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The podcast about maternal figures and mommy issues.

The podcast about maternal figures and mommy issues.


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The podcast about maternal figures and mommy issues.




EP10: Mother Earth and Mother Nature

In the final episode of the season, we’re focusing on Mother Earth. We talk to microbiologist Maya about researching the tiniest living parts of the natural world, accounting for bias, plant emotions, and the ecstatic delight of slime blobs. Topics Touched: plant diseases, creepy plant metaphors for human bodies, the handful of differences between humans … Continue reading EP10: Mother Earth and Mother Nature →


EP09.5: Duncan and Sweet Sweet (Bonus Content)

Wren describes his home life with cats Duncan, a massively kingly whiner, and Sweet Sweet, a deadly assassin, who would probably for that very reason make a great mom.


EP09: Wild Critters

This week we welcome poet and shark-lover Wren to discuss critters, creatures, and creepy-crawly moms of all kinds. You can find Wren on Twitter @suitofscales and be sure to check out his work at Sabrina also joins again to discuss the wonders and horrors of the natural world and its multitude of mothers. Topics … Continue reading EP09: Wild Critters →


EP08: Gigantic Mythic Spiders

Trans writer, gamer, and resident eldritch abomination Sabrina Boynton joins us this week to discuss a sensitive topic very near and dear to everyone’s heart: giant fucking spider moms. Topics Touched: abject horror, Sonic Dreams, Charlotte’s Web, maternal industriousness, James and the Giant Peach, arachnophobia, The Red Spot, the devouring mother, the castrating mother, love bombing, J. R. … Continue reading EP08: Gigantic Mythic Spiders →


EP07: Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe

Cora is with us again to talk about black cultural studies, motherhood, and gender. You can check out Cora’s multi-media work at Topics Touched: Hortense Spillers, foundational work in black studies, cultural archetypes of black womanhood, the Moynihan Report, gender and race in the American imagination, construction of black motherhood, erasure of black fatherhood, intersectionality … Continue reading EP07: Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe →


EP06: Mammies, Nannies, and Reproductive Labor

Cora joins us again to to discuss race, blackness, mothering and motherhood, and reproductive labor. You can explore Cora’s work at Topics Touched: housewifery as administrative experience, the institution of “hired help,” the legacy of slavery, the archetype of the mammy, controlling images, Octavia Spencer, black female characters in film, the perverse psychodrama of US … Continue reading EP06: Mammies, Nannies, and Reproductive Labor →


EP05: Motherlands and Colonialism

Cora–scholar, multi-media artist, ancient prophet, and very good friend–joins us to talk about the Motherland and the role of maternal figures in colonialism and post-colonialism. Check out Cora’s website to explore their work. Topics Touched: T.S. Eliot’s voice, wrinkled dugs, World War I propaganda, weaponized white motherhood, nationalism, South African colonial and post-colonial history, Section … Continue reading EP05: Motherlands and Colonialism →


EP04: Asherah and The Jewish Divine Feminine

Seth joins us again to discuss his search for a Jewish divine femininity, female messiahs, and androgynous God. Topics Touched: two thousand years of shitposts, Hephzibah, Zerubbabel, Battle Mary, The Talmud, Asherah, Elohim, King Josiah, Elijah, Code of Hammurabi, Kabbalah, androgynous God and Adam, Chasidism Works Cited: Martha Himmelfarb – Jewish Messiahs in a Christian … Continue reading EP04: Asherah and The Jewish Divine Feminine →


EP03.5: The Talmud as Medieval Reddit (Bonus Content)

“If I had a second mouth on the back of my head, would it also have to keep kosher?” Seth explains important Jewish texts by comparison to internet fandom and exploring such genuine medieval rabbinical shitposts.


EP03: The Ocean, The Moon, and Lilith

Artist and pinko, punko, proto-rabbi Seth joins us to discuss uncovering ancient Jewish goddesses and deities through linguistic deep dives into the Talmud. In particular, we trace the convoluted yet compelling poly triad of our hostile and indifferent lesbian moms: the ocean, the moon, and their demon girlfriend Lilith. Also, turns out the Leviathan was … Continue reading EP03: The Ocean, The Moon, and Lilith →


EP02: Mary of Nazareth and Tonantzin

Feminist archaeologist Laura joins us again as your two gay lapsed-Catholic hosts dig into why we still love Mary of Nazareth, who is absolutely a mother goddess, and how she’s fused with several other moms over the years and come to mean so much to the very pious and the very homosexual. Also: Unitarian Universalist … Continue reading EP02: Mary of Nazareth and Tonantzin →


EP01: Mother Goddesses in the Archaeological Record

Happy Mother’s Day! This inaugural episode of Mothers and Others features our archaeologist friend Laura as we discuss what actual material history has to say about the ultimate primordial mom: our long lost mother goddesses. [download mp3] Topics Touched: mother goddesses, maiden mother crone, neopagans, feminist archaeology, wicca phases, neoclassicism, the stone age, vikings, warrior … Continue reading EP01: Mother Goddesses in the Archaeological Record →