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Dan Palmer talking about permaculture and life and creation and related stuff (e16)

So this episode is a talk I gave on a beautiful farm called Mossy Willow Farm last weekend. The event and the talk were organised by Dumbo Feather and I thank them so much for the opportunity - I had myself a lovely time and the talk led to some awesome conversations afterward. During the talk I paraphrase this quote from Peter Senge: It's common to say that trees come from seeds. But how can a tiny seed create a huge tree? Seeds do not contain the resources need to grow a tree. These must...


Exploring Synergies between Possibility Management and Permaculture with Clinton Callahan (E15)

Dan Palmer, Anne-Chloé Destremau, and Clinton Callahan at an Expand the Box Training in Wellington, NZ, February 2019 This conversation dives into the synergies between Permaculture and something called Possibility Management. It was my honour to be able to explore these synergies directly with Clinton Callahan. Clinton is the originator of Possibility Management, which has now been around about as long as permaculture. For 40 years possibility management has been an evolving portal into...


Meg McGowan’s Take on Permaculture Design Process (E14)

Meg McGowan In this episode I inquire into Australian permaculturalist Meg McGowan's design process. It is a rich chat in which Meg shares many brilliant insights after working as a permaculture design process facilitator / coach for many years. Meg out there taking it to the people... I met Meg at the 14th Australiasian Permaculture Convergence in April 2018 and was struck by her passion and clarity. While I didn't manage to get a selfie with Meg at the event this character did... David...


Morag Gamble on Permaculture, Life, and Citizen Design (E13)

In this episode I speak with Morag Gamble from Our Permaculture Life, the Permaculture Education Institute, and her very active youtube channel. I'm still getting to know Morag after meeting her recently at the fourteenth Australasian Permaculture Convergence. Morag attended sessions I lead on both Making Permaculture Stronger and Living Design Process and afterward we had the best conversation about it all. But I didn't realise how on the same page we were, and how much longer Morag had...


Joel Glanzberg on Permaculture’s Potential to Serve Life (E12)

In this episode I speak with permaculture elder Joel Glanzberg from Pattern Mind, Regenesis Group and the Tracking Project. Early in the conversation, Joel refers to his 30 Years Greening the Desert project which you can learn about in this clip:  We also refer to Joel's Open Letter and Plea to the Permaculture Movement. Here is a more recent article in which Joel writes beautifully about the necessary transformation toward life at a world-view level. Here's a poignant excerpt: Holding my...


Dan Palmer’s Journey with Permaculture Design Process and David Holmgren’s Response (E11)

This episode is a recording of a session during a four-day workshop that was run last week by David Holmgren from Holmgren Design and Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger. The workshop was entitled Advanced Permaculture Planning and Design Process, and this episode shares the story of Dan's personal journey with permaculture design process, to which David responds with something of his own story. Here is a photo of Dan sharing his story... ...and David responding... Huge thanks to...


Jascha Rohr on the Field Process Model (E10)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger speaks with Jascha Rohr from the Institute for Participatory Design which is based in Oldenburg, Germany. With his partner Sonja Hörster, Jascha has created a fascinating and powerful way of framing design process they call the Field Process Model. The Field Process Model brings together inspiration from Bill Mollison's core model and Christopher Alexander's generative process against the philosophical backdrop of field theory...


Robyn Francis on her Permaculture Journey (E09)

In this episode Dan from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a conversation with permaculture elder Robyn Francis from Djanbung Gardens. Amongst other things Robyn shares on: Her recent return to India (having in 1987 co-taught India's first permaculture design certificate or PDC course alongside Bill Mollison) What she was up to before hearing about permaculture When and how she got involved in permaculture Her own impressions of Bill Mollison's character having worked alongside him How she...


A Second Dialogue with Dave Jacke (E08)

Dave during the chat with Dan In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys another high-energy, cut to the chase dialogue with Dave Jacke from Edible Forest Gardens. The first episode/instalment can be found here. This second instalment of an energy-rich conversation that is far from done includes: Dan sharing his recent feeling that in framing permaculture design processes using linear-sequence-implying flow charts a (kind of big) mistake is being made Dave putting...


Hannah Moloney on Permaculture Design, Business, and Life (E07)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a rich conversation with his friend and permaculture colleague Hannah Moloney from Good Life Permaculture in Hobart. Hannah and Dan explore: How Hannah got into all this Hannah's journey working as a professional permaculture designer The permaculture design process Hannah uses The tension between providing a service people are willing to pay for and honouring sound process at the same time Much more Here are some of...


In Dialogue with Dave Jacke (E06)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a high-energy, cut to the chase dialogue with Dave Jacke from Edible Forest Gardens. Dave and Dan explore: Dave's 38+ year journey with design process and permaculture including: his first design project at Simon's Rock College his initial contact with permaculture and then Bill Mollison his initial contact with the writings of Christopher Alexander (especially Alexander's 1964 book Notes on the Synthesis of Form) his...


Darren J. Doherty on Design Process, the Regrarians Approach, and Making Permaculture Stronger (E05)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a wide-ranging conversation with Darren J. Doherty from Darren and Dan explore: Darren's 25-year journey with design process including: how he got started key influences along the way key realisations along the way The Regrarians Works Pattern and the Regrarians Platform The current state and trajectory of permaculture including why good people so often seem to leave The relationship of Darren and the...


In Dialogue with Ben Falk (E04)

In this episode Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger enjoys a rich dialogue with Ben Falk from Whole Systems Design. Dan and Ben explore issues and themes around: heathy living processes of design and creation working with clients the relation of necessity to beauty part of what it might mean to enjoy an authentic, healthy, connected life.


Alex Bayley on Agile Permaculture (E03)

In this track Dan chats with Alex Bayley about the agile software development movement and permaculture design process. Alex has a blog series exploring these topics here.


Bridget O’Brien on Permaculture Design and Adapt – the Game (E02)

On June 22nd, 2017, Dan Palmer recorded this lovely chat with Bridget O'Brien about her work on permaculture design process as part of her permaculture board game she's called "Adapt" (check it out here).


Rosemary Morrow on Permaculture Design Process (E01)

In this podcast Dan Palmer from Making Permaculture Stronger chats with Rosemary Morrow about permaculture design process.