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10 Owen

When Paul first met Owen, Owen was an addict living in his car. Now he is studying to get his commercial pilot's licence. In this episode, Owen takes us through his childhood, where he was left to fend for himself as his alcoholic mother lay passed out on the couch. He remembers going to other kids' houses and being surprised to find mothers that were conscious and could interact. With a growing curiosity about what other households looked like, Owen began a series of impromptu 'visits' to...


11 Lissy

Lissy is a talented artist, musician, yoga instructor and a strong animal rights activist. Her courage to speak out for what she believes in hasn't come easily. Despite being from a prominent, high-achieving Australian family, Lissy suffered childhood trauma that led to self-medication through drug addiction. In this episode, Lissy takes us through her story.


8 Sarah

We've lost the bit of paper where we wrote down the episode description. We've been saying we'll just write it again from scratch. We've been saying that for about three months. So in the meantime, we're putting this episode up. Bloody hopeless. Sorry, Sarah. We'll put up a proper description ASAP.


9 Ella

For Ella, growing up in Bondi Beach wasn't the seaside paradise of tourism brochures. An athletic, active childhood was interrupted by a serious knee injury at age 11. With her leg in a cast for a year, in constant pain and gaining weight, Ella's self-esteem withered, and in its place the tendrils of self-loathing began to take root. At age 12, Ella started smoking cannabis. This brought on, as she puts it, ‘an overwhelming sense of relief' and a 'quietening of the head': a reprieve from her...


7 Jack

A recovering addict, Paul's sponsor, Jack, was initially attracted to the recovery community by the huge amount of sex. From the hard grind of those early years, Jack has gone on to become an activist, researcher and policy writer fighting for those affected by addiction, hepatitis, HIV and AIDS. Dubbed a 'Hep Hero' by Hepatitis Victoria, Jack has obtained a PhD and ongoing research funding to pursue his ambition of changing the world for the better.


6 Ness

Ness talks about pissing off the Dalai Lama, being a stripper, Varanasi exploding skulls, walking her pet donkey in the local park, a Disney dove on mother's shovel, psychotic roll calls at Lord of the Flies High, her Hungarian resistance refugee dad, a 10-year heroin habit, being a talented Dutch hatter and other normal stuff.


5 Geoff

Pinned down by gunfire in Afghanistan watching Summer Heights High on a laptop on the floor. This and other stories from Geoff, who talks about his international development and humanitarian assistance work in 'the most messed up places in the world'. Geoff also talks about his recent experience of adjusting to 'civilian' life' as an American living in Australia. The talk then moves to his use of 'Bolivian products' and overcoming addiction. All set against a soundscape of Australian summer...


4 Kass

An unsent note found in a school uniform casts Kass into the underworld. Kass takes us through her journey. Telling us about feelings of childhood abandonment, living between Greece and Australia: the Western Districts of Victoria, Athens, Camberwell, the Blue Mountains, fine wool marino sheep, and the constancy of her grandparents. She then tells of the note in her pocket that changed everything, teen pregnancy, going to the same school as Nicola Lynas and Carmen Chan, her continued...


3 Bassam

Bassam drops in to tell us about growing up a Muslim boy in a Catholic School, his Christian friends, and his desire to become an altar boy! Bassam runs away from the family home, lives with his grandmother and opens his own cafes in his 20s. The story of the successful migrant family hits a bump when Bassam gets entangled in a world of drug dealing and jail. But it is while he is serving time at a prison dairy farm that Bassam befriends Bongo 2256. It is here Bassam makes a decision to lead...


2 Ineke

Ineke talks about falling off a four-storey building while sleepwalking, the very public murder of her father, being a high-flying PR woman in London and New York, addiction to substance use, and then pulling it all back together to live a life where there's 'not much to report': just how she likes it these days.


1 Jules

In his last week before going to jail for 3-4 years for cocaine trafficking, Jules drops in for a chat. The story starts with Jules's grandfather fighting against the Nazis in WW2 Greece, then moves to his father, who disapproves of childhood Jules' excessive weight: the result of an illness. In an attempt to win his father's love, Jules becomes a successful boxer, but in the process sinks deeper into the underworld element connected to the boxing world. Jules gets addicted to drugs and...