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We believe that nerdy skills are superpowers. With the help of our amazing guests, we test our theory by decoding identities, examining alter egos, debating ideas and learning what it takes to make a difference with our own unique abilities.

We believe that nerdy skills are superpowers. With the help of our amazing guests, we test our theory by decoding identities, examining alter egos, debating ideas and learning what it takes to make a difference with our own unique abilities.
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We believe that nerdy skills are superpowers. With the help of our amazing guests, we test our theory by decoding identities, examining alter egos, debating ideas and learning what it takes to make a difference with our own unique abilities.




Episode 040: Mike Matthews, Muscle For Life

Mike Matthews from Muscle For Life joins us in this episode to talk nerdy about fitness and nutrition programs, including the truth and lies about supplements. This show fits into our mini-series on health and wellness, which kicked off last time with Derek Flanzraich, founder and CEO of Greatist. Mike's insights are a great complement to Derek's because they cover different aspects of the health universe. Just like a wonderful venn diagram, Mike's focus on muscle strength and sport...


Episode 039: Derek Flanzraich, Greatist

We're kicking off our latest series on health and wellness with a celebration! Derek Flanzraich kindly joined us on Greatist's second birthday, a site he created to provide reliable, scientifically validated information on health and wellness. It's a topic close to our hearts here at NerdKicks, and Derek gives us excellent insight into the quest to live a healthy life.


Episode 038: James Clear

We're thrilled to have James Clear on this very special episode of the NerdKicks Podcast! Why is it special? Because it's our first birthday! Who better to have on for a chat then James, who talks with us about the science and practice of habit formation? It's such geeky fun that Mindy even inadvertently quotes James back to himself. Thank you so much for making our show part of your weekly habit! To say thank you, we're running a fun prize giveaway. Enter any time before 5:00 p.m. CDT on...


Episode 037: Tim Metzner and Ry Walker, Differential

We delve deep into our miniseries on tech startups by welcoming Tim Metzner and Ry Walker to the show. Tim and Ry are two co-founders of Differential, a Cincinnati-based startup company that's part incubator, accelerator, consultancy, and angel investor. Uniting their many years of experience working in the tech startup scene, Differential works with early stage web entrepreneurs on idea validation, software development, and customer acquisition. If ever there were two smart guys to share...


Episode 036: Bill Condo and Michael Waclo, Designer Vs. Developer

Matt's friends Bill Condo and Michael Waclo joined us in this fun episode to talk about the rise of the Internet and how web technologies influenced all our nerdy origin stories. Bill is a talented developer while Michael is a sharp designer. Together and with the help of other web friends, they produce an interesting video podcast series called Designer Vs. Developer (DvsD). DvsD is an outlet where the guys talk about digital breakthroughs, the startup lifestyle, web culture, and much...


Episode 035: Pat Flynn, Let Go

If you're a massive podcast connoisseur like Mindy (I'm getting there), then you may have already come across Pat. He's the creator of the remarkably popular Smart Passive Income Podcast, which shares transparent insights into the world of online business and marketing. Pat is kicking off our new miniseries on digital entrepreneurship. We talk with Pat about the start of his professional career as an architect and how he made the transition into being a successful entrepreneur. He offers...


Episode 034: Joseph Rose, Black Heart Letterpress

Joseph Rose is one interesting guy. Mindy and I wanted to chat him up about all things letterpress. And we did. But little did we know heading into our conversation that Joseph is also quite musically inclined, including singing and playing bass guitar in a band. Letterpress + music = one fascinating show, if we do say so ourselves. Jump onboard this episode to hear us talk with Joseph about the resurgence of letterpress, letterpress machinery and styles, the function of business in one’s...


Episode 033: Jeremy Dooley, Chatype

Can a typeface bring a city together? Jeremy Dooley proved it can, with the highly successful Chatype Kickstarter campaign, which was chosen by the Kickstarter staff as one of the top campaigns of 2012. We talk with Jeremy about the process of designing a typeface, as well as how a typeface can help a community build identity.


Episode 032: Joanna Penn, The Creative Penn

We are so thrilled to have Joanna Penn on the show! Joanna is both a successful fiction writer and an amazing blogger; her site, The Creative Penn, teaches writers the ins and outs of the entire writing process, from idea generation to getting a polished work into the hands of readers. Her advice and experience is truly valuable for both aspiring and working writers.


