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Robots For Eyes Podcast A light-hearted weekly podcast looking at the strange, bizarre and sometimes frightening world we live in. Hosted by Rob and Tom. Everything from conspiracy's to cannibalism ! Find us on Facebook, Robots For Eyes Podcast and Twitter @robotsforeyes

Robots For Eyes Podcast A light-hearted weekly podcast looking at the strange, bizarre and sometimes frightening world we live in. Hosted by Rob and Tom. Everything from conspiracy's to cannibalism ! Find us on Facebook, Robots For Eyes Podcast and Twitter @robotsforeyes
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Birmingham, United Kingdom


Robots For Eyes Podcast A light-hearted weekly podcast looking at the strange, bizarre and sometimes frightening world we live in. Hosted by Rob and Tom. Everything from conspiracy's to cannibalism ! Find us on Facebook, Robots For Eyes Podcast and Twitter @robotsforeyes






Eps 97. The strange case of Alan Godfrey

In a small Yorkshire village called Todmorden, a dead body was found in very strange circumstances on top of a large pile of coal. After an inquest reached an open verdict, the police officer present at the scene encountered a very large unknown object blocking the road whilst on patrol followed by 30 minuets of missing time. Were the two cases connected ? The MOD certainly thought so. Time for ALIENS !!!! Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram...


Eps 96. The Ariel Castro Abductions

Over a period of 2 years, 3 females disappearance from the same street in Cleveland Ohio. After police searches, no leads were found and the girls were thought to have run away. It turns out a local man named Ariel Castro had kidnapped them and kept them chained up for 10 years in his house subjecting them to horrific abuse and fathering a child with one, in the process. A truly unbelievable case of survival. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 95. Genocide.

During the 20th century, its estimated that approximately 200,000,000 people were murdered in Genocide around the world. What's particularly horrifying is the methods used and the complete disregard for fellow humans. Babies, children and adults wiped out with methods that are hard to imagine, all carried out by seemingly normal people like you and me. History really does repeat itself. The human race has a lot to answer for. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram...


Eps 94. Wernher von Braun. Hard spot to be in.

Werner von Braun was the mastermind behind the Nazi V2 Rocket program during WW2. He was technical director of a weapons lab near Peenemünde where thousand of Jewish people were worked to death. He and his team used the advanced weapon as a bargaining chip during Operation Paperclip after Nazi Germany fell. Once he was relocated to America, he and his team worked for NASA designing the Saturn 5 rocket used to carry man to the moon. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram...


Eps 93. AI, Simulation Theory And 10,000 Trillion Ants

I was drunk. Rob was drunk. Mark was drunk. We got scared by the inevitable rise of AI and pondered how bleak the future is for the human race.We drank more beer. I said some shit about wasps..... Oh yeah, and domestic cats kill billions, that's BILLION'S of bird's every year. My cat killed a frog. Wanna know how much all the ants on the entire earth weigh ? Your at the right place . Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 92. The Dunblane Massacre

On 13 March 1996 Thomas Hamilton calmly walked into Dunblane Primary School armed with 4 handguns and approximately 1500 rounds of ammunition. He began shooting at 9.30am, By 9.33am , 1 teacher and 16 five year old children were brutally murdered. What caused this man to carry out Britain's worst massacre ? A truly horrific case that could have been avoided. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 91. The Drake Equation and The Fermi Paradox

Where are the Aliens ??? The Drake equation attempts to estimate the number of advance alien civilisations that exist in the milkyway galaxy. With current knowledge of exoplanets, revised estimations run into surprisingly high numbers. The Fermi paradox asks, if the universe is teeming with life, where is everyone ? Why do we continue to see no evidence for advanced alien life considering is should be everywhere. Is it possible to even detect an advance alien spieces ? Facebook...


Eps 90. The Kursk Nuclear Submarine Disaster.

On the 12 of August 2000, the Kursk, a Russian nuclear submarine was participating in a major naval exercise in the Barents Sea. It was targeting simulated enemy vessels with cruise missiles and torpedo's when a huge explosion destroyed the front section sinking it. 23 members of the 118 crew survived the blast and died a matter of hours later. The explosion was blamed on a chemical leak, but some say the US navy had a part to play. Is there any truth to this ? Facebook...


Eps 89. Richard Chase. The Vampire Of Sacramento.

