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SH*T I'M 30! Podcast with Carla Wilmaris


SH*T I’M 30! Podcast with Carla WIlmaris

SH*T I’M 30! Podcast with Carla WIlmaris




SH*T I’M 30! Podcast with Carla WIlmaris






EP 89: Goals Check In with a Secret Story Twist feat KPB

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Lyft Is Offering Free Rides To Job Interview – It’s part of a $50 million annual commitment Lyft announced when it went public earlier this year. Checking In with the Goals You Set for 2019 How’s your progress for the year? Did you get stuck with your goals in 2019 Resetting your goals for 2020 Add more goals if you were too considerate HOW DID WE END UP FIGHTING AT THE BEACH? UNSOLICITED ADVICE Step mom sent 13 year old step daughter a text message that now has her and...


EP 88: Dating, Polygamy, and Living with Herpes in your 30’s feat Carolyn Toney

New BONUS Exclusive Episode on Patreon all about Procrastination now LIVE…you can access this and all previous exclusive episodes and posts at SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Student IDs list phone sex number instead of suicide hotline Carolyn Toney The feelings and reaction to finding out you are herpes positive. Different Types of Herpes How to communicate to others your status Living a polygamous lifestyle Experiences in Sex Clubs and being open about STD Status Dealing with...


EP 87: Submission, Blended Families, & Not Being Black Enough? feat Leticia Marie Gardner

This week we are joined by the beautiful @leticiamariegardner! We take the conversation deep and talk about her marriage from where they started to where they are now equally yolked. Leticia opens up about her blended family and how her and her husband make their unique and special family work. Everything that glitters isnt gold, but they have their ways of making their marriage work and she gives us great tips and amazing books she has read that we should also read AND SO MUCH MORE! To get...


EP 85: Foreplay Objects, Nude Rules, & Penny Flights feat Lex & Drea

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Woman, 24, shot dead after ‘using loaded gun for arousal in sex game gone wrong’ Lex & Drea Who is Garfield? & Why is she so fat? The Rules of sending nudes and videos. Older men or younger men? What do we prefer. Traveling on a Budget..PENNY FLIGHTS! UNSOLICITED ADVICE Newly Single and I Don’t Know If I’ll Find Love She dated the same man for most of her 20’s and now is terrified that the pool of men left is trash! SH*T TAAALK Airplane exit etiquette…try me again if you...


EP 84: The Pursuit of Success feat Ryan Plaza

We are joined this week by Ryan Plaza @rs_plaza the host of The NewRich Podcast SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Why Collaborating With Your Competition Can Be A Great Idea Ryan Plaza : The Pursuit Of Success Living in your purpose Starting a business & investing in other businesses Bringing your community to the table of greatness How to reach out to get your desired mentor...


EP 83: Hating ex NFL Players, Wrong Kind of Sugar Daddies & Bitter Baby Mamas

Join us today on Patreon for Exclusive Bonus Content! When you join you will also unlock all previous episodes and receive 30% off all merch! SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Former NFL Star Larry Johnson’s Latest Dig At Megan Thee Stallion Is Reeking Of Toxic Masculinity People say he has a serious case of CTE….his tweets are worshiping satan. Mac...


EP 82: Did You Say I Am Too Opinionated? feat Mandii B

THIS WEEK CARLA IS JOINED BY MANDII B OF WHOREIBLE DECISIONS! ENJOY! Join us now on Patreon for Exclusive Bonus Content and a more indepth episode regarding the recent change of the show! When you join you will also unlock all previous episodes and receive 30% off all merch! SHIT YOU SHOULD KNOW Panel approves ban on sale of flavored e-cigs in New York BEING TOO OPINIONATED with Mandii B 5 Challenges and...


EP 81: Privilege & Dating 101

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Felicity Huffman gains favorable probation report in college admissions conviction Brooke Skylar Richardson walks free on probation in daughter’s death DATING 101 How long does the talking period last during cuffing season? Do you think a relationship can last if youre in love but no physical attraction? Would you be ok with you parent dating someone that is the same age as you? How long do you date before bringing your boo to meet your family? Is it a turn off that...