Episode 031: Sean Platt, Author Entrepreneur

Few friends of mine are as creative, giving, and hilarious as my friend Sean Platt. Sean is an amazing fiction author with a number of active series in production, including two being published by Amazon's exclusive 47North division. Sean's imagination is impressive to behold. Our chat with him about being a proud entrepreneur, ambitious writer, creative storyteller, and devoted father, you will enjoy but a glimpse of his magic. He talks fast; consider yourself warned. He uses colorful...


Episode 030: Marisa Lynch, New Dress a Day

NerdKicks, meet Marisa! Marisa is quite the darling. She is so lovely and bubbly. And her project, New Dress a Day, is a bright ray of sunshine. Marisa started her project almost four years ago and is still going strong today, making a beautiful new dress each day out of scary garments found at thrift stores. More than the wonder of her creations, Maria's story is delightful. Down in her luck and ready for a lifestyle pivot, she embraced her inner nerd and leaned forward into her craft....


Episode 029: Jodi Ettenberg, Food Traveler Extraordinaire

Jodi has an impressive worldview has been shaped from amazing experiences as a traveler, lawyer, writer, freelancer, foodie, author and more. Determined and charismatic. Energetic and witty. Thoughtful and informed. Jodi is a delightful firecracker.


Episode 028: Jeff Smith, Stella B and the Busted League

From the creative mind of Jeff Smith comes Stella B and the Busted League, a comedy web series about comic book nerds. Stella Botticelli is a twenty-something comic book artist who publishes her own book about the courtship and dating of two superheroes. Stella is navigating her way through life with the help of her closest friends, a tight-knit group of like-minded nerds who call themselves “The Busted League.” Together, they face off against a harsh world and life's little ups and downs....


Episode 027: I Have A Bad Feeling About This

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...(Liverpool, England)...two nerds set upon an epic quest to write, produce and share their own feature film.We chat with Alan Donohoe and Jamie Williamson, two nerds with a shared love of screenwriting, about their adventure to produce "I Have A Bad Feeling About This," including their collaborative writing process and the slings and arrows of running a successful crowdfunding campaign.


Episode 026: Brittany Partridge, The Red Thread Movement

Brittany Partridge doesn't just talk about making a positive difference in the world. She does it. And she's been doing it since age 17. At 17, Brittany went on a mission trip to Romania where she met other girls her age. These girls, however, were among the millions of young people around the world being bought and sold through a global network of human trafficking. That experience inspired Brittany to foundThe Red Thread Movement, which is devoted to (1) raising money to combat sex...


Episode 025: Eugene Korsunskiy, SparkTruck

What do you get when you mash up a passion for making, education and technology, then put it on wheels? SparkTruck! SparkTruck was born to revitalize hands-on learning for kids by introducing them to design challenges and empowering them with some cutting-edge tools like a laser cutter and some 3D printers. Infused with a spirit of curiosity, discovery and design--and supported by an enthusiastic community and successful Kickstarter campaign--SparkTruck drove over 14,000 miles across 33...


Episode 024: Megs Yunn, Beverly's Birthdays

Everybody has a birthday, but not every family can afford to give their kid a birthday party. Megs Yunn is working to change that, bringing birthday celebrations to kids in homeless shelters and transitional housing within the city of Pittsburgh. A little girl named Beverly deeply moved her, and Meg set out to make the world a bit happier and a bit more sparkly.


Episode 023: Trade School

Today's guests are from Trade School! Part education, part art experience, Trade School brings people together to learn from each other, using barter as the means of payment. We have a fantastic conversation about the movement and its spread from New York City to cities around the world.


Episode 022: Gui Cavalcanti, Project Hexapod

What could be cooler than a real-life giant robot spider? For real. How about a giant robot spider that you can drive! That's precisely what Gui Cavalcanti and his team of 18 roboticists, engineers, designers, and fabricators are doing: building a 4,000 pound, 18 foot diameter rideable 6-legged robot named Stompy.

Episode 021: Georgia Guthrie, The Hacktory

We're thrilled to have Georgia Guthrie on the show to talk about The Hacktory, Philly's hackerspace dedicated to promoting the intersection of arts and technology. We had a great chat about benefits of supportive environments for nurturing artistic growth. This is the first in our series on collaborative workplaces.