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A conversation with Travis Rieder

In the US today, opioids kill more people than car accidents and gun violence. In 2017, more individuals died from an opioid overdose than at the height of the AIDS epidemic. Meet Travis Rieder, an incredible academic, bioethicist, author and TEDx speaker. Travis has come face to face with the reasons behind the crisis of opioid dependence and addiction in the US, which as we live and breathe today, is reaching into many other corners of the world. After a debilitating motorbike accident in...


A conversation with Phil Hewitt

In this episode you'll meet Phil Hewitt. Phil is a journalist, marathon runner and author (11 books and counting!) living in Hampshire. In 2016 he suffered a sudden and violent attack in South Africa. His life was nearly taken by the perpetrator, yet saved by a stranger. He struggled to come to terms with the tidal wave of trauma in the months after, his mind awash with unanswered questions and unable to sleep. Over time he has started to process this trauma and begin to accept, managing to...


A conversation with Elspeth Berry

Meet Elspeth Berry. I know Elspeth through the Scottish running community and she has certainly pushed herself to run over the past decade. Elspeth is a talented freelance musician and athlete living in the west of Scotland. Over the past 7 years she’s taken her drive to run and explore to another level of endurance, fuelled by a love of the outdoors and motivated to raise funds by tragic diagnoses in her family. Elspeth has run the 95-mile West Highland Way Race and many other ultras, and...


A conversation with Jamie Ramsay

Meet Jamie Ramsay. Professional adventurer who has travelled over 30,000 self-powered kilometres. From a fast-paced, high-stress corporate career in London to a pared-down existence in rural France peppered with expeditions all over the world – cycling across Australia to running from Canada to Argentina – he’s listened to himself and steered a new path for his life. He tells us about the honest every day and the constant trade off with such a routine-free life; the great joys, the freedoms,...


A conversation with Tim Lambert

Tim Lambert is a good friend of mine with a fascinating story of life change, challenge and transformation. I knew him first as a selfless contributor to the ultra community, when he got in touch to share gold dust advice about running Western States, after he'd crewed on the course twice. Tim is as passionate about the sport of ultra as I've ever encountered, yet not too many years ago he was a chain-smoking, heavy-drinking city kid, to whom running a mile seemed madness. After reading...


A conversation with Hannah Swift

Today we hear from my acupuncturist, Hannah Swift. After a debilitating experience with chronic fatigue in her younger years, Hannah found the strength to change her career path to train as an acupuncturist. She is now an incredibly talented practitioner with a wealth of experience in the power of this practice for recovery from a world of physical, emotional and mental struggles and conditions. She tells us about her back story, how she came to find out about acupuncture and a bit more...


A conversation with Rachel Cullen

Rachel Cullen is a writer, runner, mother and all round advocate of the power of mindful movement for recovery from mental and physical health issues. Many of you, especially the runners out there, will have heard of Rachel and possibly read her awesome book, Running for my Life. For years, Rachel’s life was chaotic and in her words, an endless cycle of disappointment. She suffered with bipolar disorder and was transported to some dark places through her illness. Then she became a mother,...


A UTMB special with Gayle and Caroline

Welcome to series five! For our first episode, we have a special before and after on all things Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB), with past guest Gayle Tait and myself as your hosts and guests rolled into one. I was excited for the opportunity to catch up with ultrarunning mama Gayle nine months or so after our first conversation (if you haven’t yet heard this, go check out episode 25). We dug into the difficult stuff last time; Gayle told us about her history with depression and PTSD, and...


A conversation with Liz O' Riordan

I speak to the incredible Liz O’ Riordan. Liz is a consultant breast surgeon who has treated and supported women with breast cancer for 20 years. Several years ago Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer herself, at the age of 40. She has since been through surgery, chemo, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and a rare local re-occurence around a year ago. Liz is open to talking about the entire spectrum of her personal experience - at times excrutiatingly difficult - from the questioning of her...


A conversation with Jo Dyke (Melanoma Jo)

Meet Jo Dyke, also known for her blog melanomajo.com. A diagnosis at the age of 18 with early stage Melanoma (skin cancer) led her down an unexpected path in life for her entire 20s. She has been through the works of cancer treatment - from major operations on her organs to chemotherapy and immunotherapy. At 23 she was told she was a stage four patient and had around 18 months to live, but nine years later after an incredibly successful immunotherapy treatment she is cancer free and trying...