EP 80: Official Draft of the Cuffing Season

Join us on Patreon you will able to contribute and help us make more and better episodes. In return you can unlock exclusive content and personal stories, receive a discount on our podcast merch, and monthly Q&A Live Streams. WWW.PATREON.COM/SHITIM30 SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Oregon bill would allow victims of racially motivated 911 calls to sue CUFFING...


EP 79: Pop a Molly to Treat this Anxiety & Depression?

By joining us on Patreon you will able to contribute and help us make more and better episodes. In return you can unlock exclusive content and personal stories, receive discount on our podcast merch, and monthly Q&A Live Streams. WWW.PATREON.COM/SHITIM30 SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW MDMA ( Ecstasy/ Molly) has been shown to help treat Mental ailments Such as PTSD, Social Anxiety, Depression and Alcohol addiction accompanied with psychotherapy....


EP 78: Burning Forest, Dealing with Death, and Chicken Sammiches

EPISODE NOTES Shit you should know Fires are devouring the Amazon. And Jair Bolsonaro is to blame As the world watches in horror and terror as the Amazon burns, scientists have made clear that the cause, principally if not entirely, is human activity. DEALING WITH DEATH You become a different person You reform yourself Life before life after Maturity How does the rest of the family react to death in the family? Death of a friend. UNSOLICITED ADVICE Her name is Chasity and me and her known...


EP 77: Body Counts & Boundaries In Relationships

Shit You Should Know Donald Trump Proposes Mental Institutions As A Solution To Mass Shootings Body Count & Boundaries in Relationships Blueface claims he has slept with 1000 women in 6 months Do we know our body count? Little Black Book? Famous Celebs and their Body Count Does your partner need to know your body count? Privacy and Boundaries in relationships....


EP 76: The Reality of Impostor Syndrome

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW House Homeland Security Chair Lashes ICE Boss For Children Left Abandoned By Raids Authorities hailed Wednesday’s sweep at food processing plants in six cities as a record-setting operation. At least 680 undocumented immigrants were detained. IMPOSTOR SYNDROME a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their...


EP 75: You’re Triggering Me!

Become a Patron Today to Unlock all Exclusive Bonus Content and Full Episodes Shit You Should Know Trump promises Cincinnati rally that US will end AIDS epidemic and find a cure for childhood cancer ‘very shortly’ Anthony & Carla finally get to give an update on their summer & this is the last episode that Carla will be in NYC for. Emotional Triggers What are triggers?...


EP 74: Entrepreneurship, Copy Cats, & Free Loading Brothers with Dave Anderson

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Pharrell Surprises 114 College Bound Harlem High School Graduates With Internships During Graduation Speech Entrepreneurship with Dave Anderson Is Entrepreneurship Truly for everyone? When is the right time to take the leap to start a business? Business Copycats How to do Social Media Properly Starting over after building a brand Fake it to you...


EP 72: It’s a Hott New York Summer

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW A Woman Shamed A Homeless McDonald’s Employee Sleeping In The Restaurant And It Yielded An Outpouring Of Donations This week lets get back to the basics with Carla & Anthony. Catch up on their week together in NYC, all the parties they went to and some of their current fears and how they are overcoming them. UNSOLICITED ADVICE Is she cursed and will never find a partner? Join Patreon Today to get Exclusive Bonus Episodes and become a producer of one of our shows....


EP 71: Transwomen Experience with Nala Simone Toussaint

For more Exclusive Full Bonus Episodes become a Patron today. Shit You Should Know Afro-Latina Trans Women Layleen Palonco Xtravaganza died on Rikers Island in New York City on June 7th Living as a Trans Women of Color Our Special guest Nala Simone shares her experience being 1st generation American Carribean Transwomen Her childhood believing she was a gay a man Her first encounter with the trans community Coming out to her family as Nala Dating while trans...


Episode 2 Patreon

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