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Robots For Eyes Podcast A light-hearted weekly podcast looking at the strange, bizarre and sometimes frightening world we live in. Hosted by Rob and Tom. Everything from conspiracy's to cannibalism ! Find us on Facebook, Robots For Eyes Podcast and Twitter @robotsforeyes

Robots For Eyes Podcast A light-hearted weekly podcast looking at the strange, bizarre and sometimes frightening world we live in. Hosted by Rob and Tom. Everything from conspiracy's to cannibalism ! Find us on Facebook, Robots For Eyes Podcast and Twitter @robotsforeyes
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Birmingham, United Kingdom


Robots For Eyes Podcast A light-hearted weekly podcast looking at the strange, bizarre and sometimes frightening world we live in. Hosted by Rob and Tom. Everything from conspiracy's to cannibalism ! Find us on Facebook, Robots For Eyes Podcast and Twitter @robotsforeyes






Eps 113. Project MK Ultra.

Project MK Ultra was a secret CIA and government funded mind control program set up in 1953 and officially ending in 1973. Experiments were illegally carried out on unsuspecting people and the general public using mind altering drugs like LSD, unethical electroshock therapy as well as sexual abuse. Did they succeed in programming a Manchurian Candidate used to assassinate targets ? Facebook @robotforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 112. The Doomsday Clock.

Back in 1947, a group of scientists who'd worked on the Manhattan Project realised just how much of a threat to humanity the new atomic weapons were. They devised the doomsday clock as a visual representation of how close to armageddon humanity was. We explore the current major threats to the human race, from climate change, nuclear weapons and disruptive technologies. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter@robotsforeyes

Eps 111. The Hungerford Massacre.

On 19 August 1987, at 12.30, Michael Ryan approached 33 year Susan Godfrey and her 2 children in Savernake Forest. She was murdered, shot 13 times in the back. Ryan then returned to Hungerford where he committed one of the worst mass shooting in UK history. By the end of the day, 16 people lay dead on the streets. This is the story of the Hungerford Massacre Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 110. The Gay Slayer. Colin Ireland.

In just over a 3 month period, starting on 8 March 1993 Colin Ireland murdered 5 gay men and a cat. A calculated, manipulative criminal psychopath who lured men to their death posing as a dude into S&M. He hunted at the Coleheren Pub, a hunting ground used in the past by serial killers Dennis Nilsen and Michael Lupo. His motive, a New Years resoloution. He was a homophobic scumbag. Facebook @robotforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 109. The Peterborough ditch murders. Joanne Dennehy.

In March 2013, Joanne Dennehy lured 3 men to their deaths in her Peterborough bedsit. Dennehy was an extremely disturbed psychopathic murderer, diagnosed with Paraphilia Sadomasochism. A self harming mother of 2 hell bent on killing just to satisfy her lust for blood. A terrifying indavidule stabbing a further 2 men at random. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 108. The Moors Murders.

Between July 1963 and October 1965 Myra Hindley and Ian Brady abducted raped, tortured and murdered 5 children in Manchester Uk, burying their bodies on Saddleworth moor. A particularly shocking case that's still studied in great detail to this day. After the arrests police were only aware of 3 murders but that would change after finding a suitcase containing amongst other things, a tape recording of the torture, rape and murder of a 10 year old girl.


Eps 107. The Manchester Pusher

This week we discuss the alarming amount of deaths in and around Manchester's canal systems. In the past 11 years, an estimate 85 people have drowned in the canals leading some police officers and members of the public to believe a serial killer is active. The number of deaths by drowning in Manchester is well above average. We also take a look at the mad world of serial killer memorabilia. Finger nails anyone ? Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 106. Ghost's, Aliens and Celebrity death lists !

Happy Christmas everyone !!!! This week we've got our mates Alex and Andy from The Dude Files on to have a few drinks and answer some of your questions. Are Ghost real ? If aliens exist, are they aware of us. We submit our nominations for next years celebrity death list and discuss the possibility that we live in a simulation. Thanks for the edit Alex. Facebook @Robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast


Eps 105. The Yorkshire Ripper Part 2

After the brutal murder of Wilma McCann, Peter Sutcliffe realised he couldn't contain the monster within and the Yorkshire Ripper was born. Over the next 5 years he committed a further 12 extremely violent premeditated hammer attacks all on women. The police followed all clues available and spent a massive amount of money during the investigation until his very lucky and unplanned arrest. Jimmy Savile gets a mention too. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram...


