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Hear the latest Marvel TV, Film & Comic Book news

Hear the latest Marvel TV, Film & Comic Book news
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Hear the latest Marvel TV, Film & Comic Book news






Mighty Marvel Geeks 210: Men On Comics With JTC

And now for something completely different! Your Intrepid Trio is all present and accounted for, but we have friend of the show and Star Wars line cover artist extraordinaire John Tyler Christopher in the Lair with us this week…and he is INTERVIEWING US!! Sort of, anyway. So, kick back and enjoy the issue and prepare because the tangent train is about to leave the station Intel Debrief Avengers: Infinty War discussion P.O.W. (Picks Of the Week) Marvel Unlimited P.O.W.


Mighty Marvel Geeks 209: One Is A Bat, One Is A Quack

The Intrepid Trio are coming at ya like gangbusters with all of the Marvel news you can use. From movies to mobile games, we have it all! Kick back, relax, and prepare for the MMG download!! Intel Debrief Wolverine's hot new ability Live Guadians show and the Asgardians of the Galaxy?! Netflix series news That Spiderverse trailer!! P.O.W.(Picks Of the Week) Marvel Unlimites P.O.W.


Mighty Marvel Geeks 208: No Glass Eye For This Guy

The Intrepid Trio are all present and accounted for in this new issue of MMG. Prepare for more news and insight than you can throw a radioactive spider at! Oh, and marvel at the return of Marvel Family Feud!! Intel Debrief Marvel Family Feud News about the upcoming Spider-Man game What's up with the new Marvel Battle Card Game? Update on the Fox/Disney merger Titus O'Neil Lockjaw ends up in the DCU...momentarily The lost Captain America Easter Egg Need new Bluetooth OR wired headphones? …...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 207: Heather Antos As Gwenpool

The Intrepid Trio is back at full force and ready to bring you a brand new issue of MMG! This we have a guest in the Lair, Heather Antos, former Marvel editor and current Editor in Chief of Unikrn, the worldwide leader in Esports betting. She gives us the lowdown from how she started in comics to Gwenpool to her current job. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the conversation. Intel Debrief The path to Marvel Her transition from DC to Marvel Star Wars much? Unikrn Gwenpool What it feels like to see...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 206: Where’s Eric, Um, Ah, Adam?

This week it is the Intrepid Duo holding it down at the Above-Ground, Underwater, Sub-Orbital, Volcano Lair. Agent Eric is away on mission with Junior Agent Mac. But, we have plenty of news to give you the lowdown on, along with our Picks of the Week and Marvel Unlimited. Intel Debrief Comcast wants to get in on the action, but why? Why is the MCU so successful, but the comics are struggling? Where is Adam Warlock? Marvel’s Captain Marvel is gonna be a gamechanger! Annette Benning! Simon...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 205.1: Infinite Picks

Soooo...the issue ran long and you know what that means...A BACKSTORY ISSUE FOR P.O.W.!! We run a little loose with this and talk some non Marvel stuff, but it is still, mostly, Marvel stuff..listen and you'll see what we mean. Intel Debief -P.O.W.(Picks Of the Week) -Marvel Unlimited P.O.W.


Mighty Marvel Geeks 205: Infinite Spoilers

With Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War behind us, your Intrepid Trio gather to shore up their resolve and talk this out! So, grab your security blanket and that box of tissues because it is time to process! Intel Debrief -What will Phase 4 look like? -Which Nova will we get? -Moon Knight?! -All of Infinity War


Mighty Marvel Geeks 204: Infinite Wait For Cameron

After a week off the Intrepid Trio, minus one, is back to hit you with a full dose of Marvel news. This week issue seems to be filled with movie news, so buckle up and prepare for the download! Intel Debrief Avenger's; Infinity War spoiler free review What about Adam Warlock? James Cameron's Sour Grapes Is Nova Joining the MCU? Marvel's plans for Prince Namor Fleer Ultra X-Men trading cards return Upcoming slate of Marvel Movies P.O.W.(Picks of the Week) Marvel Unlimited P.O.W.


Mighty Marvel Geeks 203: Life Imitates Comic Book Art

Hey there!! The Intrepid Trio is in full force and prepped to hit you with all of the Marvel news that you can stand! So, get ready to go from movies, to comics, to TV, and then to the parks!! Yeah, that's right, we have it all for ya! So, kick back and listen! Intel Debrief Is Uncle Stan have troubles? A very unMarvel like adventure! Avengers: Infinity War is breaking records...and how about Thanos' herald? Is Secret Wars coming to the big screen? Ready for more Jessica Jones? Things are...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 202: It’s All About The Spiderverse

It’s the Intrepid Trio minus one one this week. Agent Eric is away on a special assignment, so the lair is being staffed by mike and Kylan. But, don’t you fret! There’s plenty of news and discussion to be had! This issue covers it all from the MCU to your gaming console! Just take a load off and listen! Intel Debrief Rumors from the Venom set! Black Panther keeps breaking records and making history The pesky MCU timeline issue finally gets addressed Is the MCU cosmic side about to grow? A...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 201.3: West Coast Picks

With the issue being so big, we had to spin off the Picks Of The Week(P.O.W.) with a .3 edition. The Intrepid Trio chat a bit, but then get into their picks, along with the Marvel Unlimited P.O.W. Enjoy!!


