road takes you with us to North Carolina for a downhome take on love with the ladies of the Min-O-Pon Bait, Tackle, and Restaurant. Finally, Women’s History on two wheels: ride with us through a Tale from The Heart of America, Motor Maids and Bubblegum. (Like the podcast? For as little as $1 a...


Love Unexpected – 058

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet’s love story starts with a smitten eight-year-old, and continues today in an unexpectedly blended family. Buet then, love is often unexpected, and always exceptional, as in South Dakota where, no matter whether in love or’ll never see this Lovin SoDak story coming! Love On the Road brings you to a Buddhist monk in a Des Moines Greek restaurant quoting the Bible - A truly American encounter! Our original Tale from the Heart of America narrative, “No...


Lovesmiths – 057

Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody - My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father. Prepare to... hear the story behind their love! Speaking of love and blades, what do South Dakota, swords, and love have in common? Then come On the Road with us to Kenosha, WI and the Renaissance of love stories at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. And, an original Tale from The Heart of America explores the connection between love and katana swords in a story called, Lovesmithing. (Like the podcast? For as...


The Afterlife of Love – 056

Tabitha and Stephen King: Can horror and the afterlife be elements of love? A resounding YES from this love story from The Afterlife of Love...and vice versa! From the beautiful Lakota vision of “walking on” to another native culture’s kinky eternal dinner party, Love in America explores love and life after death. We’ll take you across the US, revealing American thoughts on love after death, including a meeting in the hereafter in a San Francisco in a love story that starts in grief and ends...


The Mecca of Love – 055

Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue - two feminists walk into a green room; it’s not a joke, but this American love story has plenty of funny! Come with us on our haj to the Mecca of Love in America and discover that love and humor aren’t the only reasons to love Americans from the Middle East; there’s also hamsters and lingerie! We feature a gift from Heaven, or at least Egypt, as we go On the Road with a Muslim couple in Buffalo, New York. Our Friends and Lovers guest narrative explains how the...


I Love New York – 054

Anne and Kirk Douglas’ Hollywood love story brings you the tale of the Gladiator of Love, and the woman who had him committed - in her own way. Love in New York starts with a story of East meets West and what happens when New Yorkers come to experience the summer attractions of the Black Hills… in the winter. On the Road takes you to Ticonderoga, New York, and a love that began with a drunken Christmas and red wine allergy, only to wake up on the cover of a Harlequin romance. Our Friends and...


Mixed Doubles – 053

Richard and Mildred Loving’s courage and devotion brought biracial marriage into the fold of American love stories, a legacy seen On the Road with us in Woodstock, New York with a fairytale romance between Shrek and Cinderella (also known as Rico and… Cinderella) and in South Dakota’s own Love Pioneers - Rupert and Dee Nelson. Our Friends and Lovers guest narrative comes to from writer Carmel Jones in a tale called, The Night I Survived Dinner With His Parents. (Like the podcast? For as...