Eps 104. The Yorkshire Ripper Part 1

Between 1975 and 1980, Peter Sutcliffe killed at least 13 women and attacked many more causing the biggest man hunt in uk history. In this episode we take a look at his early assaults on sex workers in Yorkshire which lead up to his first barbaric hammer attack and murder. Did the police link the many similar attacks taking place at the time. Were there any missed victims. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 103. The Andes Crash. Flight 571.

On October 13 1972, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 carrying 45 people crashed in the Andes mountain range. Over the next 72 day, one of the worlds most famous survival stories occurred. Face with certain death after the search and rescue is called off, those who were still alive had to eat the bodies of friends and family members to survive. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 102. Ooparts. Out of place artefacts

An Oopart or out of place artefact is an object found in a location or environment where it really shouldn't be. This week we have a look at some strange objects that have been dug out of the earth, like a 300 million year old screw imbedded in a rock and a 500,000 year old spark plug not to mention the 2000 year old computer found at the bottom of the sea. Tin foil hats at the ready ! Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 101. The Piper Alpha Oil Rig Disaster.

At 10.00pm on 6 July 1988, the Piper Alpha platform suffered the worlds worst offshore oil rig disaster. Stationed 120 mile off the coast of Aberdeen in the unforgiving waters of the North Sea, an explosion ripped through the rig causing an unstoppable chain reaction resulting in the loss of 167 lives. Only 61 members of its 226 strong crew survived. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Eps 100. The Moon Landing Conspiracy !

For the 100th episode we thought it was time to tackle the Moon Landing conspiracy. Between 1969 and 1972 12 men walked on the moon, it was the greatest achievement in human history. Nothing compares to it ......yet. Nearly 50 years later we have not returned and people are asking why. Did we really go there ? Why is the flag blowing in the wind ? whats with the shadows ? AND WHERE ARE ALL THE STARS ? Was it all filmed on a set ? We try to get our heads around these seemingly glaring...


Eps 99. Totally Fact.

Hannah joined this week. End of the month fun, no specific topic covered, we answered questions you guys sent in, chatted about some crazy facts. Prison talk, simulation theory, the universe, bank robberies, boxer or briefs, flying to London from Newcastle via Spain to save money and much more. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter @robotsforeyes


Bonus Episode. The ZOZO Demon with The Dude Files !

Alex and Andy from The Dude Files Podcast invited us on to talk all things spooky. We chat and attempt to summon and manifest the ZOZO Demon over the interwebs. We also chat about the history of the entity and how the Ouija board is used to contact it. ZOZO is one of the most dangerous and malicious Ouija board entities known. Probably shouldn't have messed with this one !! Download and subscribe to The Dude Files using the link...


Eps 98. Albert Fish

Throughout his entire life, Albert Fish was a mentally disturbed sexual predator obsessed with pain, sexual torture and depravity of biblical proportions. A serial rapist, child murderer and cannibal who prayed on his victims behind the disguise of a gentle little old man. His crimes are amongst some of the worst and most horrific we've ever covered on the Podcast. Almost unbelievable and impossible to comprehend. Whilst listening, keep reminding yourself this is real and actually...


Eps 97. The strange case of Alan Godfrey

In a small Yorkshire village called Todmorden, a dead body was found in very strange circumstances on top of a large pile of coal. After an inquest reached an open verdict, the police officer present at the scene encountered a very large unknown object blocking the road whilst on patrol followed by 30 minuets of missing time. Were the two cases connected ? The MOD certainly thought so. Time for ALIENS !!!! Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram...


Eps 96. The Ariel Castro Abductions

Over a period of 2 years, 3 females disappearance from the same street in Cleveland Ohio. After police searches, no leads were found and the girls were thought to have run away. It turns out a local man named Ariel Castro had kidnapped them and kept them chained up for 10 years in his house subjecting them to horrific abuse and fathering a child with one, in the process. A truly unbelievable case of survival. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram @robotsforeyespodcast Twitter...


Eps 95. Genocide.

During the 20th century, its estimated that approximately 200,000,000 people were murdered in Genocide around the world. What's particularly horrifying is the methods used and the complete disregard for fellow humans. Babies, children and adults wiped out with methods that are hard to imagine, all carried out by seemingly normal people like you and me. History really does repeat itself. The human race has a lot to answer for. Facebook @robotsforeyespodcast Instagram...