A conversation with Ashley Smith

We have featured several different mental health conditions on the podcast, and I feel ALL mental health struggles are important to shine a light on, but still some are much less socially acceptable to talk about and accept into our social circles than others. Schizophrenia seems to be one of these conditions, certainly in my understanding. One that people still associate with institutions, violent crime and assumptions that sufferers are not capable of living a normal life. Ashley Smith is...


A conversation with Paula McGuire

Paula is an author, columnist, public speaker, radio presenter and adventurer. Since her youth she has dealt with crippling anxiety disorder, which saw her confining herself indoors and unable to communicate comfortably in the world. Through an incredibly unique approach she has found a way to manage her anxiety and do the things she has always been terrified of - in her own words turning her barriers into climbing frames. She is a force to be reckoned with and has proven to her own mind...


A conversation with Isla Short

Isla is a pro mountain biker and cyclist with bags of life experience and wisdom beyond her 22 years. She was Scottish champion in both Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross for two years running before becoming Elite British Mountain Bike Series champion in 2016 and competing at the Commonwealth Games in 2018, placing an amazing 5th place. In a career best, she also placed fourth in the Mountain Bike World Cup last year. This girl is 22, people. More than her results, Isla has been through a lot...


A conversation with Lucy Colquhoun

This episode features my good friend Lucy Colquhoun. Many in the UK running community will know Lucy or have seen her name next to course records in ultramarathons. She is still the female record holder on the 95-mile long West Highland Way Race in Scotland, with a time of 17:16 which has stood for well over a decade. Lucy is most certainly not defined by her running though and this was a fascinating opportunity to learn more about her mindset on running and racing, what drives her in life,...


A conversation with Sarah Williams

In this episode we meet Sarah Williams. I said when I started the podcast I wanted to feature a whole variety of different life challenges, and unconventional career change was up there. Sarah is well known in the world of female adventuring – you may have heard her Tough Girl Podcast and if you haven’t go give it a listen. A blogger, vlogger, podcaster and motivational speaker who has chalked up a lengthy list of long-distance endurance adventures, from hiking the Appalachian trail in 100...


A conversation with Natalie Scroggie

Natalie, also known as This Vet Runs, her blogger alias, is a veterinary surgeon based in Nottingham. Just over a year ago she suffered a miscarriage following a surprise pregnancy. Natalie believes passionately that we should be able to talk more about this extremely common human experience, rather than hiding it away out of sight but dominating many minds behind closed doors, and perpetuating the stigma that persists in our 21st century society that its uncomfortable for women (and men) to...


A conversation with Jeri Howland

I met Jeri in 2017 after The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile in San Francisco. Jeri and her husband were so generous in hosting me in gorgeous Marin County and I got to learn a little about their lives. I had the opportunity to catch up with Jeri this spring, fresh from her finish at the American River. Jeri is an incredible athlete, a mother, grandmother, wife to another Jerry, former development director for a rainforest conservation NGO, consultant, coach and organic food business...


A conversation with Ross Brannigan

In this episode we meet Ross Brannigan. A runner, writer and communicator wise well beyond his years, who has experienced an eating disorder as a young man. Ross is still just 23 years old but bursting with an impressive level of self-awareness, honesty and positivity about his experiences. He is able to reflect clearly on his anorexia, and we talk about what life was like in his mind when he was struggling hard with it, what helped him move forward and what recovery looks like for him...


A conversation with William Sichel

There’s a lot to say about William Sichel. Talking to a guy with over 600 speed and distance records to his name means a lot of learning. William is an ultra distance athlete who at age 65 is still smashing boundaries in distances from 100k to 3,100 miles, whilst running a business on Orkney, being a dad and coaching other athletes in his hugely successful training strategies. Forgetting all facts or figures, he’s an amazing example of living a non conformist life and facing discomforts, and...


A conversation with Fi Martynoga

Fi Martynoga is some woman. An acclaimed Scottish author writing about our natural environment and wildlife, as well as a passionate environmentalist, museum researcher, mother and grandmother. Back in 2005 she created a unique venture for herself; to live self-sufficiently as if it were 1792, alone in a one-room outbuilding. Challenged to prove that an 18th-century diet was better than today’s, she recreated the lifestyle of Scottish ancestors, living from own produce and handcrafted...