Mighty Marvel Geeks 201: Going West With Bob Hall

Your Intrepid Trio has assembled in the Above-Ground, Underwater, Sub-Orbital, Volcano Lair to interview legendary Marvel writer and Artist, Bob Hall. Along with being one of the people responsible for bringing to us the West Coast Avengers, he also had a hand in the classic Marvel Team-Up that featured Saturday Night Live's Not Ready For Prime Time Players! Intel Debrief -How The West Coast Avengers happened -What started Bob drawing comics? -What effect did his theater background have on...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 200: Getting Squirrely With Ryan North

The Intrepid Trio is back for their SUPER 200TH ISSUE!! And you know if it's a big issue, we have to have a big guest! This time we have Ryan North of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Fame! We gave him a lanyard and everything for this one! Intel Debrief Ryan Shares his Marvel journey His feelings on Shakespeare The surprising Ravenna Connection Squirrel Girl team-ups that we'd love to see Marvel characters Ryan would love to write for His Marvel Must Reads POW(Picks Of the Week) Marvel...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 199: Plural Of Thanos Is Ethan Sacks

Your Intrepid Trio is back, and this time with Marvel Comics writer Ethan Sacks. Come on in and listen while we talk Marvel, writing, the importance of comic shops, and his idea for a Netflix series!! Intel Debrief A writer's secret origin story Star Wars leads to Old Man Hawkeye George RR Martin on death scenes Why comics and comic shops are important Marvel Influential writers Ethan Sacks' must read titles P.O.W.(Picks of the Week) Marvel Unlimited POW


Mighty Marvel Geeks 198: Push It Back, Way Back

It's another info packed week of Marvel goodness and your Intrepid Trio is here to suss and discuss! From comics to clothing, we got you covered! So, just kick back, relax, and let the Marvel news wash over you! Infinity War is moving? The truth about Baby Groot Black Panter's numbers Where was Bucky during Black Panther? Ryan Coogler's open letter Silver Surfer may have a cinematic future? Infinity War Toys P.O.W.(Picks of the Week) Marvel Unlimited


Mighty Marvel Geeks 197: #FlyCheesesteakFly

With a week fill of Mighty Marvel news only your Intrepid Trio is brave enough to dive in and sort it out for your consumption! This has been a full week, so let's get to it!! Intel Debrief Mike Talks about Marvel Relaunch Eric gets animated over the new Moon Girl animated series Kylan gives a peek of what Ep 100 of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. HAS IN STORE News from Toy Fair Black Panther's record braking numbers Sony's CEO throws a Sandwich at Kevin Feige P.O.W.(Picks Of the Week) Marvel...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 196: What A Roller Coaster Ride

Looking for Marvel news? The Intrepid Trio is back, in full force, with the news you can use! Travelling the world from Wakanda to Hollywood, we got it all!! Intel Debrief Black Panther spoiler-free review Disney Parks Marvel plans Who is piloting that Lego Hulkbuster? A-Force coming to the MCU? Kraven was almost in Black Panther...sorta P.O.W.(Picks Of the Week) Marvel Unlimited


Mighty Marvel Geeks 195: Not A Filter, It’s My Voice

Your Intrepid Trio is back...minus one, sorta. Eric is out, but sent his pics and is with us in spirit. This week's issue is a little different and bit more freewheeling because we are not on Sorcerer Radio this week. So, you're getting the pur podcast version of the show. Kick back and enjoy! Intel Debrief Jessica Jones Season 2 trailer talk Donald Glover on the pressure of Star Wars and Atlanta fandom vs Deadpool Marvel Studios 10 year Anniversary Pic Marvel Studios 10 year Anniversary...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 194: Marvel Grand Pubah

Hey everybody! It's a week chocked full of Marvel news and the Intrepid Trio is here to give it to you the only way we can!! From the possible merger and mutants to our favorite Agents on hiatus, we have it here for you!! Intel Debrief What does the merger mean for the X-Men in the MCU? Marvel Grand Pubah, Kevin Feige, tells the world when and if. DCEU fans wanna fight dirty Tom Hardy on Venom wrapping up filming Impressions of the Ant-Man and The Wasp trailer Black Panther's sister Shuri...


Mighty Marvel Geeks 193: It Just Doesn’t Matter

This week, Intrepid Trio brings to you an issue filled to the rafters with Marvel News! This issue features Oscar-talk and movie news, as well as TV and comic info gleaned from the web just for you!! Intel Debrief Hugh Jackman responds to Logan's Oscar nod Black Widow movie news Amazing Spider-Man gets a friend? First look at Captain Marvel New Ghost Rider revealed And More Plus P.O.W.!(Picks of the Week)