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EP 26: Balancing Being a Mom & Having a Social Life w/ Jena Mehlberg

NEW POST DAY ALERT!!!! We will be posting all new Episodes on Tuesday! How do we balance being a good single mom & still having time to work on our business, have a social life, date, and travel. We also discuss child support & Serious Mom Meltdowns! Follow us @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris


Live Podcast Show! Oct 20th

More Follow us for all updates @shitim30podcast & @carlawilmaris


EP 25: Dream Chasin’ ft Dexty

AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL & FREE BOOK Today’s episode is all about Dream Chasing! Dexty and I share our current emotional state based on where we are in our professional lives. We help each other and hopefully help you also explore some major career decisions and possibly changes. Oh! and as all good friends should do we will do some accountability checks! SH*T You Should Know: Fox News still ain’t shit! (Geoffrey Owens) SH*T Talk: Avis Rental Car is getting a BIG F U...


EP 24: Girl Boss ft Ivana Cora

This week Carla is joined by her instagram bestie Ivana Cora from Brendalin & Cora —They finally get to sit down and meet face to face! @ivana_cora SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Rates of Chlamydia, Syphilis & Gonorrea Break US Records 12 year old girl suffers second and third degree burn after attempting “FIRE CHALLENGE” – What the hell is a fire challenge? During our girl boss topic we talk about getting out of your comfort zone and working towards your passion even when its not all that glamorous...


EP 23: Mental Health “I’m Speaking Up” feat Anthony & DJ

See you at tonight at Loud Gallery for SPEED FRIENDING @ 6PM


10K! Unsolicited BONUS

WE REACHED OUR 10K MONTHLY DOWNLOAD IN HALF THE TIME PROJECTED! Thank you so much to everyone that has downloaded and tuned in weekly to listen to me talk a little sh*t, with an hint of intellectual sophistication (aka tell it how it is). ENJOY THIS UNSOLICITED ADVICE BONUS EPISODE! Its Juicy!


EP 22: Anger Management “Unlearning What Our Parents Taught Us”

We need to learn how to manage our anger so that it doesn’t overwhelm us. Carla is joined this week by your favorite realtor Tony and Dexty to discuss how we all deal with anger in our lives but some of us struggle with managing this normal human emotion. We will discuss what we went through in our childhood to led us to struggle with controlling our anger and temper as adults. Listen to how we now cope with our emotions and best of all, our GROWTH! If you would like to listen to any of the...


EP 21: You’re Throwing Your Money in a Fire Pit feat. Anthony Bertram & Gabby Aparicio

REAL ESTATE! Join me this week with real estate agents Gabby & Anthony to discuss all the questions you guys have about real estate. Should you rent or buy? Do you buy a home together with your bf/gf if you aren’t married yet? There are so many questions about buying a home that we have no clue about and the same way we go to a doctor when we are sick we need to go straight to a realtor when we have questions about buying home. We will also discuss having different streams of income and not...


EP 20 Stripping: An Alternative Lifestyle – “A 9 to 5 Is Not For Everyone” feat Ekah Love

This week Carla sits with exotic dancer Ekah Love to talk about Alternative Lifestyles. A corporate 9 to 5 job is definitely not for everyone and there are many different paths to success. Ekah shares her stories as a dancer and gives us strip club etiquette as well as a few tips on how to “finesse” these men. You can get the book is Dance of Anger: A Woman’s Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships by Harriett Lerner for FREE on audible here


EP 19: Making Money Moves feat Kimberly Stewart & Mandii B

Join me this week as I sit with financial advisor Kimberly Stewart to talk about financial literacy in our communities. This is a conversation we definitely dont have often enough and then wonder why 73% of Americans can’t come up with $1000. Mandii B from the Whoreible Decisions podcast will be added in a phone call to join us in a very intense discussion revolving around household incomes and whether or not somethings can be labeled as MEDIOCRE. Follow the show on IG @shitim30podcast &...


EP 18: Health, Yoga, & Piss “Fitness is for the Mind, Body, &…Sex?”