Richard Chase, the Vampire of Sacramento, committed some of the worst crimes imaginable in the late 1970's. He was a paranoid schizophrenic who believed the Nazi's had poisoned him forcing him to consume animal and human blood to stop his blood from turning to powder. I know, insane !!! He killed men, women children and babies. This is a horrific case of depravity, truly frightening. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 88. The Carrington Event and Coronal Mass Ejection.

The Carrington event occurred on the 1st September 1859. Witnessed by Astronomer Richard Carrington, a huge multi-billion tonne cloud of charged solar particles and coronal mass were ejected from the surface of the sun. When the CME reached the earth it caused havoc with electrical systems. If a CME of this scale happened today and hit the earth, we might not recover from it. Find out why. Facebook @robotsforeyepodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 87. Extra Sensory Perception.

Extra Sensory Perception or ESP is believed by many to real, Telepathy, Psychokinesis and Remote viewing are some of the area's researched by governments and the military at a cost of millions. Is it an innate ability we all poses, a latent 6th sense or is it a game of odds. Ghetto Golf Is The Future Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 86. Black Holes

Black holes are some of the most violent and bizarre objects in the observable universe. They are invisible, they don't have a surface and the power they have can slow down and stop time. Where do they come from ? Whats inside a black hole ? How do they stop time ? Do white holes exist ? We pretend to know what we are talking about discussing this mind bending topic. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 85. The BIG questions !!

Tom and Rob met up with Callum to answer your questions !!! There were some really imaginative stuff sent through such as, do snails fart ? Plenty of laughs had by all. Thanks to everyone that got involved. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 84. The Roswell UFO Crash

In July 1947, far out in the new mexico desert, a rancher was investigating his herd after hearing a massive explosion following an intense electrical storm the night before.He stumbled on a huge debris field containing strange metals. The following day, the US Military announced publicly that a flying disk had been captured and was in the Army's possession. This is the story of the Roswell UFO crash. Alien ships, alien bodies, coverups and balloons. Facebook...


Eps 83. The Life And Death Of Marilyn Monroe Part 2

This week we take a look at Marilyn's final day, who were the people she met with and spoke to? What was her state of mind ? We move onto her death and how she was found. We cover some of the inconsistencies in the stories given to the police. Lies told by doctors and why was there a 4 hour delay between when she was found and police being notified? Whats all that about a poisoned enema ???? Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 82. The Life And Death Of Marilyn Monroe Part 1

Marilyn Monroe was a timeless icon, loved by many, famed for her sassy persona and oozing sex appeal. Behind the woman was a abused and hurt soul. We take a look at her early life living in various foster homes where she was abused as a child and examine her ties with JFK and the Mafia leading up to her untimely death. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 81. Food Comas, Would You Rather, Consciousness And Much More

Rob was unable to join in this weekend soooo we drafted Hannah in to answer some of your questions sent in through the week. Useless trivia, hobbies, what happens to consciousness after death ? And recounting an experience Tom had years ago where he seemingly was able to predict the future. It really did happen. Would you rather go time travel 100 years into the past or future, or have food to salty or not salty enough. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes Instagram...


Eps 80. Andrei Chikatilo Part 2, The Monster Appears.

In part 2 we go through some of the most vile acts of murder imaginable. After Andrei Chikatilo's 3rd murder, he was not able to contain his barbaric urges anymore. By the end of his 12 year rampage, at least 56 young women and children were dead. The Russia police had many opportunities to catch the monster but failed through shear incompetence multiple times. Nipple chewing gum anyone ? Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 79. Andrei Chikatilo, The Butcher of Rostov Part 1

In part one we take a look at the early life of Andrei Chikatilo, also known as The Butcher of Rostov. Born into the extreme famine and horrors of the Ukrainian Holodomor where cannibalism was common place, the mind of this crazy psychopath was forged in style. His brother was eaten by the family's next door neighbours, his mother was raped by Nazi’s and the future serial killer learned that extreme violence and sex was his go to move. We also discuss his first murder. The killing of 7 year...


Eps 78. The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident.

On the 2nd of August 1964 the USS Maddox was on an electronic reconnaissance patrol in the Gulf Of Tonkin off the coast of North Vietnam. The vessel was approached and attacked by 3 North Vietnamese Navy Torpedo boats and a battle ensued. Two days later the Maddox was attacked again. The aggressive posture displayed by the North Vietnamese lead to all out combat costing millions of lives. Immediately after the ambush, people casted doubts over what had really happened to the Maddox, was it...