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Episode 321: What's Next for Puerto Rico & the Squad?

Episode #321: How long will Gov. Rosello survive in PR? NBC News' Nicole Acevedo and community activists Madeleine Villanueva and Jason Ortiz join the Found in Translation podcast to discuss the situation on the island. Is this a moment or a movement for the Puerto Rican diaspora? PLUS: Our thoughts on President Trump's racist remarks against the squad and the our initial thoughts on the next Dem debate in Detroit.


Leadership Matters; #CloseTheCamps; Summer Salsa!

Found In Translation Episode 320: Host Ray Collazo is joined by guest co-hosts Christina Vega and Zulma Robles. Crew discusses the power of leadership, the latest news headlines of disgraced leaders from Washington, the Border and Puerto Rico and summer Salsa dancing. Collazo also analyzes the rise of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris in the polls and what’s next for Senator Bernie Sanders and Julian Castro. Support the Love Shouldn’t Hurt Campaign that assists violence of...


Our Government Is Torturing Children, Full Stop

Found In Translation Episode 318: Ray Collazo, Yashira “Yaya” Rivera and Samantha Gonzalez discuss the personal cost of the ongoing border crisis. What do we do with the anger we live with everyday as immigrants are literally being tortured by our government? And how do we manage the guilt many of us face with the feeling that we are not doing enough? From the border to our streets, our community is experiencing attacks and stigmas around mental health. How do we help each other break the...


Special: Night 2 Post #DemDebate Discussion

Biden, Harris, Bernie, Mayor Pete and whole slot of others were looking to make it past Night 2 and onto Detroit next month. Who won? Who lost? Whose message most resonated with people of color? Law@the Margins' Elbert Garcia, James Garcia of Vanguard Arizona join Rafael Collazo discuss these questions and more as they recap the second night of the first Democratic Party Presidential debate on June 27th.


Special: Night 1 Post #DemDebate Discussion

Law@the Margins' Elbert Garcia Ray to lead an onine discussion just after the first Democratic Party Presidential debate on June 26th. Who won? Who lost? Whose message most resonated with people of color? Join us as we invite folks to tell us their take on the debate's first night and if anyone positioned themselves to be the next President of the United States.


Concentrate On This; Presidential Debate Preview

Found In Translation Episode 315: Found In Translation with Host Ray Collazo is back to discuss this week’s political headlines with co-host Elbert Garcia. Collazo and Garcia analyze the coverage of AOC’s ‘Concentration Camp’ analogy and the true crisis facing our country. Garcia reveals who is trying to take political advantage of this situation. Collazo and Garcia preview the upcoming Presidential debates and the lessons learned from the successful passage of the “Green Light Bill” in...


Fatherhood In 2019 With Edwin Desamour

Found In Translation Episode 314: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Edwin Desamour to discuss what fatherhood means in 2019. Desamour and Collazo touch on a wide range of topics related to unique challenges of fatherhood for Latino men from the inner city. Associate Producer Samantha Gonzalez joined the conversation to provide her perspective as a daughter. Speaking of daughters, “The Dominican Baller” Jorge Martinez joins show to discuss the special experience of being the father to his...


Live From Philly Latino Film Festival

Rays Talk Show Episode 313: Hosts Ray Collazo and Yashira “Yaya” Rivera broadcast Live from the opening night of the Philadelphia Latino Film Festival. Collazo and Rivera are joined on the red carpet by festival organizers Marangeli Mejia-Rabell and Laiza Montanez to discuss the need to highlight Latino representation in film. Collazo and Rivera also interview leaders Yvette Nunez and Fernando Torres about what the festival means to Latinos in Philadelphia. Torres also updates us on the...


Carlos, Felipe, Jackelin, Juan, Unidentified; Next For North Philly?

Rays Talk Show Episode 312: Host Ray Collazo is joined by special guest host Monica Parrilla. The “Comadre of North Philly” and Ray discuss this week’s hottest headlines: Podcast airs as radio show on WPPM LP 106.5FM in Philadelphia.


All Politics Is Local

Rays Talk Show Episode 311: Host Ray Collazo breaks down what this week’s news related to abortion rights and immigration means for us now and in the upcoming 2020 elections. He shares the real agenda behind these state abortion laws and how women of color could be greatly impacted. Collazo also reveals his analysis and endorsements for the upcoming Primary Elections in Philadelphia on Tuesday, May 21. Collazo is joined by special guest Vanessa Cardenas of the Joe Biden for President...


Viera Vida Experience; Latino Decisions For 2020

Rays Talk Show Episode 310: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Julie Viera and Chantel Brown of the Viera Vida Radio Show. Viera Vida Experience: Julie and Chantel discuss how they have crafted the Viera Vida brand to be a platform for Latina sisterhood and unity. They explain how to take sisterhood to action and how they have used the platform to grow out of their own insecurities. Mother’s Day: The crew discusses what the Mother’s in their lives mean to us; how motherhood impacts our...