We’ve all wondered what goes on behind the scenes of trainers and those socially awkward yoga instructors. In this episode we break through the stereotypes of brown & black people in the Yogi community, and how a trainer can help you jump start your fitness journey with two amazing trainers, Bert from @bodybybert and Rasta Yogi DJ @dade2shelby. Listen until the end when we start speaking on mental health and suddenly one of the guests decide that he was going to do something NO ONE was...


BONUS EP 03: Double Standards “That’s $40 P*ssy!”

Join Carla today while she sits with Jamaal the owner of Orlando’s best bbq restaurant, Jesse’s Rib Shack and my bestie Dexty. Today’s episode introduces a new segment SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW, and the topic is DOUBLE STANDARDS. We have a heterosexual extremely masculine male help give a different point of view on our society’s double standards like the number of sexual partners, breastfeeding in public, and how many kids is just too many! All new bonus episodes will be available only to SH*T...


EP 18: Thots on F*ck Boys “Fake Belts & Shirts Tucked in Tight”

Lets take it back to a sit down Carla had with her bestie Dexty about the infamous f*ck boys that all girls have dealt with. What is a f*ck boy and who are the thots everyone keeps referring to? Come join us and have a few laughs. Dont forget to rate and subscribe! Follow us on instagram @shitim30podcast


EP 17: SH*T! Can We Grow Up? feat Mandii aka @fullcourtpumps

WHOREible Growth! This week join the conversation between Mandii (1/2 of Whoreible Decisions Podcast) & Carla in NY revolving around the growth that we all go through from our early 20’s into our Golden 30’s. Mandii is not quite 30..YET..but the change in her with age is definitely showing! We will also discuss if society now days with social media even lets us grow and learn from our past mistakes that we ALL make. Enjoy! Follow us on social media @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris...


EP 16: Raising a Teenager “When Is This Going to be OVER?”

This week I sit with Karla G to talk about our frustrations and struggles of raising our teenagers. We were 100% not prepared for the hell these children are putting us through, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world (welllll maybe for a couple glasses of wine and a shot of tequila!). Join us as we let it all out and vent to each other & we promise we love our kids hahaha! Follow us on social media @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @karmaaaaaa.k Get your free audio book and support the podcast...


EP 15: Platonic Relationships “We’re not gonna say names… *BLEEP*”

This week we dive right into the possibilities of platonic relationships between men and women with radio host/personality Ricky Padilla. We determine whether it is possible or not from the male and female perspective to have simply platonic friendships. We clearly agree on who has more will power. Who do you think that is? Please don’t forget to rate and review! Thank you! Follow us on IG @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @kpb_ @rickypadilla Music by Frankie Negron – Estar Sin Ti


EP 14: What Does it Mean to Forgive?

Happy Friday! Forgiveness isn’t weakness. It’s the ultimate sign of courage and strength. Today Carla sits down with her friend Rod to discuss forgiveness and what it means to them individually. How they forgive and if they ever forget after being hurt by someone else. We also have a listener letter about a broke baby daddy that left and cheated on her with a sugar mama nurse. (Could you forgive him?) Follow us on instagram @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @sherr_styles


BONUS EP: 02 Unsolicited Advice

Thank you so much for the support on the show. Here is a fun laid back BONUS episode! Join your host Carla and her best friend Karla (KPB), while they give advice to people who truly didn’t even ask for it! Sometimes people want to hear what we have to say, other times we just tell them even if they don’t care! follow us on instagram @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @kpb_


EP 13: The Dark Side of Dating a Professional Athlete

This week join Carla while she sits down with Dexty and yet another Karla to talk about the dark side that is not glamorized about dating and bearing children with a professional athlete. “Everything that glitters is not Gold” Karla holds nothing back and through her experiences of heart break, fights with mistresses, the stressful birth of her twins, and so much more, she shows us that she is now in her 30’s and standing stronger and more confident than ever! After hearing this would you...


EP 12: “I Don’t Want To Be Broke No’Mo!”

This week the ladies are joined by the other Karla (with a K) to discuss different ways we can all be broke and the struggles we have had ourselves in our lives and how we are still working to get out of it. Also we talk about these broke “boys” posing for the ladies now days. You can download THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER by Dave Ramsey on audible for FREE! using this link Follow us on IG @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @dexty @kpb_