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Politics Is a Team Sport

I think I have been fairly naive about politics for a very long time. I thought it had mostly to do with public policy and the greater good. How silly! Politics is actually nothing mor or less than a viciously competitive team sport. There are the R's and the D's and the battle is raging. Press play to see how that plays out.


The Apple Took a Bite Out Of Me

For me to take a bite out of the apple is no big deal; but for the Apple to take a bite out me is definitely a big deal. Listen to hear the short story.


How Has It Worked Out For You?

I was listening to a podcast that mentioned the great tax cut of 2018. I'm thinking that it hasn't made much difference for me so wondered if others have had better luck. I also came across an episode from Audio Tidbits Podcast about the pending tax cut and my speculation about its benefit for me. That leads me to the question, "How has it worked out for you?" Let's think about that together.


Respect Isn’t Optional

It's not altogether true that respect isn't optional, at least for some people. For you though, respecting some folks and not others, being respectful only now and then are never options. Why? Please listen and see if you agree.


This One Is Just For You

Is there any point in repeating myself? I suppose there may be but probably not. On the chance that repeating might be useful, this one is just for you.


Just One Big Unhappy Family (Part 5)

So far, you have developed a wide range of understanding and skills to assess families at risk. You have studied the behavior and attitudes of family members and have thought about stress, depression, value problems, and other personal issues. Your learning has included identifying specific signs of risk and seeing how they are experienced by family members. You now have a good feel for people, families, and their problems. You also have learned about assessing how people get along. You...


Just One Big Unhappy Family (Part 4)

This episode of Audio Tidbits Podcast brings you Part 4 of Just One Big Unhappy Family. If you combine this episode with the first three, you will have all of the tools you need to assess your family’s level of risk and will better understand the why and what of family risk. In this episode, I focus specifically on Getting Along Risk. I think you will see how this type of risk fits with Individual, Marital and Parent risk to establish the level of jeopardy the family is experiencing. Thank...


Just One Big Unhappy Family (Part 3)

In Part 3 of Just One Big Unhappy Family, the discussion shifts to how to recognize when things are happening in your family that foretell problems and increased risk. You learn to assess individual, marriage and parenting risk and see how those risks evolve and escolate. Your ability to understand risk and malfunction continue their development from Parts 1 and 2. Please listen and thoughtfully consider how you and your family are relating and loving together.


Pick The Best Way To Lead (revisit)

In this popular past podcast, James points out four quite distinct approaches to leading and to leadership. Each has its uses and its limitations. Your challenge is to pick the best approach for you and for the particular leadership situation.


Just One Big Unhappy Family (Part 2)

Warning: This episode of Audio Tidbits Podcast contains significant violence and strong language so is not suitable for children or for teens or adults who are sensitive to family violence or strong language. Our discussion of family malfunction moves to a new dimension extended from the last episode: Just One Big Unhappy Family. The vignettes in this episode follow one family over thirty years or so and track the evolution of its malfunction. You see that problems unattended become a...


Just One Big Unhappy Family

If what you see is one big happy family, there may be many reasons and explanations, not that any of these are necessary. Happy is normally its own accounting. If what you see is one big unhappy family, there are only a few likely reasons, and explanations totally depend on who you ask. Emotional distress, psychological and interpersonal malfunction and unhealthy family environments typically have their base in only a limited number of problems and issues. Being able to spot these problems...


Can You Handle The Train To Nowhere? (revisit)

Can you deal with riding the train to nowhere? At first it is just weird, then it gets boring and gradually you find yourself too agitated to continue the trip. Few have the patience and self-discipline to handle the whole ride. Try it to see if you are up to the trip. Few are. – Pro tip: Focus on the rumble and not on the tune.


The Young Pessimist Is Still With Us (revisit)

Let's not forget the young pessimist. We have been introduced before and best remember. If there is to be a better day for him in an America that is great for all, it's up to you and me and up to leaders who truly care about our young pessimist.


Stay Tuned For The Fairies

Sure, Marc has a few tips for you to make a difference to people who make a difference to you, tips to relate to others with style, all the time, on purpose. As usual, he is spot on. For me, though, I think you will find the best part of his podcast today if you stay tuned for the fairies.


Hang In With The Folks Who Got You Here

Are you tempted to cut and run? Does the grass look greener over there? It might be time but your best choice is most always to hang in with the folks who got you here. Please listen before you go with the newest example of glitz and glamour that comes along.


Keys to Better Business

Are you taking care of business? Will it help to know a few of the keys to better business? If so, please press play and listen.


The Ideal Home for the Perfect Employee

In the last episode of the Audio Tidbits Podcast, focus was on the perfect employee, on those who aspire to be perfect employees and on employers who hope to hire the perfect employee. In this episode, the discussion is expanded to consider the ideal home for the perfect employee. Please consider an organization that aspires to be the ideal home for the perfect employee. You can then judge the quality of the fit for yourself. As a potential home for the perfect employee, what are our...


The Perfect Employee

Do you aspire to be the perfect employee? Perhaps you want to find and hire the perfect employee. Either way, this guide to recognizing the perfect employee is one you may find to be essential to your success. Please consider the guide carefully. As you will see, the perfect employee is rare. The best most of us can do is to come close. Even so, it’s well-worth the effort. • The perfect employee avoids personal actions or involvements that may associate negatively with the organization. If...


Love Power and Relationships

We likely think we value equality in some relationships and not in others. When it comes to love and power, though, the likelihood of equality is quite slim. This holds between the people in the relationship and between love and power themselves. Love, power and relationships are dynamic variables and not constants and mix and blend, depending…. Please join me as I explore that mixing and blending between parents and children, men and women, employers and employees, and whenever two or more...


The Surprising Present

I stopped by the Audio Tidbits Podcast Headquarters a while back and got what was for me a surprising present. I will not go with a spoiler here. You will need to listen to share in the surprising present.