Presidential Lotería! Who You Got?

Rays Talk Show Episode 309: Host Ray Collazo is joined by guest hosts Yaya Rivera, Abe Amoros, Vanessa Maria Graber, Dionely Reyes and Leo Perales on this special Presidential Lotería show. This episode is a series of clips from conversations the crew has been having for months with Ray on the Presidential campaign. We provide in-depth analysis of EVERY Democratic Presidential candidate and discuss what is important to us and our community during the most important campaign cycle of our...


Candy Is Good For Your Health; Tío Joe Finally Gets To Fiesta!

Rays Talk Show Episode 308: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Co-Host Yashira “Yaya” Rivera and special guest Wellness Guru Candy Calderon. Candy shares what led her to the journey to make women of color healthier and how she combines her passion for wellness with entrepreneurship. Calderon also shares the exciting news that she is bringing the “Glow Wellness Tour” to Philadelphia on June 8th. Learn about the Glow Wellness Tour and why this is a must attend event for women of color on the...


“That’s Cold Blooded;” Love Shouldn’t Hurt Update

Rays Talk Show Episode 307: Host Ray Collazo is joined by co-host Christina Vega. Collazo and Vega break down the breaking news of Mueller Report release and what that means four our democracy and our politics. Collazo reveals the moment today that made him exclaim “that’s cold blooded” insult to all Americans. Collazo and Vega then break down why they are fine with Trump dropping off some of our family members. Christina Vega the founder of the “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” Campaign that is...


“Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That;” Bill Barr As Flying Monkey?

Rays Talk Show Episode 306: Host Ray Collazo is joined by co-host Dionely Reyes to break down this week’s hottest news and political headlines. The aftermath of the Lucy Flores announcement about her unwanted encounter with Joe Biden has raised question about inter-generational understanding of boundaries. Collazo and Reyes talk about how this political headline has impacted the debate on boundaries and the right to feel uncomfortable in 2019. They also break down how the reaction may have...


Nipsy Hustle Legacy; Is This About Rules Or Something Else?

Rays Talk Show Episode 305: Host Ray Collazo is joined by the hip hop philosopher Mario Collazo aka Planetary of Outerspace and Army of the Pharoahs crew. The Collazos discuss the legacy of fallen icon Nipsy Hustle and what we can do to honor his memory. The Collazos also share their Philly Sports Spring update on Bryce Harper’s swag game and ponder if the Sixers can really go the NBA Finals. Collazo is also joined by Arizona activist Sandra Cano Bravo who provides her thoughts on how to...


“Then I Don’t Know What We Are Here Doing?”

Rays Talk Show Episode 304: Hosts Ray Collazo and Yaya Rivera break down all of this week’s extraness in the news. Mueller Report: AG Bob Barr’s interpretation of Special Counsel Mueller’s report is leaving us feeling played. The hosts analyze how Democrats should balance holding Administration accountable to transparency while pivoting to bread and butter issues that will ultimately decide next year’s election. Decoding AOC: In our hot new segment, Collazo and Rivera decode Congresswoman...


“She Works Hard, Believes in Jesus & Is Patient;” Is Biden/Abrams A Thing?

Rays Talk Show Episode 303: Host Ray Collazo is joined by Yvette Nunez to discuss how family and faith have steered her journey from the Newark projects to a Vice President at the Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia. Collazo and Nunez discuss how the current political climate has led to a renewed call to righteousness amongst activists. Nunez is spearheading the Chamber’s “Neighborhood Growth Project” to bring stakeholders together so all of Philadelphia communities can benefit from...


Gaslighting Is So 2019; Beto Is In!

Rays Talk Show Episode 302: Host Ray Collazo is joined by guest Dionelys Reyes to discuss how Gaslighting is impacting our culture, politics and personal lives. Dionelys is an author, speaker and entrepreneur whose mission is to inspire people to live out their dreams. Collazo and Reyes discuss how to identify, address and support victims of Gaslighting. News: Analysis of how the College Cheating Scandal speaks to larger issues impacting disadvantaged college students. Collazo provides his...


We Need A Bif, Not A McFly

Rays Talk Show Episode 301: Host Ray Collazo is joined by guest co-host Leo Perales to discuss this weeks’ hottest political and news headlines. Ray and Leo discussed the worst woman for Latinos since Queen Isabella, stacked ‘20s on Jay Inslee and John Hickenlooper, warned why brownface is so dangerous and revealed Ray’s role in the biggest Puerto Rican bochinche of the week. Also listen to Rays Talk Show Episode 301 as a radio show on WPPM 106.5FM in Philadelphia....